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Save The Frogs Day: April 26th, 2014


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Save The Frogs Day Awards

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Total Amount Disbursed through 2013: $10,380


Do you want to hold a Save The Frogs Day event? Need some funds to turn your brilliant idea into a reality? We may be able to help you out with a $1,000 maximum award. Please note that the number of Save The Frogs Day Awards we will be able to provide depends entirely on how much money we raise from our donors! We appreciate your interest in amphibians and look forward to seeing your application.

How To Apply for Funding

If you seek funding for your planned event and you meet the eligibility requirements described below, please email a detailed description of your planned event (250 words or less) and a precise budget for your expenses. Applications must be for $1,000 or less. We highly recommend you do not include unnecessary or extravagant costs in your budget. Do not include requests for refreshments or food money. Applications are due no later than February 26th, 2014.

Awards will be announced by March 4th, 2014 and funds sent that week. If you are applying for funding please DO NOT register your event until March 4th; this will allow you to tailor your event to be in line with how much money you actually have to work with.


You are eligible to apply if you meet ALL of the following criteria:
(1) Your organization has held a Save The Frogs Day event in the past and registered that event.
(2) Your event is being run by an organization and not an individual.
(3) Your event is not taking place in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand (we are trying to support events in places where people have far fewer funding sources than their counterparts in developed countries).

If this is your first Save The Frogs Day event, ensure you make yourself eligible for funding next year by registering your event, no matter how big or small it may be.


Past Winners

2013 - $3,450 Awarded

We are extremely pleased to announce that SAVE THE FROGS! has just awarded $3,450 in funding to eight groups in developing countries to enable and assist their Save The Frogs Day 2013 events. Thanks to all our supporters whose donations have made these events possible. Learn about their events here.

The winners are:
Gilbert Adum (Ghana): $900
Nurul Islam (Bangladesh): $500
Sanjeev Wasti (Nepal): $250
Biraj Shrestha (Nepal): $400
Bindu Poudyal (Nepal): $250
Olukotun Debo (Nigeria): $250
Vivek & Krishan Sharma (India): $500
Gabriela González Araujo (Mexico): $400 courtesy The Body Shop

2012 - $6,080 Awarded

Learn about all the winners' events on the Save The Frogs Day 2012 events page.

* Nurul Islam - Chittagong, Bangladesh: $2,000
* Gilbert Adum - SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana: $2,000
* Avalon Theisen, Age 10, Tampa, FL: $500
* Jayaditya Purkayastha, Guwahati, India - $480
* Dr. Krishan Sharma, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India - $300
* Izabela Barata, Minas Gerais, Brazil - $200
* Rajesh Jha, Kathmandu, Nepal - $200
* Soazara Ranivoarivelo, Madagascar - $200
* Darlington Tuagben, Liberia - $200

2011 - $850 Awarded

Learn about all the winners' events on the Save The Frogs Day 2011 events page.

Hari Bahadur Rana, Chitwan, Nepal: $500
Pramod Bhattarai, Sindhupalchok: $200
Rajesh Jha, Kathmandu, Nepa:l $150


Terms & Conditions

The winner will be required to submit a brief report to us by May 31st describing the how their event turned out (photos, stories and videos are welcome). Read the full Terms & Conditions here.

Please help us fund these awards!

Donate CharityThese awards are funded by members of the public who share our concerns. Please help out: even a $10 donation is important!

Learn about having an Amphibian Conservation Awards created in your name or the name of a loved one here.