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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Help save the Yellow-legged Frogs!


Rana muscosa - V VredenburgThe Yellow-Legged Frogs were once the most abundant frog in California, but have disappeared from over 90% of the lakes it once inhabited, in large part due to the introduction of non-native trout, which are voracious predators of tadpoles.

The CA Department of Fish & Game is currently deciding whether to continue stocking non-native fish in naturally fishless areas of California. 

Take Action!

Please take two minutes to send the California Depatment of Fish & Game a pre-written letter urging them to discontinue the stocking of non-native fish in naturally fishless areas of California. They are currently inviting comments from the public as part of an Environmental Impact Report, but the comment period is only open through November 21st, 2009. Please take action!

You can learn more at the CA Dept. of Fish & Game's official "Hatchery and Stocking" page.

Yellow-Legged Frogs survive in the absence of introduced fish

The concept is simple, and is based on highly-respected scientific research: remove non-native fish species and endangered frog populations recover quickly. The technique to remove fish has been proven effective, but many pro-fishing organizations oppose the removal of the introduced fish species. Alternatively, governement agencies and fishing groups should simply not stock fish where they will threaten native species.

Haiku to the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged frog

Yellow Legged Frog
Pollution, trout and disease
Make you disappear.

Rana sierrae - Jamie Bettaso

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