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2009 Frog Art Contest Winners

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Frogs have been disappearing worldwide at alarming rates. Our 1st Annual Frog Art Contest received 394 entries from 10 countries: USA, Canada, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Australia.

Congratulations to the winners!

An Optimistic Thought by Kaitlyn Hunter - Age 18

The Grand Prize Winner! Kaitlyn's artwork is featured on a 100% organic cotton t-shirt available in the Save The Frogs Gift Center, with all proceeds going to support our worldwide environmental conservation efforts.

frog art

Frog Art Shirt

Frog Art Shirt

Optimistic Thought T-shirt: $22.95

Fact: 2,000 amphibian species are on the verge of extinction.

Scarlet-Sided Pobblebonk by Jonah Weissman - Age 9

Winner: Under 10 years old category. Jonah's artwork is featured on December 2009's Frog Poster of the Month, with all proceeds going to support our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.

scarlet sided pobblebonk

Jonah Weismann

Jonah receiving his cash prize.

Order the poster and help support frog conservation efforts!

Fact: Save The Frogs Day is April 30th, 2010. Please get your school involved!

Tropical Paradise by Tokino Springer - Age 12

Winner of the 10-13 year old category

rainforest art frogs

Fact: You can become a member of Save The Frogs.

Blue Dart by Liann Cagle - Age 15

Winner of the 13-17 year old category

rainforest art

Lianne Cagle photo by D. Mishina

Fact: 200 amphibian species have completey disappeared in the last 30 years.

Don't Say Goodbye Yet by Ivy Brooks

Winner of the Traditional Frog Art Category

wildlife art

In the words of the artist: "What would it be like without frogs? If children in the next generations had to ask us what they were like? If bugs became even more invasive and the homes of other animals disappeared, too? This picture just represents the fact that if we don't save these creatures, we may have to say goodbye to them."

Fact: Amphibian species naturally go extinct at a rate of about one species every 500 years.

White-Lipped Treefrog by Josh Wood

Winner: Best Photo

litoria infrafrenata

Fact: Few people know that frogs are disappearing.

Mandarin Newt Amid Violets by Josephe Rocke - Age 18

Winner of the Toads, Salamanders, Newts and Caecilians category

newt art

Fact: Far more people will know frogs are disappearing if you help us spread the word about amphibian extinctions.

Frog Sanctuary by Daryle Mishina

Honorable Mention

art contest

Fact: Frogs are bio-indicators and have been around hundreds of millions of years.

Frog With Flag by Michael John Kongo

Honorable Mention

frog toadstool

Fact: Amphibian habitat is drying up due to climate change.

Frog World by Abbey Salvo

Honorable Mention

frog logo

Fact: The frog leg trade is responsible for numerous amphibian extinctions, as many of the frogs are infected with chytridiomycosis, and spread the disease to native frog populations.

Sleeping Frog by Jet Kimchrea

Honorable Mention

sleeping frog

Fact: Tens of millions of frogs are taken from the wild each year for use as pets, and this contributes to the decline of many tropical species.

Red-Eyed Treefrogs by Leah Klehn - Age 18

Honorable Mention

red eye treefrogs

Fact: These red-eye treefrogs appear on shirts and tote bags in the SAVE THE FROGS! Cafepress store, where al proceeds benefit SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide conservation efforts.

Little Lonely Frog by Alexandra Lemke - Age 14

Honorable Mention

frog drawing

Fact: 100% of proceeds from your tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS! go to our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.

Rainbow of Little Leapers by Josephe Rocke - Age 18

Honorable Mention

frogs artist

Fact: The 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest will begin in early March 2010, and your school should take part!

Save Frogs by L. Macha Tomba - Age 18

Honorable Mention

serious art

Fact: Tens of millions of frogs are taken out of the wild each year for food. Large frogs are most at risk, and tropical nations seldom have laws in place to regulate harvests.

Save Me by Ana Blanco Argueta - Age 13

Honorable Mention

happy art

Fact: Americans go through 1.2 million plastic bags per hour. Save The Frogs has one of the coolest tote bags on the planet right here, made of 99% recycled materials.

Mushroom Scene by Franque Robertson - Age 15

Honorable Mention

mushroom art

Fact: The SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center has amazing frog art and photographs on t-shirts, greeting cards, pins, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, posters and more...

Rainbow of Frogs by Paul Andrew Viernes - Age 13

Honorable Mention

rainbow art

Fact: We hope you've enjoyed the fabulous frog art!

The 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest - Stay Tuned!

Be sure to take part in the 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest, to be announced in March of 2010. Get your school, team, community group, tribe, platoon, coalition, pack, or church involved. Spread the word!

Want to help out?

Help us advertise the 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest by donating $10 to the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Fund. We can place a 11x34" advertisement for the contest inside a public bus in a large US city for only $10/month. Thousands of students and teachers will see the ad and many will eventually participate!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Thanks to:
Frog Art Director Leah Klehn
Graphic Designer Alyson Lee
Website Developer Mike Labbe
Frog Art judges Shannon, Kate, Katie and Jarle.
Thanks to all the artists.
Thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! volunteer team.
Thanks to all our supporters and members!

See you in early 2010 for the 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest...

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