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Save The Frogs Day - April 29, 2011

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Save The Frogs Day 2011 in the news
2011 Official Poster

| Australia | Brazil | Bangladesh | Chile | Colombia | Canada | Ecuador | Italy | India | Mexico | Nepal | New Zealand | Peru | South Korea | Spain | Uganda | United Kingdom

Save The Frogs Day smallThe 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 29, 2011) was the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history. SAVE THE FROGS! supporters held 146 events in 22 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Uganda, the United Kingdom and the USA! Thanks to everyone who got involved and helped save the frogs in your part of the world!

Events Map

"I just wanted to thank you for another amazing Save The Frogs Day. Your efforts are making an obvious difference! My daughter gives her class a Save The Frogs Day talk every year and this year the teacher was so impressed she sent to her to two other classrooms."
--SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Joan Ferrigno, Monroe, CT


AZ | CA | CO | CT | DC | GA | FL | IL | IN | MD | MI | MO | MT | NJ | NC | NY | OK | SC | TX

Save The Frogs Day Rally in Washington DC

DC Save The Frogs Day RallyPlease join us in Washington, DC on the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 29th, 2011)! We will be gathering at the steps of the US Environmental Protection Agency to raise awareness of frog extinctions and demand a federal ban on Atrazine, the 21st Century's DDT. Atrazine turns male frogs into females at 2.5 parts per billion...and it's on our corn! Eighty million pounds of it are dumped into American ecosystems each year. Once Americans know about the problems Atrazine causes, there will be overwhelming public support for a ban.

Atrazine PetitionWHEN:
The rally will take place at the USEPA from 11am to 1pm, and then we will march up 14th Street (1pm-1:30pm) and gather at Lafayette Park in front of the White House to celebrate (1:30pm-2:30pm). All ages are welcome to attend. There will be speakers at both the EPA and Lafayette Plaza. World-renowned Atrazine researcher Dr. Tyrone Hayes of UC Berkeley will speak about his research at 12pm and SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will provide the keynote presentation.

The USEPA is at 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004. We will be near the corner of 12th and Pennsylvania, on the NE side of the EPA complex. The Federal Triangle Metro is a 2 minute walk away. Map here.

Spread The Word:
You can find a Save The Frogs Day Rally press release here and the Atrazine press release here. Please post this flyer around town! Right-click to download the PDF. Add the image to your website as well, linked to

DC Save The Frogs Day Rally

Over 40 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters attended the rally, as well as journalists from the Washington Post, WJLA-TV7, NPR-WAMU (88.5), DC IndyMedia, Environment & Energy Daily and other news outlets. Lots of photos coming soon. The rally received notice from the US EPA, where SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a 50-minute presentation on amphibian conservation and the problems associated with Atrazine on May 6th, 2011. You can read about Dr. Kriger's meeting with the EPA here.

Save The Frogs Rally

DC Atrazine Rally

Photo by James Buck, Washington Post:Atrazine Rally

Dr. Kriger talks to the French press:Atrazine Rally DC

Dr. Hayes talks about Atrazine, Syngenta and the EPA:
Tyrone Hayes

Dr. Hayes gets awarded with a SAVE THE FROGS! Mousepad:Tyrone Hayes

With our friends from Homeland Security:Save Frogs Rally DC

Tyrone Hayes

Save Frogs

Dr. Kriger and SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Mike Chang:
Kerry Kriger and Mike Chang

Dr. Dan Martin from the National Geographic Society:Dan Martin

The ladies from the Animal Welfare Institute:Animal Welfare Institute

Save The Frogs Day Rally DC

SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Matthew Soranno:Matthew Soranno

"Thank you for everything! It was the best! Jackson and I can't wait for the next STF event!!!!" --SAVE THE FROGS! Graphic Design Volunteer Alyson Lee, who designed the DC Rally posters, shirts and flyers, and came down from Massachussetts for the rally with her son Jackson:Alyson Lee and Jackson

Frog Rally

We marched to the White House:Frog Parade

Frog March

White House Frogs

Kerry Kriger

Save The Frogs

Dr. Kriger closes the day with a presentation of frogs in Lafayette Plaza:Save Frogs DC

Vanity Fair covered the rally:Vanity Fair DC

Thanks to the Center for Biological Diversity and the Natural Resources Defense Council for sending emails out to over 1.5 million people asking them to help get Atrazine banned!

CBD Atrazine

NRDC Atrazine

Save The Frogs Day Rally DC


Arizona - Glendale

Global Change and Amphibian Declines: Causes, Solutions, and Why We Should Care
A presentation by Dr. Erik Gergus, Department of Biology, Glendale Community College

Erik Gurgus FrogWith over 6,000 species of amphibians world-wide, occurring on every continent except Antarctica, amphibians are ecologically and evolutionarily diverse. However, over 1/3 of all amphibian species are threatened with extinction. Why is this happening? And why are these declines important to humans? Join us Friday, April 29th to find out. From 9-10am in SU-104E. Open to all faculty and students of Glendale Community College.

Arizona - Tempe

Arizona State University PhD student Oliver Hyman teamed up with biology teachers at South Mountain High to teach Phoenix youth about the plight of amphibians and increase interest in amphibian conservation. Students attended a short presentation on amphibian conservation, then they got to know Arizona's native amphibians up close and personal through hands-on activities. Through the efforts of ASU, South Mountain High, and SAVE THE FROGS!, over 30 students got to enjoy their first live encounter with amphibians.

Arizona frogs

California - Sacramento

Sacramento State University's Field Biology Group will be hosting an event to celebrate amphibian species and bring global awareness to their conservation! Come learn fascinating facts about amphibians and find out how truly important they are for our ecosystem. SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Michael Starkey will give a brief presentation and then we will screen the documentary "Thin Green Line", in an effort to engage students, faculty, and the public into learning more about the Amphibian Extinction Crisis. Please join us and learn how you can help SAVE THE FROGS!

--Where: Sacramento State University, Hinde Auditorium (within the University Union).
--When: Tuesday April 26th, 5pm-7pm
--Free & open to the public
--More info: Please contact Natalie Flores

Sacramento Frogs


California - San Diego

Exploring San Diego's Urban Canyon Amphibian Habitats

San Diego is home to amazing amphibian species waiting to be discovered in our local urban canyons, open spaces, and parks. Come explore Marion Bear Memorial Park in search of frogs and salamanders on a hike led by SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Frank Santana. We will learn about the natural history and behavior of amphibians and how you can help protect these sensitive species from environmental threats. This hike is suitable for families and people of all ages. We will be meeting at 9am at the Genesee avenue parking area. (near the 52 East freeway entrance off of Gensesee). Please visit the city of San Diego's website for a map of the park. No RSVP necessary, just show up. Contact Frank at for more info.

Where: Genesee avenue parking area (near the 52 East freeway entrance off of Gensesee), Marion Bear Memorial Park, Genesee St, San Diego, CA 92101
When: Saturday April 30, 2011 9am

San Diego Save The Frogs

San Diego Frogs


California - San Francisco

Save The Frogs Day Rally in San Francisco!

Over 100 enthusiastic supporters joined the SAVE THE FROGS!, Wild Equity Institute, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, H.O.M.E.Y., and Action for Animals at noon today in front of San Francisco’s City Hall for the "Endangered Communities, Endangered Species" Save The Frogs Day Rally! Watch this video from the event!


Sharp Park Rally

John Avalos

The following photos are by Lee Haynes:Sharp Park Rally

Sharp Park Golf

The following photos by Patrick Schlemmer:John Avalos SF

Save Frogs SF

The following photos by Paul Rattay:Atrazine

Save Frogs Kid

Save The Frogs SF Rally

Save Frogs Petition

Eric Mills Frogs

Save Frogs Kids

The following photos by Tony Iwane:Sharp Park Rally

CBD Frogs

Sharp Park Golf SF

Eric Mills AFA

Frog Sign

Frog Art SF

San Francisco FrogsWe invite people of all ages to join our Save The Frogs Day Rally at the steps of City Hall in San Francisco on April 29th (12pm-1pm).The City of San Francisco is using taxpayer dollars to pump the Sharp Park Wetlands out to sea, killing endangered California Red-Legged Frogs in the process. Why? To accommodate a failing golf course. Help us ensure that the City's politicians know San Franciscans want a better Sharp Park: one that protects endangered species, restores habitat, ends wasteful spending and is accessible to all. Help us educate your fellow citizens so that they understand the importance of protecting wildlife. The event features live speakers from Wild Equity Institute, Sierra Club, Action for Animals, HOMEY (Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth) and San Francisco District 11 Board of Supervisor Member John Avalos. Please bring your friends and co-workers and help us SAVE THE FROGS!

What: Save The Frogs Day Rally to Restore Sharp Park
Save Sharp ParkWhen: Friday, April 29, 2011: 12pm-1pm
Where: Outside San Francisco City Hall
(1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place at Polk Street). Map here and more event info here.

This event is free and open to the public. Please bring a sign if you can; here are some ideas:
"SAVE THE FROGS! - No More Sharp Park Golf Course"
"Save The Sharp Park Wetlands!" "Restore Sharp Park!"

Please print, distribute and post this flyer! Right-click to download the PDF.


California - San Francisco

Celebrate Save The Frogs Day at Tree Frog Treks! Take the Leap of Knowledge at Tree Frog Treks! You'll go face to face and toe to toe with our amphibian and reptile animal ambassadors like Stickum the tree frog, Trucker the tortoise and Pablo the bearded dragon. We will also be showcasing our Tadpole Head Start Program. Kids of all ages welcome! Tree Frog Treks is about making science fun, connecting with nature and exercising one's imagination.
Where: Frog Hall, 2114 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
When: 10am - 12pm and from 4pm - 6pm, April 29, 2011


California - Pacifica

Save Sharp ParkPlease join the Wild Equity Institute Saturday April 30th in honor of Save The Frogs Day to search for two of the most imperiled vertebrate species on the San Francisco peninsula: the California Red-Legged Frog and the San Francisco garter snake. This will be a leisurely walk through the Sharp Park area to learn about the bold steps being taken to save both species from the brink of extinction and to create a better public park at Sharp Park. Also, visit our information and activities table.

Where: Meet at the Mori Point Entrance Gate, at the intersection of Bradford Way and Mori Point Road, Pacifica, CA, 94044. Map here.
When: Saturday April 30th. The walk will start around 12 pm and will last about 2 hours.
This event is free and open to the public.

More event info here.


California - Santa Cruz

Antonelli PondPlease join SAVE THE FROGS! and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County on the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day and help restore habitat for endangered California Red-Legged Frogs at Antonelli Pond. We will be removing non-native weeds from the frog's upland habitat, and taking cuttings to plant native vegetation when the rains return.

About 50 people attended this event!

Antonelli Pond


California - Santa Cruz

Yellow-eyed EnsatinaAmphibian Adventure Walk
Come celebrate Save the Frogs Day at the beautiful Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park! Join the Amphibian Adventure Walk with amphibian biologist Stefanie Bourcier. We will search for salamanders, newts, and frogs in the park and deepen our awareness of the amphibious (double) life these creatures lead! The event is free, though there is a $10 day-use parking fee for the State Park. The walk will begin at the visitor center. Contact Daniel Williford at 831.335.7077 or for more information.

Where: Visitor Center, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, 303 N. Big Trees Park Road, Felton, CA 95018
When: Saturday, April 30, 2011, 1:30-3:00pm


Colorado - Fort Collins

Hop on over to the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center for a croaking-good time! Featuring fun, hands-on activities, living frogs, and amphibian photos by David Herasimtschuk. Student Herpetologist Staci Amburgey from Colorado State university will share frog fieldwork stories and a display of gear at 11 am, 12 and 1:30 pm. Learn more about how making small changes in your habits can have big positive impacts on frogs! We're very excited and are expecting a great crowd!

Where: Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center, 200 Mathews Street, Fort Collins, Colorado
When: 11am-2pm, Saturday, April 30, 2011
More info: For more information, call the museum at (970) 221-6738 or visit our website. Museum admission required (info is on the website), though there is no additional charge to participate in the Save The Frogs Day activities.

Colorado's covered Save The Frogs the article here!

Colorado - Granby

This was our third Save The Frogs Day event in Granby, Colorado! We celebrated amphibian awareness with the 7th and 8th grade science classes at East Grand Middle School. The 7th grade program was an introduction to the diversity and importance of amphibians and included discussion, photos/video, drawing and presenting. In the words of one 7th grader, "amphibians are the coolest thing to ever hop on the planet!!!" The 8th grade program focused more on threats to amphibians and possible solutions. We timed our event to coincide with the 8th grade 'Watershed Week' so students could complete this curriculum (water resource issues, water quality, etc) with amphibians in mind. We played a threat scenario game where students had to come up with creative solutions to save their team's amphibians. We were amazed at the depth of knowledge and originality of ideas that these students had - with ideas like these amphibians face a brighter future!

This event was sponsored by the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest in collaboration with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. We reached approximately 160 students. I can provide this curriculum to anyone interested in using it - please email
--Brock McCormick, Wildlife Biologist, Arapaho National Forest

Granby Frogs

Colorado Frogs Day

Colorado - Parker

Wild About Our World: Save The Frogs Day
Come to The Wildlife Experience on Saturday, April 30 to check out "Frogs - A Chorus of Colors", an amazing exhibit featuring fifteen habitats with live frogs from around the globe! Enjoy the exhibit from 9am-5pm with paid general admission. Participate in froggy-fun activities at 10:30, 12:30 and 3:30. Create frog crafts, learn about the frog life cycle and even dress up like a frog! The Wildlife Experience is located at 10035 Peoria Street, Parker, CO 80134. Email for details.


Connecticut - Storrs

Come to UConn to watch a screening of "The Thin Green Line" by Allison Argo. Following the movie there will be a short presentation on amphibian conservation and time for question/answer with several of the Herpetology students. This is the second annual Save The Frogs Day event held at UConn!  

Where: The Biology/Physics Building, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut
When: Friday, April 29, 2011, 6pm-8pm
More info: Alex at
The event is free and open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend.


Florida - Boca Raton

Join us on the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day, as we demonstrate in protest against the sale of frog legs at Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Restaurant. Aside from promoting the eating of frogs, Uncle Julio's imports Chinese bullfrogs which can spread the deadly chytrid fungus, devastating frog populations. Promotion of eating frogs, importation of invasive species that can spread disease or escape to eat native species & support of the worldwide bullfrog trade are all reasons to denounce and boycott Uncle Julio's!!! Signs will be provided, but you can always make your own.

Where: Downtown Boca Raton, Mizner Park Area (Just south of the Amphitheater) 449 Plaza Real.
When: Friday April 29th, 2011 at 5pm
More info: Contact

Uncle Julios


Florida - Ft. Lauderdale

Mysteries of Red-eyed Treefrogs Uncovered
Come to the University of Florida's Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center to see a presentation of the life of the red-eyed treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas). The presentation will be conducted by wildlife biologist Dr. Venetia Briggs, who conducted her doctoral and post-doctoral work on sexual selection and the communication and larval performance of the Red-eyed Treefrogs in Belize and Panama!

Red-Eyed TreefrogWhere: Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center, University of Florida, 3205 College Ave. Davie, FL 33314
When: Friday, Friday, April 29, 2011, 12pm
More info: Contact Venetia Briggs at for more information. The seminar is free and open to the public.

Florida - Ruskin (just south of Tampa)

Learn about our Florida frogs and why frogs are important all over the world. It will be a fun, casual night in a natural Florida setting! Make sure to come prepared for the night hike (flashlight, insect repellent, etc.) Hopefully the frogs will be singing! Hosted by SAVE THE FROGS! Member Avalon Theisen. More info on the Wandering Whimsy site.

"Though Avalon runs educational, interactive frog booths throughout the year, in 2011 she ran or attended 2 events specifically for Save the Frogs Day. She planned and held a Save the Frogs Day event in Tampa at Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center. This free evening of fun had games, activities, prizes, a night hike and a presentation about frogs (given by Avalon). Every attendee was entered into a prize drawing. The prizes made it possible to get frog saving items into the hands of visitors! Some of the items given out were things like digital frog dissection software (courtesy of Froguts, Inc.), frog identification cards and treefrog houses. The venue that hosted the 2011 Tampa event, as well as the volunteers Avalon recruited were very supportive and are ready to do it again for 2012!

In 2011, Avalon also ran her frog booth at the Jacksonville Zoo's Party for the Planet Earth Day event. Since Save the Frogs Day fell on the same weekend, it was a great fit and she met thousands of zoo visitors at her booth.

At both events, visitors learned about frogs, their importance to the environment, and what they could do to help. There were handouts, free frog prizes or giveaways, large banners for people to sign (children could color paper frogs to glue on the banner), frog fact games to play that covered information about the environment, frog calls, types of frogs, invasive frogs, frog habitat, and much, much more!"

Wandering Whimsy

Save The Frogs Florida

Avalon Frogs

Avalon Theisen Frogs

Florida - Wellington

The Village of Wellington Florida, Weedoo Environmental Workboats, and the International Polo Club sponsored a Save The Frogs Day pond cleanup event to bring attention to the diminishing frog population in South Florida. Many of our lakes and ponds are plagued by overgrowths of lake weeds and pond scum. The general practice is to kill these weeds using herbicides; however, there is overwhelming evidence that this method of control is limited in effectiveness and is harmful to aquatic life. By removing this overgrowth mechanically with machines like the Weedoo and by adding organic enzymes and aeration, these ponds and lakes can be restored to their natural pristine condition. That would make our friends the frogs very happy and maybe someday soon they will come back to their natural populations.

"Our Wellington Save the Frogs event was a great success today……
With the Mayor of Wellington at the helm of the Welly Weedoo we were able to clean-up 1,000lbs of pond scum, removing phosphate-laden weeds and thereby increasing oxygen -- which makes these waterways more habitable for frogs." --John Grimes


Wellington Frogs


Georgia - Dahlonega

Frogtown Cellars, a Dahlonega Vineyard and Winery, celebrates Save The Frogs Day with special weekend events. A portion of all wine sales will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS!. Frogtown got its name from the Indians who named this area "Walesii" (Place of the Frogs). Join us for wine tasting, fajitas and Sunday brunch. Frogtown Cellars is located at 700 Ridge Point Drive, Dahlonega, GA 30533.

Friday, April 29: Wine Tasting, 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Saturday, April 30: Fajitas and fixings prepared by the King of Fajitas, the Soules Company, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Sunday, May 1: Save The Frogs Winetaster Brunch at 12:30pm


Illinois - Chicago

Come to the Chicago Academy of Science's Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on April 30th 2011 to celebrate international Save The Frogs Day. We've planned a day of fun and educational activities for the whole family. Wear green to show your support for frog research and preservation. Deb Krohn of FrogLady Presentations will be displaying five tables of amphibian education. You will be able to dissect a frog through a unique virtual computer program, see a creepy-crawly collection of what frogs eat for dinner and even view over twenty live captive-bred frogs up close and personal! This hands-on display will be fun and entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Where: The museum is located in Chicago's beautiful Lincoln Park, 2430 N. Cannon Drive, Chicago IL, 60614.
More info: For any questions regarding the event, contact Laura Saletta at or Deb Krohn at Admission to the event is included in the general museum admission price.

Chicago Save The Frogs


Indiana - Cedar Lake


My name is Dana Stewart. I am the lead teacher in the 3 year old room of a preschool in Northwest Indiana. I am very passionate about frogs and the conservation of them. It is my goal to get children as young as the ones in my classroom excited early on about nature and amphibians! This is the second year I have had a theme of "Save the Frogs! Week" We play games about frogs, read stories, do worksheets, and just do everything with frogs in mind! We learn about ways to save them and how important they are to us and our world. My event is not open to the public. However, I have a total of 28 children enrolled in my classroom. I teach 18 children a day and each one of them will have an interest and a passion sparked about frogs after Save the Frogs! Week is over. I order SAVE THE FROGS! Info Cards with the ways to help that gets passed out to all the parents when they pick up their children. The children go home and tell their parents all about the frogs they have learned about all week. My hope is that the parents and people who have never heard of SAVE THE FROGS! or don't know that amphibians are in danger will then have a clearer picture on what is at stake, and how to help! Small hands change the world! The children in my classroom are the future and they are learning right now what is important to change our world!


Maryland - Bethesda (Wednesday April 27th)

Join SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and our DC-area supporters for a protest to end frog legs sales at the Bethesda Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurant. This high-end Tex-Mex chain contributes to the worldwide extinction of amphibian species by selling frog legs, the trade of which contributes to the depletion of wild frog populations, and the spread of infectious diseases and invasive species. The company has refused to address the issue, never replying to over 2,000 letters our supporters have sent them.

We will be staging a peaceful (but visible!) protest at their Bethesda restaurant on Wednesday April 27th, from 11:30am-2pm. Our summer of 2010 protests at the restaurant were extremely productive and enjoyable!. Please show up and help us educate passersby and patrons about the frog legs trade, and help us keep the pressure on this environmentally irresponsible restaurant chain! This is a kid friendly event. We will have leaflets, you should bring a sign.

Learn about Uncle Julio's horrible environmental track record and email if you would like to take part! Learn more about frog legs protests here. Directions are here.

Uncle Julios


Maryland - Rainier

Art Works Studio School is hosting a Save the Frogs pARTy on April 29, 2011 from 7 - 10 pm at 3711 Rhode Island Avenue, Mt Rainier, MD 20712. This event is free to the public and will include food (no frog legs...of course!), fun, a little frog education, and poster making for the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest. Contact for more information, and print out the flyer below!

Art Works Studio


Michigan - Rochester

The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique will hold a Free event in our store on April 29, 2011. We invite our customers to join us to celebrate FROGS! We will have a Bare Foot Books representative in for story times and crafts, frog theme games, nature center visit with live frogs and educational information, there will be a "count the frogs in the store" contest, color pages of the life cycle of a frog, giveaways and MORE! 10% of the days sales will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS! Follow the details and event on or Contact Renee at 248-656-1937 or

Funky Frog

Michigan - Three Rivers

Frog biologist Dr. Vic Eichler gathered with some friends and neighbors to celebrate Save The Frogs Day at a local wetlands in Southwest Michigan April 29, 2011. "I applaud you and the group on your outstanding efforts to promote all of the activities associated with educating the public about things we can all do to promote wise conservation of wetlands in general and frog populations in particular."

Michigan Save The Frogs Day


Missouri - St. Louis

Come visit the St. Louis Science Center’s Life Lab for fun Save The Frogs Day activities! There will be live axolotls (Mexican salamanders) for visitors to learn about and see. Visitors can color an axolotl mask to take home, complete with feathery gills! We will also be distributing cards with interesting amphibian facts, and ways visitors can help save the frogs. A slide show will illustrate to visitors the diversity of amphibian life on our planet. FREE for all ages! Stop by the Life Science Lab and spend 5 to 30 minutes (or more!) throughout the day. Friday April 29, 2011. Where: Saint Louis Science Center, 5050 Oakland Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110. Questions? Visit the SLSC website or call (314) 286-4609.


Montana - Bozeman

Join the Museum of the Rockies and local community partners as we celebrate the 3rd Annual Save the Frogs Day. Dress in green to show your support of amphibians and enjoy a variety of family-friendly activities  Learn about local frogs with Beth Pratt (SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member and Director of Environmental Affairs for Xanterra Parks and Resorts) and uncover why amphibians and frogs need our help to be saved from extinction. Meet MSU graduate and filmmaker Jen Grace and watch her award winning film “Frog, Chemical, Water, You.” Get your face painted like a frog, watch live frog feedings, and enjoy frog crafts in this afternoon of awareness.
Friday, April 29: 4–6pm; Free with Museum admission


New Jersey - Paramus

The children of the Bergen Community College Child Development Center (ages 2-5) in Paramus, NJ will partner with the Environmental Club on campus to celebrate Save the Frogs Day April 29th. They will collaborate to create and display flyers/posters to educate the college community about frogs as well as have a bake sale at Ender Hall where the CDC is located. The children will also be adding a frog/toad habitat in our registered National Wildlife Federation schoolyard habitat and there will be a “Ribbit Ribbon Cutting” ceremony. In addition, the CDC children will participate in a week long unit of study about frogs. Their activities will be documented on this website. Contact for more info.

Followup: "Even the youngest child can make a difference! The preschool children at the Bergen Community College Child Development Center sold cookies and created informational posters to educate the community about the threat to frogs. The children made $110.00 at their SAVE THE FROGS bake sale." --Hope

Bergen Community Center

New Jersey Frog Day


New York - Coney Island

SAVE THE FROGS! and the New York Turtle & Tortoise Society are organizing a Saturday April 30th protest at the original Nathan's Famous restaurant: home of the hot dog eating contest...and frog legs. Nathan's Famous has been contributing to the decline of frog populations by selling frog legs at its Coney Island location for the last 50 years.

Nathan's President (Wayne Orbitz) earns over $460,000 per year, but claims the company would "suffer an economic hardship" if they removed frog legs from the menu of their Coney Island location. Nathan's has over 270 locations and only its Coney Island location sells frog legs. As Nathan's is known for its hot dogs and french fries, and can afford to pay both its President & CEO salaries of over $460,000 each, it is extremely unlikely that the company would suffer any economic hardships if they remove frog legs from their Coney Island menu.

Join us at the Coney Island Nathan's location on Saturday April 30th from 11am to 2pm and help us ensure that Nathans' employees and patrons make the responsible decision to stop contributing to worldwide frog extinctions. More details coming soon! Directions are here.

Please call or email Nathan's President Wayne Orbitz and ask him to stop serving frog legs!
516-338-8500 ext.222

Please post this flyer around NYC! Right-click to download the PDF.

Nathans Protest

Nathans Frog Legs

Nathans Famous

New York - Rochester

Melissa Miller and her colleagues at PAETEC raising awareness of frog declines in their workplace:


New York - Stony Brook

Sean Kortis spread the Save The Frogs Day message across his school's campus, scattering small toy tree frogs around campus with little notes attached, including a poem, link to the website, and directions to where he held a small informational session about Save The Frogs and frog conservation.


New York - Yonkers

Biologist & Eco-Artist Brandon Ballengée will give a live frog presentation at Cross Hill Academy, an elementary and junior high school in Yonkers on April 29th. Brandon has just donated two large aquarium sculptures to the school and is working with CHA Principal Michael Walpole, teacher Kevin Clifford, other CHA Administration and the Hudson River Museum to start a school-wide eco-education program! In addition to the large tanks and programs they hope to start a bird, butterfly and organic garden as well. Brandon hopes the school will make Save The Frogs Day events a part of their permanent programming. Please contact for more info, to donate or to find out other ways to help.


North Carolina - Raleigh

The Ravenscroft School will be celebrating Save The Frogs Day with an entire week's worth of amphibious events! The week's events include daily amphibian lessons during Science Lab classes; a drive to get kids to bring in non-rechargeable batteries to be recycled; a presentation of frogs by Lynn Cross, Curator of Youth Programs, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; a presentation on amphibian diseases by Dr. Michael Levy, Professor at NC State, College of Veterinary Medicine; info cards on amphibian extinctions will be sent home to all parents, and students will be encouraged to wear green to support Mother Earth and all living creatures. Listen to Rachel's WKNC 88.1 radio interview here and read the North Raleigh News article here. Thanks to Rachel Hopkins (Class of 2016) and her mother Pam for getting the entire school involved with SAVE THE FROGS!

North Carolina Frogs

Raleigh Frogs


Oklahoma - Norman

The University of Oklahoma's Sam Noble Museum will celebrate frogs with many exciting events on Save The Frogs Day (April 29th) and May 4th as well! Events include:

--Frog presentations by the Curators of Herpetology: Dr. Janalee Caldwell and Dr. Laurie Vitt.
--Live frogs from Oklahoma.
--Frequent showings of the video “Frogs: The Thin Green Line”.

--A scavenger hunt with prizes.
--A table with frog skeletons and other amphibious objects.
--Art tables for children to color frogs or create their own frog art.
--Discovery Room activities.
--Everyone will receive their own froggy gifts and learn about what’s happening to our frogs and how you can help save them.

--Where: University of Oklahoma’s Sam Noble Museum, 2401 Chautauqua Avenue, Norman, OK, 73072
--When: Friday April 29, 2011. Most of the events will be continuous throughout the day. Frog presentations will be at 10:30 am and 2:15 pm.
--More info: or call (405) 325-4712.
--Museum admission is free after 2pm.

Right-click to download and print the PDF of this event flyer!Oklahoma Frogs

South Carolina - Greenwood

The Ware Shoals High School BioClub had a display on Friday April 29, 2011 at the Greenwood County, SC public library to inform the public of the plight of frogs on this planet. The BioClub students made a banner for the display, established a donation jar for the public to make donations to SAVE THE FROGS!, encouraged people to sign the petition to ban Atrazine, distributed laminated frog facts cards to all people who came in to the library, gave away candy and distributed Save The Frogs wristbands. The students also hung Save The Frogs posters on the doors of the library to capture the attention of the public. Another attention-getter was a motion-activated bullfrog that gave out several very loud "croaks" when anyone walked into the library! In addition, there were frog face paintings for the children and a children's game that was created by one of our BioClub members to see how many flies (they were really raisins) the kids could eat in a specified time period! The pubic was very interested in all that the students were doing, and they asked a lot of very good questions about frogs. The BioClub students had a great time with this project, and they were even making plans for the 2012 event before they went home! Thanks to BioClub Advisor George Sellers for organizing the event!

BioClub Frogs


Texas - Arlington

Celebrate Save the Frogs Day at the River Legacy Living Science Center! The Center will have frog-related children's activities and exhibits to commemorate the day and will feature a special 4pm feeding of the Center's resident amphibians.

Where: River Legacy Living Science Center, 703 Northwest Green Oaks Boulevard, Arlington, TX 76006-2404
When: 9am-5pm, April 29, 2011
The event is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome.
Contact: or 817-860-6752

Arlington TX frogs


Texas - Lubbock

In order to support Save The Frogs Day and raise awareness about amphibian conservation, the Biology Department at Texas Tech University will attempt to organize the largest gathering of people wearing frog masks in planetary history! On Friday April 29th, we will be handing out FREE frog masks to university students, faculty, and staff, and asking them to gather in a large place (location TBD) on campus so we can take a picture of the largest group of people wearing frog masks! Masks will also be used as raffle tickets for door prizes after the picture is taken. All are welcome, so come on out, put on your mask, and help us celebrate these amazing amphibians before they disappear!

Right-click on the flyer below to download and print the PDF!
Texas Save The Frogs Day

Texas Tech frogs

Read the story:
Texas Tech sets world record for most people wearing frog masks - May 5, 2011

"Save the Frogs Day" Highlights Biology Amphibian Research
Texas Tech Today  -  April 28, 2011

Red Raiders try to break Guinness World Record, raise frog awareness
The Daily Toreador -   May 1, 2011

Watch the video:




Queensland - Gatton

Long-time SAVE THE FROGS! supporter Rebecca Diete will give a presentation on “The Wild World of Frogs” at the University of Queensland. This is Rebecca’s 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day event! Her slideshow will feature some great froggy photos as well as discuss important aspects of amphibian biology and conservation. Afterwards, Ph.D. candidate Tyrone Lavery will be presenting results of his research with Patrick Pikacha on frogs of the Solomon Islands. Their research documented frog species previously unknown to science!

Where: Avenue of Palms at University of Queensland, Gatton Campus, Animal Studies Lecture Theatre
When: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 6:30pm
More info:

Bek's Save The Frogs Day efforts were covered by the Queensland Times you can read the article here!

Bek Diete Australia Frogs

Queensland - Currumbin

Pobbles The Pobblebonk was spreading the word about frog conservation on Save The Frogs Day at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast! Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is successfully breeding Liem's Tinker Frogs (Taudactylus liemi) in a effort to understand more about the captive husbandry of the Taudactylus genus. Pobbles is very grateful for being invited along to this wonderful place that has been helping Australia's endangered frogs.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary




The Group for Conservation and Research of Bats is organizing a Save The Frogs Day 2km run to raise awareness of declining frog populations. The run will start at 9.00 am from the Usuf Choudhuri Academic Building of the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University campus (Khulshi, Chittagong 4202) and will end at GEC. The vice chancellor of CVASU will lead the program as chief guest. At 11 am we will serve some refreshment to all the participants. There is no cost for the participants. For more information contact:
Shahneaz Ali Khan
Nurul Islam

Bangladesh Frog Day

The group displays their SAVE THE FROGS! info cards and bumper stickers:

Bangladesh Frog Group

Nurul Islam and Shaneaz Ali Khan, who helped organize the event:Nurul Islam

Bangladesh Frog Info


Students at Chittagong University and Comilla Medical College distributed 2000 leaflets to students and held a seminar on frogs. They also created 5 different Save The Frogs t-shirts.

Bangladesh Chittagong University Frogs

Bangladesh Frogs

Bangladesh Save The Frogs


This was a challenge for us to make a rally and a seminar on Save The Frogs Day as that kind of program has not been organised here before. We celebrated WORLD EARTH DAY also, but as the students of our department do a lot of work on frogs, the total program was on the condition of frogs in Bangladesh.

We arranged a seminar to raise awareness about frogs among the students of our university. Mr. Shahjan Ali, Director, Forestry Science & Technology Institute, attended the program as Chief Guest. Mr. Narayan Saha, Head, Dept. of FES ,who is the PRESIDENT of BPFSA started the rally with all teachers from the department at 12:00 pm. And then at 3:30pm we started our Seminar. Five students of the department gave presentations on frogs, with multimedia projectors. The program ended at 5:30 pm. The program was telecast on ATN NEWS channel.

The program was arranged by Bangladesh Professional Forestry Students Association (BPFSA) and SUST, a student association of FORESTRY STUDENTS across the BANGLADESH and students who study in Department of FORESTRY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology(SUST). The program was sponsored by FAST FORWARD, Bangladesh.

--Animesh Ghose
Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sylhet frogs

international frog day

frog talk bangladesh




Brazil Save The Frogs Day 2011Biotropicos Institute in partnership with the Federal University hosted its second annual Save The Frogs Day event, entitled "Spreading the Importance, Diversity and Conservation of Amphibians in Brazilian Schools". The event focused on environmental education in middle schools and an exposition on the importance and diversity of amphibians. Talks on frogs were presented in 11 schools in Diamantina, Brazil. The presentation was a quiz about amphibian fun facts and children were encouraged to ask questions. After the talk, children made drawings about what they most appreciated on amphibian fun facts: life style, different sizes, colors, sounds, and ways of reproduction. More than 300 drawings were made during the project and all of them were exhibited at the local museum during the 29th and 30th April 2011. Children that visited the museum could also paint frogs' silhouettes, produce "jumping-frogs fold", and also play a very funny game about amphibian life cycle. During the same period we made an exposition with live frogs of different sizes, shapes and colors, and more than 500 visitors attended.

Where: Municipal Market of Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
When: April 29th - 6pm-11pm; April 30th 8am-12pm
Free and open to the public.   

Brazil Frog Art

Diamantina Frog Day Game

Brazil Save The Frogs Day

Osteocephalus - Brazil

"I’m sending some news just to keep you updated about Save the Frogs Day, here in Brazil. I’ve just presented a poster at the Brazilian Congress of Herpetology and it was a great success! (Download Izabela's poster here). People really like it, and I hope next year Brazilian’s universities and organization get more involved… Poster is attached, if you need to put on your files. I’m also sending some photos of the winner school of our art contest. As a reward for best draw, students went to the field to look for tadpoles and we found a daily frog. The student who the contest, a very smart girl (attached as well), kept the frog in her hand all the time. It was awesome and children loved it!" -- Izabela

Brazil Frogs Kids

Brazil Frogs Kids

Salvem Os Sapos

Sao Paolo

"Myself and and some friends went to a school in Sorocaba, Sao Paolo, Brazil, to promote environmental education, and one of the activities involved a frog, and with it we showed and taught about the importance of amphibians. I think that we have demonstrated this importance, since the children were comfortable with the frog, while some adults kept prejudice. At the end of the event, ask the children what animal they liked most, the answer was: the frog."
-- Leandro

Sao Paolo Frogs Day



British Columbia - Langley

Spotted Frog Day at Mountain View Conservation Centre. There will be presentations about the endangered Oregon Spotted Frogs and other red-listed species that the Centre is saving from extinction.

Rana pretiosa

British Columbia - Mission

"Frog Invasion: No Place Without A Frog!"

On the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day, Grade 2 students at Cherry Hill Elementary will be drawing and coloring their own frogs, and they are going to stealthily move about the school like ninjas placing frogs in every conceivable location...the back of the Principal's chair, the Secretary's chair...the photocopier...and in the staff room! Our motto is "No Place Without a Frog!". Froggy books will be on prominent display in the library alongside the Green Team bulletin board. Event open to teachers and students at Cherry Hill Elementary School.

Abbotsford Frogs

British Columbia - Qualicum, Vancouver Island

The Wilderness Committee will celebrate Save The Frogs Day with a public tour through Nanoose Bay’s DL33, which contains rare Coastal Douglas fir forest, thriving wetlands, diverse plant communities, and red-legged frog populations. DL33 has been approved for logging by the provincial government. “Not only have frog populations been declining worldwide at unprecedented rates, but right here in our community, we have an entire coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem on East Vancouver Island that is on the brink of extinction,” said Annette Tanner, Wilderness Committee spokesperson. The tour will be lead by biologist Ron Buechert after a short talk and photo displays of frogs, toads, amphibians, plants and wildlife photographed in DL33. Frog face-painting will also take place at the event.

When: Saturday April 30, 2011 at 1pm
Where: Meet at the Nanoose Bay Petrocan station on the corner of the Island Highway and Northwest Bay Road.
More info: Call 250-752-6585

British Colombia - Vancouver

Lauren Ingram

Ontario - Toronto

Toronto's 2nd Annual Frog Leap-a-Thon will be on Saturday April 30th at 4pm. It will start at the foot of Woodbine on the boardwalk by the Olympic pool, Toronto. The distance to Leap Frog will be 250 meters. And if we have anough children, there will be a shorter section for them too! Little Leapers! Your support is always appreciated-whether it's by leaping, or with a monetary donation at:

Please post this flyer around town! Right-click to download the PDF.

Toronto Frog Leap-a-Thon


Toronto Frog Leap-a-Thon

Ontario - Toronto

Celebrate the arrival of spring by experiencing the frenzied courtship of American toads at the Toronto's Zoo's 12th Annual Spring Toad Festival. Our annual wetland festival is scheduled around the explosive breeding ritual of toads at our very own Americas Wetland Outdoor Exhibit. Come and see with your own eyes! Although the centre of attention is the emergence and breeding of toads, there are heaps of other activities for children and adults alike, including: face painting, froggy games including Fish for a Prize, Toady the Mascot, lessons on tracking wildlife using GPS technology, and information on how to become a Frog Watcher or Turtle Detective. It's "Ribitting" fun for the whole family! The event runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st. It is open to the public and is free with zoo admission. Visit or call Julia at 416-392-5999 to find out more!

Toad Festival

Toronto Toad Festival

New Brunswick - Fredericton

"I led two teams of 30 people for frog walks for Save The Frogs Day. I could not believe the turn out. So enthused were the people in Fredericton, NB about their local herpetofauna that I continued to lead walk throughout the summer, reaching over 200 people. Also hosted a 5 hour workshop to teach identification skills and everything else about herpetology in the province. Soon nature clubs were requesting the workshop across the province." -- Gregor Jongsma 



Filmmaker Lucy Cooke made this excellent video about Chile's endangered Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma darwinii) to mark Save The Frogs Day and to try to raise
money its conservation.





In celebration of Save The Frogs Day, we put posters up at the Universidad del Valle about the problems that the amphibians have in our country and in our region.

Hoy 29 de Abril se celebra en todo el mundo el Dia internaacional de concientizacion de la proteccion y conservacion de los anfibios. Colombia es el segundo paÌs con mas especies de anfibios en todo el mundo, y el 80 % de ellos pertenecen al grupo de las ranas y los sapos, convirtiÈndolo en el primer paÌs con mas especies de ranas en todo el mundo. Actualmente las poblaciones de ranas estan declinando alrededor del mundo sin precedentes y cerca de un tercio de los anfibios estan amenazados de extincion. Cerca de 200 especies han desaparecido completamente desde 1980 y esto no es normal, los anfibios tienen tasas de extincion de 1 especie cada 250 anos. Las poblaciones de anfibios enfrentan una gran diversidad de problemas que incluyen: contaminacion de sus h·bitats, enfermedades infecciosas, perdida de habitat, especies invasivas, cambio climatico y sobre explotacion por parte de mercados de mascotas y comida. A menos que actuemos r·pidamente las especies desapareceran con consecuencias irreversibles para los ecosistemas y los seres humanos.

Reyna Galvis Cruz


The Parque Zoológico Santa Fe (Medellín, Colombia) and the Antioquia Herpetological group of the Universidad de Antioquia will hold a Save The Frogs Day event with an array of activities to educate visitors about conservation of amphibians:

--Kids will play the game La Rana Pérdida (The Lost Frog); in this game they will learn why frogs are in trouble and how they can help to conserve them. Kids will create origami and songs, paint drawings and do many other activities in order to find the "Lost Frog".

--Amphibian expert Dr. Vivian Paez will give a talk about the importance of frogs' conservation.

--Several dendrobatid frogs from Colombia will be in a live exhibition so that visitors can appreciate their beauty. The staff of the zoo will talk about their ecological importance.

--Visitors will participate in an art workshop to create their own frog from recycled paper while they talk about cultural importance, myths and biology of frogs and toads.

--A Safari Nocturno (Night-time Safari) will focus on the ecology and biology of frogs and toads.

--Kids from the educative program of the zoo's Club Cientifico (Science Club) will show visitors how frogs relate to arthropods, birds, mammals, reptiles and their physical environment.

Click the images below to download the event PDF!

Colombia Save The Frogs Day

Colombia Salva Ranas

Event info: please contact Duverney Chaverra Rodriguez:
Cost: Free for kids under 13 years old, adults pay 8000 pesos.

Las poblaciones de ranas están declinando alrededor del mundo sin precedentes y cerca de un tercio de los anfibios están amenazados de extinción. Cerca de 200 especies han desaparecido completamente desde 1980 y esto no es normal, los anfibios tienen tasas de extinción de 1 especie cada 250 años. Las poblaciones de anfibios enfrenta una gran diversidad de problemas que incluyen: contaminación de sus hábitats, enfermedades infecciosas, perdida de hábitat, especies invasivas, cambio climático y sobre explotación por parte de mercados de mascotas y comida. A menos que actuemos rápidamente las especies desaparecerán con consecuencias irreversibles para los ecosistemas y los seres humanos.

Antioquia Frogs

Colombia Frog Group

Dr. Vivian Paez gives a presentation on frog conservation:

Vivian Paez

Salva Las Ranas




Zoologico Amaru with the support of funds from the Mohamed bin Zayed species conservation fund hosted a Save The Frogs Day event in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our outreach activities were aimed to impact the general public in addition to five invited school groups. We displayed a frog and educational posters outside of the zoo, had a costumed frog who discussed the importance of frogs and the current status of frogs both worldwide and locally, and we distributed an informative guide about what people can do to save the frogs along with save the frogs! stickers. The school groups were given a free tour of the amphibian and reptile zoo and an educational presentation on amphibians and conservation. Following the tour, they were greeted by a costumed frog and invited to participate in a frog hop race. All participants received a SAVE THE FROGS! sticker. Key players in the success of the event include: Ernesto Arbelaez, Amanda Vega, Brad Lawson, and Chelsea Korfel. Our total impact was approximately 300 people.

Ecuador Frog Day

Salva Las Ranas




Italy's Herpethon arrives in Gallignano this Save The Frogs Day!

Italy Save The Frogs Day"Biodiversity of Amphibians and Reptiles of Marche: from knowledge to conservation"

Botanical Garden Centre Interdepartmental
Services of the Polytechnic University of Marche
Forest Gallignano, Gallignano (AN)
Friday, April 29, 2011; 9:00am to 12:30pm
Vincenzo Caputo
Università Politecnica delle Marche

Thanks to their biological characteristics, the amphibians and reptiles are good bioindicators. Their particular vertebrate biology makes these animals sensitive to alteration of habitat and causes concern for their long-term survival. Italy is very rich in endemic species because of its complex paleogeographic and paleoclimatic history. The Marches, in particular, occupy a key role as a hub biogeographic regions in northern and southern Italy. To date, however, there has been a lack of proper conservation of herpetofauna in the region, no atlas of their distribution and few laws protecting these small animals. It will therefore be crucial to promote an extensive knowledge of the biodiversity of these vertebrates, also to identify areas and habitats require special protection. This conference will be conducted within the international celebration "Save the Frogs Day".




Nirmal Kulkarni, defender of the Indian Bullfrog, gives a presentation on frog conservation on Save The Frogs Day:

Nirmal Kulkarni

The students take a close look at a frog:

Goa Frog Class


The students of the Rahara Nibedita Art Centre in West Bengal will create frog art for t-shirts, banners, canvas and blown glass. Avijit Saha, 16, of the Art Centre won the 13-17 year old category of the 2010 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest for his artwork shown below. This event is funded with a $70 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

India Frog Art

Rajasthan - Ajmer

The Department of Zoology at MDS University Ajmer is organizing an event "Threats to Frogs on the Planet" on 29th April, 2011 in its Seminar Hall from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. All those who are concerned with biodiversity conservation in general and frogs particularly are invited to participate in this awareness programme. SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member, Professor KK Sharma, will deliver the keynote lecture about the efforts he has made in the last three decades to save frogs and how students in the school, Colleges and University in India have appreciated the idea of replacement of frog dissection with digital alternatives. The focus is also to involve NGO's during the coming monsoon season (breeding time of frog) to save frogs from road accidents by putting banners on roads and highways, particularly near the wetlands. We will also show the beautiful diversity of frogs of India and seek volunteers for call based census of frogs using the sonotaxonomy technique devised by Professor K.K.Sharma, the technique that identifies and monitor anurans on the basis of calls without disturbing them. Students who make posters on the theme of threats to frogs on planet shall be awarded.

We are collaborating with Save Environment and Welfare of Animals Society (SEWA) Rajasthan and Rajputana Society of Natural History (RSNH) of Udaipur who are actively involved in biodiversity conservation including the frogs. We should bring the information about the major threats to frogs not only to the students and academics but also to the local people so that they may become active volunteers in SAVE THE FROGS! programs.

Rajasthan Frogs

Save The Frogs Day India

KK Sharma Frogs

India Frog Day

Frogs Day Ajmer

Students Save Frogs

Frogs Roads

Save Frogs India

Riya Gupta Frog Art



Mexico - Chiapas

Chiapas Save The Frogs DayCon el objetivo de informar al público en general sobre la delicada situación de los anfibios y promover su conservación; en Chiapas se llevará a cabo por primera ocasión la celebración de la "1a Semana Internacional Para el Conocimiento y Valoración de los Anfibios" del 26 al 28 de Abril del presente año, un gran evento para dar a conocer a la sociedad chiapaneca y mexicana sobre las especies nativas o endémicas al estado, difundir la importancia de su conservación y proponer acciones para evitar su declinación ya que tienen un papel muy importante en la naturaleza.

El objetivo del evento es hacer del conocimiento de todos que la disminución y extinción de las poblaciones de anfibios es un fenómeno real y que es necesario fomentar diversas acciones para frenar su desaparición empezando por implementar en Chiapas este 28 de Abril el "Día Mundial para de los Anfibios".

Este evento se llevará a cabo en las instalaciones del Zoológico Regional "Miguel Álvarez del Toro", con la realización de algunas actividades como concursos de fotografía, dibujo y escultura con materiales orgánicos (Ver convocatoria), premiación a los ganadores de cada certamen, exposición fotográfica sobre "Anfibios de Chiapas" y conferencias brindadas por especialistas sobre diversos temas relacionados con los anfibios.

La celebración de este día se originó por iniciativa de organizaciones internacionales como la Asociación para la Biología de la Conservación en Bolivia y "Save the Frogs" en Santa Cruz, California, EU, quiénes se dedican a la divulgación para la conservación de los Anfibios en la sociedad norte y sudamericana y debido a que la comunidad científica ha declarado el día 29 de Abril como el "Día Mundial de los Anfibios", este año, dichas organizaciones realizarán la coordinación de eventos en sus respectivos países para conmemorar esta fecha tan importante.

Desde Chiapas, siguiendo la propuesta de la comunidad científica celebraremos año con año el 29 de Abril como el "Día Mundial para la conservación de los Anfibios", con la finalidad de contribuir a la conservación de los Anfibios, por ello invitamos al público en general a que nos acompañe en las instalaciones del ZooMAT del 26 al 28 de Abril a partir de las 10:00 hrs., a celebrar este día tan especial e importante.

Mas Informacion Aqui. Contact: Berenice Garcia at

La Paz - Baja California Sur

Anfibios de Baja ¿los conoces?
Amphibians of Baja: Do you know them?

Baja, en el noroeste de México, es casi totalmente un desierto. Sin embargo, algunos anfibios sorprendentes se han adaptado a las condiciones hostiles de escasez de agua y temperaturas extremas. Poca gente los conoce, y poca gente conoce los peligros que estos animales únicos enfrentan: destrucción del hábitat, especies exóticas y enfermedades infecciosas. ¡Te invitamos a conocer a Los Anfibios de Baja! en conferencia y muestra fotográfica. El evento se llevará a cabo el viernes 29 de Abril de 2011 a las 17:00 hr en el Centro Cultural La Paz (16 de Septiembre esquina con Belisario Domínguez) La Paz, BCS. México. La conferencia y las fotografías estarán a cargo del Dr. Víctor H. Luja, experto local en anfibios de Baja, miembro de Save the Frogs! y fotógrafo de naturaleza.

Baja, in northwestern Mexico, is almost totally a desert. Nevertheless, some surprising amphibians have adapted to the hostile conditions of water scarcity and extreme temperatures. Few people know them, and few people know the threats that these unique animals face: habitat destruction, exotic species, and infectious diseases. We invite you to learn about the amphibians of Baja at this conference and photographic exhibition. The event will take place Save The Frogs Day Friday April 29, 2011 at 17:00 in Centro Cultural La Paz (16 of September corner with Belisario Domínguez) La Paz, BCS. Mexico. Features presentation and photographs by SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Dr. Victor H. Luja, a local expert in amphibians of Baja.

Muchas gracias to the following people/groups for funding this event!
La Marmolera Fonda & Cafe: 1500 pesos ($172)
La Casa del Colibrí Centro de Educación Inicial: 1000 pesos ($86)
Antalia González Abraham: 500 pesos ($43)

Mexico Salva Las Ranas

Victor Luja anfibios




"An individual made aware is a generation informed"

Save The Frogs Day is an opportunity for us to reach a large mass of people and ask them for their co-operation for frog conservation in the Chitwan district of Nepal. We are prepared, committed and very enthusiastic about our Save The Frogs Day celebration and programs. We have already circulated activities and awareness flyers and posters, creating a huge buzz and anticipation in our institute. Our initiative from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science is one of the first of its kind on amphibian conservation awareness program in Nepal. The students are so enthusiastic that they have formed a group named Biodiversity Initiative Group (BIG) among themselves and work collectively to carry out the planned task mentioned forth. Some of the programs we jointly planned are:

1) Intra-college Art and Essay Competition.
Based on the theme "FROG FOR TOMORROW", a college level Art and Essay contest will encourage students to think about frog conservation and help them to think rationally on this issue through art.

2) Signature collection
To demonstrate our commitment for frog conservation, a signature collection program will be organized. The collected signatures will be forwarded to ministry of environment conservation to being their attention in this issue.

3) Marathon Race
An open marathon race will be organized with the message "Run For Frogs" to watch our every step to save a frog from dying.

4) Frog Race
A frog race is an indigenous tradition prevalent in our society, to act as frog and run a distance.

6) Wall magazine publication.
To mark Save the Frogs Day, our enthusiastic students will publish the informative and creative conservation related issues in the wall magazine.

7) Adding amphibian related study materials in the college library.
Students have planned to cooperate with WWF & ICIMOD and other organizations and bring books and magazines to our college library.

8) Documentary show in IAAS.
Documentary show will be organized in the college auditorium, which will provide the message about frog conservation to all the teachers, staffs and students.

9) Orientation class in Secondary schools.
There are two government run schools nearby our college. An orientation class about frog conservation will be organized in each of them.

The Biodiversity Initiative Group not only will carry out the program this time but will exist in future days and make the conservation program sustainable within and outside the college. My students are very happy and enthusiastic about this program and so am I. We are very committed and will leave no stone unturned to make this program a success.

When: 25th April
Where: Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, New Auditorium Hall, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal
More info: Contact Associate Professor Hari Bahadur Rana

Professor Hari Bahadur received a $500 grant from SAVE THE FROGS! to fund this series of Save The Frogs Day events. Thanks to all our supporters for making such grants and events like this possible!

Chitwan Frogs

Frog Group Nepal

Nepal Frog Day

Nepal Frog Race

Frog Race Nepal

Frog Marathon


Nepalese Frog Art

Frog Flyers Nepal


The Companions of Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (CARON) will be holding a scientific seminar on frogs on Save The Frogs Day 2011. To be a part of the seminar, submit your original research paper on Nepalese frogs to CARON for review. Here is the Summary Report.
When: 11am-3:30pm, April 29, 2011

Companions for Amphibians and Reptiles Nepal

Frog Seminar Kathmandu



Biologist Rajesh Jha will be speaking about frog conservation at Sikharapur Community School, Setikhel V.D.C, in the Kathmandu rural area of Nepal on Save The Frogs Day. The program will be focused on importance of frogs and the effects of pesticides on amphibians. The students will take part in frog poetry, art and essay competitions. Rajesh will encourage students to follow their path for the betterment of life in the earth. This event is supported by a $150 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

Frog Day Kathmandu 2011

Nepal Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day Kathmandu

Rajesh Jha Nepal

Nepal Save Frogs


Biologist Pramod Bhattarai will conduct a frog education program at a school in a remote area where the students are from a low caste and economically poor. Thie objective is to transfer the knowledge on biodiversity conservation and importance of frogs, and to convince the students and teachers to stop killing frogs for food and dissection. After giving a presentation on frog conservation, there will be an art competition, which will change the students' psychology from killing of frogs to conservation. The best frog artists will be awarded attractive prizes to encourage them to spread the message of frog conservation in their community. Stickers designed by World Frog Conservation Society will be distributed among the students and local community if available. This event is supported by a $200 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!

Save The Frogs Day Nepal

Sindhupalchok Frogs





The Hamilton Zoo will be raising awareness of the worldwide plight of frogs and the husbandry work the Zoo is doing to secure captive populations of the native Hochstetter’s frogs. Kara Goddard, who has worked with frogs for 5 years and has presented papers both nationally and internationally will provide the keynote presentation. Kara is a keeper at Hamilton Zoo and has worked there for 16 years. There will be a trip to the frog enclosure to see the nocturnal frogs out and about.

Where: Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton, New Zealand
When: Save The Frogs Day: Friday, April 29, 2011, 7pm,
Cost: NZ$10 per person with cash and cheques accepted. Booking is essential with limited numbers. Book through the Hamilton Zoo.


Leiopelma hochstetteriSave the Frogs Search will happen at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier, New Zealand on 29th April 2011 to celebrate International Save the Frogs Day. Visitors will learn about New Zealand's native frogs while searching for facts around the aquarium. The activity is available to visitors to the aquarium who have paid our normal entry fee. See our website for more information on admission. Visiting hours are 9:00am-4:30pm.



Puerto Maldonada

Salva Las Ranas at Tambopata!
Our event will be an evening conference dedicated to students, young environmentalists, ecotourism workers and general public of Puerto Maldonado, Capitol of the Peruvian biodiversity. This event is organized by Environmental Volunteers MDD, a local non-governmental organization, and co-sponsored by Explore PERU, an edutourism enterprise. Contact Antonio with questions:

Peru Frogs Day




The Bontebok National Park of Swellendam held a Save The Frogs Day event Friday April 29th, 2011. Twenty-one people attended a slideshow on why frogs are important and what frogs occur in the Swellendam area, then went out with rangers to search for frogs. Three species were found at a nearby dam. Elton le Roux or Aldo Pekeur can be reached at 0285142735 for more information on the event.

Bontebok Save The Frogs Day




Save The Frogs Day events were held all over Korea:


Save The Frogs! Save The Earth!
EcoClub Korea and La-on-je-na (The Eunpyeong High School's Environment Club) will host another fantastic Save The Frogs Day event this year, in Eunpyeong, 45 minutes north of Seoul. The event will raise awareness of climate change and amphibian conservation in the local community, and improve public relations for the importance and value of frogs in an area where the wetlands are under constant threat of development. The event features hands-on experience programs that will improving the friendly image of frogs.

When: Saturday April 30th, 2011 2pm-6pm
Where: Eun Pyung-Gu, Bul Gwang Cheon, around Tunnel Fountain. What: Frog Art Exhibitions, Frog book designing, Silk-screening frog art on t-shirts, creating frog toys and umbrellas, writing frog postcards, speeches about frogs
Who: Everybody is welcome. We expect around 100 people. Volunteers are invited to help with setup beginning at 10am.
More info: Please contact Kyoung-hee at and visit

Seoul Frogs Day

Korea Frog Parade

Korea Frog Day

Korea Frog Kids

Korea Frog Art


by Ecoclub Korea
-Wriggly Life Festival
Where: Go-deok Wetlands; When: 24th April, 2pm~5pm

-Save The Frogs Day
Where: Han River, Nan-ji Wildlife center; When : 1st May, 2pm~5pm


by Suwon environmental education center
-S.O.S Save the Hyla suweonensis!
Where: Suwon Man-seok Park; When : 23rd April, 10am~2pm


The Earth Day Event, Thinking of biodiversity and amphibians.
Where: Samrak Wetlands; When: 23rd April, 1pm~ 5pm


Green Cheongju with Frogs!
Where: Toad Ecological Park
When: 30th April, 2pm~5pm

Peong-taek City

*Cooperate in research on Hyla suweonensis, which is this year's amphibian; Hyla suweonensis is in imminent danger of extinction. Find and research Hyla suweonensis.

When: 30th April, 8pm ~ 1st May, 2am
Where : Peong-taek City, Pang-seong Eup, Shin-dae Ri
Contact : 070-4112-2429, Korea Network for Preservation of Amphibian

Learn more about amphibian conservation in Korea on the SAVE THE FROGS! Korea webpage!

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger with La-on-je-na:





SAVE THE FROGS! Green Frog Member Inma Moro is organizing a month's worth of Save The Frogs Day events! For more info, please email:

April 14th: Telling tales about frogs in the public library.Our friend Xelo will read two books.

April 15th: My oldest daughter speaks to the high school about frog extinctions and the chytrid fungus.

April 26th: We'll have crafts about frogs in a place where young people meeting at town and there are computers for to see the website.

April 27th: We´ll go to the lake with children from 3 to 13 years old to study the ecosystems and see the frogs.

April 28th: My daughters and I will go to kindergarden to make frog arts & crafts with the young children.

April 29th: We´ll have a big party at the school, in the park by the town hall; teachers and many people will attend. At night we will go to the lake to listen for and see the frogs. We are so excited because all people want to participate.


Con motivo del Día Mundial de los Anfibios, la Coordinadora Ecoloxista d'Asturies convoca el viernes 29 de abril de 2011 a las 18:30 h en el Centro La Lila de Oviedo, una charla-coloquio sobre la conservación de los anfibios en nuestro territorio. Los anfibios constituyen uno de los grupos más amenazados. A nivel mundial, un tercio de las especies están amenazadas de extinción, y en Asturias, 3 de las 14 especies presentes están clasificadas como Vulnerables a la Extinción: la salamandra rabilarga, el tritón alpino, y la rana patilarga. Las principales amenazas son la pérdida de hábitats, la contaminación, las enfermedades emergentes, las especies introducidas, la radiación UV-B, la sobrexplotación, y el cambio climático. Con esta charla se quiere dar a conocer la situación en la que se encuentran los anfibios de Asturias y la necesidad de emprender campañas para su eficaz conservación.

Cuando: Viernes 29 de abril de 2011 - 18:30 h
Donde: Centro La Lila (C/La Lila, 17, Oviedo)
Charla a cargo de Alexis Puente Montiel
Organiza: Coordinadora Ecologista de Asturias

Alytes obstetricans - Ursina Tobler
Midwife Toad (Alytes obstetricans) by Ursina Tobler




Uganda Save The FrogsAmphibian biologist Robert Sekisambu of Makerere University will give a Save The Frogs Day (Friday April 29th) presentation on the ongoing amphibian inventory in and around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, with particular focus on incidence of chytridiomycosis disease. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in the sampling of frogs along Lubigi Wetland located 5km along Kampala Hoima Road on Saturday 30 April 2011. This event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP by emailing or call +256703826895.

Where: Makerere University MUIENR Lecture Theatre, Makerere Hill Road, Kampala, Uganda
When: Friday, 29th April, 2011, 11am-1pm presentation, and Saturday April 30th wetlands walk.

Followup: "The talk started at the scheduled time with over 60 participants. Unfortunately, a riot broke out in Kampala city a few minutes after opening. This indeed scared away several (about 30) participants but we were determined and encouraged to proceed. The wetland walk was postponed indefinitely because of the prevailing security situation."

Robert Sekisambu

Uganda Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day Kampala

Save The Frogs Day Uganda





Congratulations to Sabrina Laben and Simon Pittman who will be having a specially planned Save The Frogs Day Wedding! Their ceremony will be held at the Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens in Dorset. Sabrina and Simon will be having a Save The Frogs themed wedding, and during the reception they will be collecting donations for SAVE THE FROGS!. Sorry, but the event is not open to public. Best of luck to Simon and Sabrina!

Sabrina Laben

Edinburgh, Scotland

Valerie Clark (The Frog Caller) will give a one hour lecture on Amphibian Chemical Ecology at the University of Edinburgh's Wildlife Ecology Group Lunch, on Thursday April 28th at high noon. A question and answer session will follow. It is free to attend. Please contact if you wish to attend.  


"To celebrate the third annual Save The Frogs Day, Shepreth Wildlife Park forwent taking part in the royal wedding in order to celebrate some frog princes and queen bees of our own... Keepers spent the day in Bug City promoting amphibian conservation by running themed talks with clawed frogs, axolotls, new arrival giant cane toads and demonstrations where visitors could handle animals or even purchase worms and fish to feed the very excitable clawed frogs! We have been building a frog and bee collage, where kids (or grown ups) can colour in a frog or bee cut-out for a small donation and see their artwork go up on the wall! The funds we raised will be split equally between a local bee conservation group (the Bumblebee Conservation Trust) and SAVE THE FROGS!.

On the day we found most visitors were really surprised to learn how endangered frogs have become, even species in England that we are used to seeing in garden ponds like the Common frog. All over the world amphibians are threatened by habitat destruction, capture for the pet trade, use of pesticides and poisons in the environment, and deadly diseases like chitridiomycosis fungus. Theres plenty we can do to become more eco friendly and environmentally aware to help preserve and support amphibians, from things as simple as conserving water, recycling, and being careful of what exotic pets we may purchase, to dropping some loose change in our collectin tin or joining a local conservation group and taking part in wildlife projects in your area."

UK Frog Day


The Official Poster of Save The Frogs Day 2011

Save The Frogs Day 2011 Poster

In commemoration of the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day, we present this limited edition 18x24" print featuring the fantastic photography of SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger. All proceeds h#stfday2011elp us coordinate, promote and grow Save The Frogs Day, so please order one here.

Save The Frogs Day 2011 Poster


Save The Frogs Day 2011 In The News

One of the goals of Save The Frogs Day is to raise awareness of amphibian extinctions. Here is some of the press we received!

Frog lovers worldwide unite for 'Save the Frogs' day
CNN   April 30, 2011

Sam Noble Museum holds lecture about frog conservation
The Oklahoma Daily   May 2, 2011 

April 29th – save the frogs day!
H2O   May 1, 2011 

Tech students seek world record to raise amphibian awarenessLubbockOnline    April 30, 2011

Teacher Who Bullied Student Over Frog Dissection Receives Disciplinary Action    April 30, 2011 

Save the Frogs Day: A Call to Protect Our Favorite Little AmphibiansRainforest Alliance:  The Frog Blog    April 29, 2011

Save the Frogs Day
Hazard Hot Sheet   April 29, 2011

Royal wedding: Dorset's happy couple
Dorset Echo   April 29, 2011 

Frogs Failing: "Save the Frogs Day" is no celebration
NRDC Switchboard   April 29, 2011 

Today is “Save the Frogs Day”
Public News Service   April 29, 2011 

Video: Environmentalists Call On EPA To Ban Pesticide
Talk Radio News Service   April 29, 2011 

Frog pictures for Save the Frogs Day
Mongabay   April 29, 2011 

Save the Frogs: Interview with Kerry Kriger
SoundCloud   April 29, 2011 

Save The Frogs Day Events Taking Place Worldwide
Scoop News   April 29, 2011 

"Save the Frogs Day" Highlights Biology Amphibian Research
Texas Tech Today   April 28, 2011 

Hop to It! Take Part in Save the Frogs Day on April 29
Wildlife Promise    April 28, 2011 

Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center hosts "Save the Frogs" Day Event
Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center   April 28, 2011

Wild Colorado: Save the frogs!
SummitDaily    April 27, 2011

Save the Frogs Day April 29th
Scraps 4 Fun   April 27, 2011 

Save the Frogs Day focuses on banning Atrazine in US
Mongabay   April 26, 2011

Save the Frogs Day to be marked
Parksville Qualicum Beach News   April 26, 2011

Frog day walk finds a forest alive
Oceanside News   May 5, 2011

Rebecca is a frog's best friend
The Queensland Times   May 5, 2011

New home for a rare frog
Kingman Daily Miner   April 29, 2011

"Save the Frogs Day" Highlights Biology Amphibian Research
Texas Tech Today   April 28, 2011

Red Raiders try to break Guinness World Record, raise frog awareness
The Daily Toreador   May 1, 2011

Field Biology Club shows frog extinction documentary
The State Hornet   April 27, 2011

Save The Frogs Day featured on CNN Worldwide TV

Thanks to CNN for bringing attention to Save The Frogs Day and the plight of frogs on April 24th, 2011! Thanks also to Azadeh Ansari of CNN, Melody Paris of Second Opinion Radio, and Aletta Martin for helping get the SAVE THE FROGS! message spread worldwide! Read the article here: "Frog lovers worldwide unite for 'Save the Frogs' day"! Please embed this video on your site!

Save The Frogs CNN

Save the Frogs Day in Mongabay

Thanks to Jeremy Hance at Mongabay for covering the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Days. Please read his article "Save the Frogs Day focuses on banning Atrazine in USA".

Save The Frogs Day on BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio recently interviewed SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger about Save The Frogs Day, which perhaps by no coincidence coincides with Prince William's wedding. Dr. Kriger was excited to speak to an audience of 3 million listeners! You can listen to an mp3 of the interview here. (Left-click to listen, right-click to download).

Save The Frogs Day in the Toronto Metro

Toronto Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day 2011 makes news in Greece

Geece Save The Frogs Day

2011 Save The Frogs Day Award Winner

Congratulations to Hari Bahadur Rana of Chitwan, Nepal, winner of the 2011 Save The Frogs Day Award ($500). The funds allowed him to run a Save The Frogs Day event entitled "An Individual Made Aware is a Generation Informed" at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science.


Frog Art by Meiral

Frog art by Kara Timmons.