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Save The Frogs Day 2012 Events Listing

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Save The Frogs Day 2012The 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28, 2012) was the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history. Over 200 SAVE THE FROGS! events took place in 40 countries (and 34 states): Australia, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.

Save The Frogs Day Event Map

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Save The Frogs Day Event Map

Save The Frogs Day 2012 Official Poster

Please order a Limited Edition 18x24" Save The Frogs Day 2012 Official Poster: all proceeds support SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, the first international branch of SAVE THE FROGS!

Save The Frogs Day 2012 Poster



Alabama - Bluff Park

The Save The Frogs Day event took place at the Mountain Oaks Science Center in Bluff Park, AL. A slideshow presentation was given. The children and parents created a life cycle of the frog and the life cycle was explained and discussed during the activity. There was a discussion about the critically endangered Pine Barrens Tree Frog, which in Alabama is only found in the Longleaf Pine Conecuh Widlerness. For more information contact Jerri Lynn

Arkansas - Wynne

Village Creek State Park in Wynne, Arkansas will be hosting a day of fun frog activities and programs free of cost to the public on Sunday April 29th, 2012. The goal of our Save The Frogs Day event is to bring awareness about the death of frogs across the world and how you can help them. We will be hosting several family friendly programs throughout the day. A schedule of events will be posted at a few weeks prior to the event. If you have any questions please contact the park at 870-238-9406.

Arizona - Tucson

In celebration of Save The Frogs Day, the Biodiversity Group and other frog lovers will be on the University of Arizona campus parading around our 175 foot long biodiversity tapestry. We will carry the tapestry across campus to the Arizona State Museum which is the organization sponsoring this event that is free and open to the public.  From 10 AM until 2 PM the Southwest Chapter of Defenders of Wildlife will have a table set up to inform the public (especially local educators) about local native and threatened species. Stephanie Bowman, the lead artist and instigator of the social art project "Sewing Spots Together" will be available to give information on our locally endangered Chiricahua Leopard Frog as well as the jaguar, which are both featured on the tapestry. We seek 20 people to carry our tapestry across campus. If interested, please email us!

Where: We will meet outside of the Flandrau building on the University of Arizona campus by 10 AM on Saturday, April 28th.
Contact: Stephanie at  

"About 250-300 people attended. The event was a success with a lot of conversations generated about our Save The Frogs panel of the Sewing Spots Together project."

California - Claremont

The Bernard Field station is an excellent diverse ecosystem. The Bernard field station will be open on Save The Frogs Day! People are welcomed to come from 10-12 AM. Come see what a group of 6th graders have learned as well as visit the Vernal Pools to have a chance to actually pet an endangered Southwestern frog! This is a special opportunity, because the Bernard Field Station is not open at any other time to the public! We will also have a benefit concert. It's a free event and there should be some pretty fun acts. There will also be a play that will be performed, as well as some fun songs. This is a benefit concert where some of my friends (other kids) will be playing their instruments. We have a master chef in charge of making a lot of food. Drop by from 3-7 PM to listen to some good music, eat some good food, and possibly even donate some good money.
For more information contact Zachary at

FOLLOWUP: "There were about 35 people at my benefit concert and we raised a total of 120 dollars!"

California - Coloma

In honor of Save The Frogs Day, the American River Conservancy will have an amphibian presentation, a short hike, and will showcase art, poetry and music dedicated to frogs and other amphibians. We will also create origami frogs! If you are interested in helping to organize this event or if you have amphibian-inspired art, spoken word or music that you would like to showcase, please let us know! All ages welcome. FREE.

Where: Coloma, CA
When: April 28, 2012
Contact: Elena

California - Los Gatos

We are organizing a walk along the John Nichols trail to the Lake Ranch Reservoir in Sanborn County Park, Los Gatos, CA on April 28, 2012. This is open only to students of Lakeside Elementary School in Los Gatos and their parents/relatives. We will be picking up trash, and examining any amphibians and reptiles that we meet along the way. This is not a public event, sorry! Contact: Ruth Van Sciver at

"On Saturday, April 28, 2012 we had the most successful frog hike to Lake Ranch reservoir ever! It was a beautiful sunny spring day, perfect for frogging. There were 24 of us, including 3 generations of one Lakeside family! We saw or caught the following: bullfrogs, chorus frogs, California newts, fence lizards, mountain king snakes, a garter snake, a water snake, and toads. One parent got the prize for catching the only large bullfrog, A student found 3 toads in a hole, and all the kids got extremely muddy. All of the animals were released unharmed. It was a great time!"

California frogs day

Los Gatos frogs

Lakeside school frogs

frogs usa

Los Gatos frogs

California - Pasadena

Polytechnic Middle School will be celebrating Save The Frogs Day on April 27th on our school campus. Students will participate in a frog jumping contest using purchased mini plastic frogs. The event will be held as a grade rivalry for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  We will be selling wash-off frog tattoos to purchase a webcam for a local conservation site, Rubio Canyon. Seventh grade students, as part of their science curriculum, will be learning about the area's wildlife, vegetation, and watershed. The event activities are closed to the public. Monetary donations will be gladly accepted. Contact: Ann Nelson,

California - Redwood City

Clifford School announces its 1st annual Save The Frogs Art contest. This week long celebration of our Clifford School Watershed Sanctuary frog pond is open to any Clifford student. Starting this Wednesday, 7th graders with blue tape will help entrants post their artwork on the wall outside the downstairs teacher’s lounge. Art needs to be put up by Friday at noon. Winners will be announced Friday, April 27th before dismissal. There will be prizes for winners in each grade level & little froggy treats for all entrants. This event is not open to the public. Any questions, contact Gwen Minor, 7th Grade Language Arts teacher at:

California - San Francisco

On April 28th Marshall Elementary School is hosting the event, Dia de los Ninos, Day of the Children. There will be music, a talent show, art, games, food and more! There will be special events in the garden to celebrate our new garden and Save The Frogs Day! The students have drawn pictures of frogs and come up with a game in preparation. They came up with the "frog hop" which will engage students in a hop-scotch-like game that requires frog facts, noises and motions. We will be making bike powered smoothies and making garden art!  We will be begin at 11:00am. For more information please contact Claire at

California - San Diego

Celebrate the 2012 Save The Frogs Day in San Diego by joining us for a hike at Mount Palomar State Park on April 28, 2012. This hike will be led by an SDSU graduate student. Our target species will be the amazing and elusive Large-Blotched Salamander. We will also discuss the impact of invasive bullfrogs on the Mt. Palomar Ecosystem. If you are interested in carpooling we will meet at the Del Lago Transit Center Park and Ride off I-15 @ 8:30am. Final meeting location will be on Doane Valley Road at Mt. Palomar State Park. All ages welcome! Wear hiking shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Hike will be on a trail with a moderate uphill. Please email any questions about this event to Frank at:

Maps, click here:
Del Lago Transit Center
Mount Palomar State Park Meeting Location

California - San Francisco

Sharp ParkJoin us April 28th, 2012 in honor of Save The Frogs Day, to search for and help protect two of the most imperiled vertebrate species on the San Francisco peninsula: the California Red-Legged Frog and the San Francisco garter snake. At 11:30am, we will take a one hour leisurely walk through the Sharp Park area to learn about the bold steps being taken to save both species from the brink of extinction and to create a better public park at Sharp Park. Following the walk there will be a chance to help protect the endangered species. Join us for an hour-long group canvassing session within the small neighborhood nearby to educate local residents about restoring Sharp Park and to collect signatures. Meet at the activities table at 12:45pm for a 15-minute canvassing training. Canvassing will start at 1pm and end at 2pm. This event is free and open to the public. Contact: Barbara Beth at

Where: Meet at the activities table, which is about a 5-minute walk on the trail past the Mori Point Entrance Gate, located at the intersection of Bradford Way and Mori Point Road, Pacifica, CA, 94044.  
When: Saturday, April 28th. The walk will start around 11:30am and last about one hour, canvassing will start around 1pm and last one hour.

Also plan to join us at Sharp Park for Drumming For The Frogs on May 19th, 2012!

California - San Francisco

The third graders at Stevenson School in San Francisco will be drumming for the frogs during recess and lunch in honor of Save The Frogs Day! This is not a public event.

California - Santa Cruz

Yellow-eyed Ensatina Come join the Save The Frogs Chapter of Santa Cruz High School and other frog-lovers for a Save The Frogs Day Parade on the Boardwalk April 28, 2012! Bring some friends and meet at the west end of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at 12pm, the march will begin at 12:30. Do not forget to bring signs! We will be distributing frog education info, collecting petition signatures to get bullfrogs banned in CA, spreading frog awareness, and having a good time!

Where: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: Paige Davis,

Santa Cruz Save Frogs Day

California - Santa Cruz

Antonelli Pond frogsCome join the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County to help restore Antonelli Pond. Santa Cruz is fortunate to have endangered California Red-Legged Frogs at Antonelli Pond, an urban pond that sees high recreational use due to its accessibility to town. Unfortunately, the long-term future of this population of endangered frogs is not secure due to the presence of predatory non-native fish and frogs at the site, as well as heavy infestation of weeds surrounding the pond.We will remove non-native frogs and weeds and plant native vegetation at the pond. Please wear sturdy shoes, protective clothing layers and water. Gloves and tools provided.

Where: Antonelli Pond, Santa Cruz, CA
When: 9am-12pm, April 28, 2012
Contact: Tanya Baxter,

"We had 20 volunteers come out young as 2 yrs old. Our group cleared 100 sq ft of English ivy."

California - Soquel

We will have a craft and information table set up at Main Street School in Soquel during the school-wide No Waste Lunch, a picnic that takes place annually on the field behind the school. We would like to have coloring sheets with some frog facts on them, and some simple quizzes where kids answer some facts about frogs or name the stages of a frog's life cycle. If they are correct, they get a wristband prize. We also have stickers, bookmarks, and posters to pass out. We have Origami paper and plan to teach the kids how to fold Origami frogs. Our general goal is to have kids spend enough time at our table so that they learn some things about frogs and become motivated to protect them. For more information please contact Jeanie Vogelzang at

Followup: “The save the frogs day event was a success at Main Street Elementary School. We gave out wristbands, t-shirts, stickers and taught them how to make origami frogs. I was also able to catch a few Pacific Chorus Frogs and I brought them along for the kids to look at them. They were soooo excited. We also had a bunch of educational worksheets (that Jeanie kindly printed out and brought for the kids). We were able to be there during their earth day picnic so we had a lot of kids come and visit our table. Altogether a great success!” -- Kathlyn Franco

“We had at least 100 kids at our table in the Main Street garden”
-- Jeanie Vogelzang

California - Tracy

The Central Valley Herpetological Society and Jr. Reptile Club at George Kelly Elementary will be participating in Save The Frogs Day Friday April 27 by welcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Biologist Michael Starkey, who will be giving a presentation about frog conservation.

California - Walnut Creek

Celebrate the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day by attending the City of Walnut Creek's Frog Fanatics program. We will meet at the Bob Pond/Hanna Grove Picnic Area at Shell Ridge Open Space and enjoy a short presentation in the amphitheater on our native frogs. As darkness falls we will look and listen for the frogs and toads that are found in and around Bob Pond. Participants need to dress appropriately, wear sturdy shoes, and bring a flashlight. Children may be accompanied and supervised by an adult. For more information call Ranger Dan Bylin at 925/943-5899 ext. 2162.

California - Watsonville

Rana draytoniiElkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (ESNERR) is home to two species of threatened amphibian, the California red-legged frog and the Santa Cruz long-toed salamander. ESNERR Freshwater Ecologist Nina D'Amore will be leading a nighttime hike on April 28th on the reserve and will be sharing information about these animals, threats to the species and ways to help conserve amphibians. We will be observing California red-legged frogs and Pacific chorus frogs in the ponds. Please contact for more information.

California - Yosemite National Park

Come celebrate Save The Frogs Day at Yosemite National Park! Yosemite is home to many amphibian species, including the threatened mountain yellow-legged frog. Join us at the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm for a frog fair with fun activities for kids and adults alike, along with special presentations by frog researchers. Ranger Rick will also be appearing! Hosted by the National Park Service, National Wildlife Federation, Delaware North Parks and Resorts and other organizations.

Where: Yosemite Valley Visitor Center
When: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm April 28, 2012
Contact: Beth Pratt

"Over a thousand people wandered through our event. People just love frogs! I suspected this to be true, but the enthusiastic response by the park visitors this weekend was overwhelming. Thank you all! We did it! Save the Frogs Day was a wonderful success and collaboration. You all helped to make this successful. I had so much fun being dressed as a frog and watching kids and adults get excited about frogs and toads. I don't think anyone who worked the event had a break from the crowds. Emily's Wheel of Fauna kept turning, my mom helped multitudes of kids color posters, Ninette showed countless people what a bullfrog tadpole looked like, Heather, Michael, Steve, and Christine gave fun walks and talks, Chris performed demonstration after demonstration of a watershed, Andy kept the logistics running smoothly, and Travis kept the AV seamlessly going (despite a scary start!). Sheree gave a nice introduction to the evening showing of Frogs: The Thin Green Line and I was encouraged that even some little kids stayed through the end of the film. Scott and Tom - thanks for your help and for coming to say hello."
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Beth Pratt

Yosemite Save The Frogs Day

El Capitan will greet your arrival at Yosemite National Park's inaugural Save The Frogs Day event.

May we suggest a hike to the top of Vernal Falls while you are in the park.

Yosemite frogs

Cody Howard biologist

Yosemite frogs day 2012

Yosemite toads

Ranger Rick frog

ranger rick frogs day

Michael Starkey

Colorado - Boulder

Several events have been scheduled for Save The Frogs Day at the University of Colorado Boulder. This is part of some outreach goals by the undergraduates in Robert Jadin's "Biology and Amphibians and Reptiles" course and Pieter Johnson's laboratory. Throughout the school days of April 26 and 27, students in the Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles course will be taking shifts to run a booth at the high traffic University Memorial Center, where university students eat their lunch. These students who have been learning about amphibians and reptiles all semester will be providing information on amphibian and frog declines, along with solutions, to undergraduates as they pass by and approach the booth.

On the evening of Thursday April 26th, two of Pieter Johnson’s Ph.D. students (Joseph Mihaljevic, Maxell Joseph) gave lectures to the general public at the CU Museum of Natural History. Each of these talks were approximately 45 minutes long with question and answer sessions following. Several students in the Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles course are taking the Save The Frogs! flag to peaks around Boulder, CO. Finally, the students in course will be hosting a save the frogs day booth at the CU Museum of Natural History from 10-4 p.m. and provide additional information to visitors who attend the museum’s family day events. For more information please contact Robert Jadin at

Colorado save the frogs

UC Boulder frogs museum

Boulder save frogs

Colorado - Fort Collins

Zoologist Dr. Erin Muths will be giving a PowerPoint presentation about amphibian declines and frogs including live animals to 2nd graders at Bennett Elementary School in Fort Collins, Colorado. This event is not open to public, sorry!

Where: Bennett Elementary School, Fort Collins, CO
When: April 27, 2012
Contact: Erin Muths at

Colorado - Granby

On April 26, 2012 the US Forest Service in collaboration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife will sponsor our 4th annual Save The Frogs Day event at East Grand Middle School. We will present amphibian awareness to 7th grade science classes and amphibian conservation to 8th grade science classes. Lots of fun to be had!

Where: East Grand Middle School at 2512 West Diamond Ave, Granby, Colorado
When: 8am - 4pm, April 26, 2012
Contact: Brock McCormick, (970) 887-4108,

We celebrated Save The Frogs Day with our 4th annual amphibian awareness programs with the 7th and 8th grade science classes at East Grand Middle School. The 7th grade program was an introduction to the diversity and importance of amphibians and included discussion, photos/video, drawing and presenting. The 8th grade program focused more on threats and conservation. We played a threat scenario game where students had to come up with creative solutions to save their groups amphibians. This event was sponsored by the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest in collaboration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. We reached approximately 160 students. I can provide this curriculum to anyone interested in using it for their Save the Frogs Day event, please email

Colorado - Pueblo West

Friends, family, staff and students of Pueblo West Elementary School interested in a little "Frog Frenzy". Come join us for an hour of awareness in the amphibian extinction issue, art creations that will be entered into the Save The Frogs Art Contest and a variety of Frog Frenzy Food for all frog lovers!  Three sessions (same each session):  8:30am - 9:30am, 10:30am - 11:30am as well as Wednesday, April  25th, 8:30am to 9:30am  Please R.S.V.P. to:

Connecticut - Fairfield

Fairfield’s Earth Day Committee (FEDC) announces the theme for this year’s annual “green” celebration, which is scheduled for Save The Frogs Day April 28, 2012 from 10-4 pm at Fairfield Warde High School on Melville Avenue. This year’s Earth Day event will feature an array of exhibitors from local residents and organizations to businesses that are leading and supporting green initiatives which are laying the groundwork and creating a green infrastructure in Fairfield. 14 year old Jeffrey Hunter will give a slideshow on frog conservation.

Visitors attending Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration will have an opportunity to get a broad view of the many services and products available to them in and near Fairfield. Town departments, schools, organizations and businesses will all be represented. There will be family entertainment throughout the day featuring music and magic.

Where: Fairfield Warde High School, 755 Melville Ave., Fairfield, CT
When: 10-4pm, April 28, 2012
Contact: Debra Mahony at

Fairfield save frogs

Fairfield save frogs

CT save the frogs

Connecticut - Storrs

The University of Connecticut Herpetological Society and the Animal Behavior and Herpetology Lab will be celebrating Save the Frogs Day at UConn. The event will be free and open to students and general public, so please come and learn why we must SAVE THE FROGS! We will have our beloved Connecticut froggies and salamanders on display for you to meet. Please spread the word! The event will take place at the University Campus in Fairfield Way on Saturday April 28th, 2012 (12pm - 3pm).

Contact: Danielle Freeman ( and Johana Goyes (

"Happy save the frogs day, or YOUR day! We talked to tons of kids and gathered a bunch of ban atrazine signatures! It was a fun day! We talked to at least 100 people, mostly elementary school students and parents! Thanks to the frog goodies (stickers, wristbands, flags, t-shirts, etc. Thanks Debra!) and frog cookie cutters, we were able to raise $97.07 in donations and collect 38 signatures for the petition against atrazine! I just mailed STF the check and the signatures and it felt great! ;) Thanks again!" --Kristiina Hurme

This message is to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! We had a wonderful Save The Frogs Day. It was a complete success. Let's keep up the hard work for next year. With yesterday's event we are gaining experience for the future and we can make it better and better each time." -- Johana Goyes-Vallejos

Florida - Sarasota

Pig FrogCome join us at all four corners of Webber and Beneva in Sarasota to protest the use of Atrazine! We will be meeting at 8am April 28th -- be sure to bring your sunscreen because we will be out there all day! Signs will be provided but protesters are encouraged to make and bring their own signs as well. Sponsored by EcoHairDesign, Sarasota's low carbon footprint hair salon.
Contact and RSVP: Candy Roberts, (941) 921-1322,

Florida - Tampa

Join us once again for Save The Frogs Day fun! International Eco-Hero Avalon Theisen from Conserve It Forward is planning another round of exciting, educational frog activities and prizes hosted at the Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center!   

Here is a sample of what you can expect:   
* go on a short frog listening hike (we have a trick up our sleeves so you are guaranteed to hear some frogs!)  
* explore cool things you can do to help frogs and the environment  
* help decorate the Save the Frogs Day banner  
* get a frog tattoo and play some frog games  
* hear some frog calls and learn about Florida’s frogs  
* take a photo with the ConserveItForward frog  

We will also attempt Florida's Largest (Human) Frog Chorus. Visitors will gather as a group during the last hour of the Tampa event and learn 3 frog calls (easy ones: a terrestrial, aquatic and arboreal). Visitors will call together for 3 minutes on videotape and then get a ribbon that shows they "croaked in Florida's Largest (Human) Frog Chorus in honor of Save the Frogs Day 2012" or something similar. This activity will provide an opportunity for a group photo, for everyone to participate in something fun and quick, for great promotion before and after the event, etc. After the event is over, Avalon will complete the video and use it to issue a challenge to other groups of folks to hold their own (human) frog chorus and post a video reply. The idea is to "croak" for awareness of frogs and what they mean for the environment.
We suggest a minimum $5 donation per person which will equally benefit SAVE THE FROGS! and Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center. For directions, a schedule of events, and more information, please visit Pre-registration is greatly appreciated for planning purposes, but not required. All ages are welcome and are encouraged to join us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Where: 4140 24th St SE Ruskin, FL 33570
When: April 28, 2012; 10am-2pm
Contact: Avalon Theisen,

Avalon hopes to see you on Save The Frogs Day!

Thanks to Tamps'a Mayor Bob Buckhorn for officially recognizing Save The Frogs Day! Left-click the image to print the PDF.Tampa Save Frogs Mayor

Avalon Theisen (age 11) represented Save the Frogs Day at her amphibian conservation booth 3 days, including Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and a homeschool co-op. She also ran the Tampa area's Save the Frogs Day at Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center. Over 100 people attended and $356 was raised. Activities included frog games, frog talks, frog walks and participation in Floridaís Larges Human Frog Chorus. More photos can be seen at or at
Here's a great video of the human frog chorus!

Tampa save frogs day

Save frogs tampa

save tampa frogs

tampa save frogs day

tampa save frogs day 2012

save frogs conserve forward

save frogs 2012 day florida

Tampa save frogs day

florida save the frogs

Save the frogs tampa

Florida - Venus

Acris gryllusThe Archbold Biological Station in Venus, Florida will be holding its first ever Save The Frogs Day Festival on Saturday, April 28th, 2012! We will be opening up the learning center breezeway to fun amphibian events from 10am-1pm with live local amphibian ambassadors and knowledgeable guides to the amphibian world. We will have face painting and art stations for any age to create fun frog art to be submitted to the Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest for awesome prizes. There will be games and activities for all ages to have fun learning about amphibians, the struggles they face around the world and the conservation efforts going on to protect them!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this free event dedicated to spreading awareness of frog declines around the globe. Tell your friends and family and head on over through the orange groves to join us! For questions or more information please contact Cori Elwood at and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you and please join us in this festival for celebrating our amphibian friends!

Followup: "This past Saturday, the Event Breezeway was the site of Archbold's first of hopefully many "Save The Frogs Day" events.  This very successful event was organized by Cori Elwood and Jeremy Pelsinski, with major assistance by John Benning, Zach Forsburg, David Moldoff, Anna Scharnagl, Jon Skaggs, Becky Windsor and Melissa Roe.  Not only did our interns donate many hours in distributing announcements to the local schools, creating oragami frogs, planning/setting-up/supervising games, and donating a Saturday to help make this event a success; they were all fantastic role-models for the young naturalists who attended. The 33 parents, grandparents and other grown-ups attending appeared to have as much fun learning about frogs as the 36 children who learned about frogs by participating in games such as: Rana Raceway (maneuvering a remote control vehicle along an obstacle course without turning "frogs" into road-kill), Angry Frogs (knocking over frog threats such as pesticide and habitat lose in a ball toss), habitat toss, learning how to draw frogs, and much more." -- Sharon Hawkins

Fl save frogs day

fl save frogs 2012

lake placid frogs

archbold save frogs day

save frogs day

Georgia - Athens

Join Sandy Creek Nature Center for a morning of learning about frogs. We'll explore the property in search of amphibians, learn how water quality is important in having healthy frogs and what we can do to help them. The event is 10am-Noon, so come for a few minutes or stay for the entire event. The event is free to the public. Contact Sandy Creek Nature Center at (706) 613-3615 or visit our website for more information.

Save The Frogs Day Georgia

Georgia - Atlanta

Carly White and friends will be showing the SAVE THE FROGS! slideshow, promoting STF and directing people to the website, playing educational frog games, offering learning tools about frogs, their calls and their habitats, as well as offering books on endangered frogs and the amphibian crisies.

GA frogs day

Atlanta save frogs day

Georgia save frogs day 2012

Illinois - Chicago

The fifth grade at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is hosting the first-ever BZAEDS Save the Frogs Day on Friday, April 27, 2012!  We will have an information table and activities before and after school in Cummings Hall.  This event is free and open to members of the BZAEDS community.  For more information, contact Deanna at!

Illinois - Springfield

Come to the Illinois State Museum to learn more about the amphibians of Illinois. Search for froggy facts in the Changes Exhibition and Play Museum and earn a Save The Frogs sticker. The first 15 people to check into Foursquare on their smartphone at the Museum between 9am and 5pm on April 28 will receive a Save The Frogs souvenir.

Where: Illinois State Museum, 502 South Spring Street, Springfield, IL 62706
When: 9am - 5pm, April 28, 2012
Contact: Elizabeth Bazan at

Indiana - Lafayette

Our fourth grade class is giving up their recess today to go on a Save the Frogs March. We will walk from our school to downtown Lafayette. We will then distribute fliers on Main Street.  
For more information please contact Amanda Estes at

Kansas - Fort Leavenworth

Save The Frogs Ghana iconWe will be having a school wide frog day. On that day we will make posters to raise awareness of the chytrid fungus and loss of habitats, and also use of pesticides in our agricultural area. Then we will pass out the info cards. Since April 27 is our school's International Day, we will be making a poster about Ghana and the frogs there. We also have a nature court in our school so we might make a frog pond. At the end of the day we will have an amphibian painting/drawing contest. That week we will be collecting the items from the wishlist and sending it to the scientists in Ghana. Please contact Dawn Blankartz at for more information.

Kentucky - London

I will be having a poster contest with my 7th grade science classes at North Laurel Middle School to raise awareness about amphibian declines worldwide. The posters will have a Save The Frogs theme. Posters are due on March 30th and the top poster from each class will be announced on April 18th. This event is not open to the public. Contact Mike Bowling for more info.

Maine - Bangor

Join the Maine Discovery Museum for an entire day of froggy fun with MDM's own mascot, Lily Hopper. Explore the science of frogs from eggs to tadpoles and what important role they play in our wetland eco systems. Create colorful frogs in our afternoon painting workshop with artist Kiley Stevens, collects fun frog facts and frog prizes and more! Contact 262-7200 or email Trudi Plummer at for more information.

Maryland - Baltimore

Goucher College in Baltimore is holding a fashion show to help raise awareness about amphibian declines and raise funds for Save The Frogs! The first show will be held on April 14, 2012 at 6pm at Goucher College and will feature student designs and Save the Frogs t-shirts on the catwalk. Arden b. / Wet Seal corporation is hosting the event. Employees of the company and volunteers will provide information on Save The Frogs and collect donations from attendees.
The second show will be held on April 21, 2012  at 3pm at Morgan State University. Approximately 200-300 students are expected to be present at each venue and it is open to the public.

Where: First show - Goucher College, Baltimore, MD
    Second show - Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
When: First show - 6pm, April 14, 2012
    Second show - 3pm, April 21, 2012
Contact: Michelle Brunner at

Massachusetts - Eastham

The great Beading For Frogs extravaganza will be held on Save The Frogs Day, April 28, 2012. Featuring frog necklaces and other cool jewelry made by SAVE THE FROGS! Graphic Designer Alyson Lee and her family, all proceeds will go directly to SAVE THE FROGS! It will be held on lovely Lower Cape Cod -- Massasoit Trail, Eastham, MA -- right on the beautiful National Seashore! Just follow the bright green and orange signs to the lemonade, treats, beaded jewelry (some with frogs attached) a knick-knack or two and lots of educational materials to help save the frogs.

Where: Lower Cape Cod -- Massasoit Trail, Eastham, MA -- on the National Seashore
When: April 28, 2012, 9am-5pm
Contact: Alyson Lee at

Massachusetts save frogs day

Bracelets save frogs

Michigan - Allegan

During lunch on April 25, 2012, members of Allegan High School's ecology club, Gang Green, will make information available to students about Michigan's frogs, the threats to the health of Michigan frog populations, and the particular dangers of Atrazine. Information will be provided about worldwide declining frog populations. Healthy wood frogs, spring peepers, green frogs and tadpoles will be on display for the day, then released. Also, deformed green frogs captured by a pond near a factory and farm field will be displayed. Donations will be accepted to apply towards the purchase of rainforest acreage to help preserve tropical frogs. Please contact Nancy Hascall at for more information.

Allegan frogs day

MI save frogs day 2012

allegan frogs

Michigan - East Lansing

Right click on the image below to download and print the PDF!East Lansing Save The Frogs Day 2012

Michigan - Ray

Wolcott Mill Historic Center will host Save the Frogs Day on Saturday, April 28 from 1 to 5pm. Through the afternoon, visitors will explore Michigan frogs, hear their calls, go on a frog safari, make crafts, and find out why they are declining.  For further information, email Bill Thomas or call the mill at 586-749-5997.

Michigan - Rochester

The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique will hold our annual Save The Frogs event on Saturday, April 28 from 10:00AM - 4:00PM. We will have Dinosaur Hill Naturalist in the store with live frogs, tadpoles and other fun creatures for families to see up close and learn more about our Frog friends. We will have frog giveaways, coloring pages, activities and games. 10% of the sales for the day will be donated to Save the Frogs!

Where: The Funky Frog, Children's Resale Boutique, 121 E. Third St.
Rochester, MI 48307
Contact: (248) 656-1937

Michigan - Three Rivers

Hosted by Dr. Vic Eichler:

On April 29, 2011, ten friends and I met at a wetland with a SAVE THE FROGS! banner to recognize “Save The Frogs Day". This year I am determined to involve students at local schools, and have obtained the participation of 4th and 5th graders in several elementary schools and 6th graders in our middle school in art and writing projects. Their work will be exhibited in two public venues in our town - Three Rivers, MI - free of charge. These are the Carnegie Center for the Arts and the Three Rivers Public Library. There will also be an extensive display of frog collectibles from at least 20 countries around the world accompanying the student work. In addition, many public presentations are scheduled with local service clubs for the month of March and April to publicize SAVE THE FROGS! and the need for conservation efforts directed toward all amphibians. Thanks to Waste Management for providing funding for this event!

March 11 - April 14: There will be a program titled "Save The Frogs!" featuring art, poetry and clay models of frogs made by students in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades in Three Rivers schools. There will be a public opening reception at the Carnegie Center for the Arts on March 11 where the exhibit will be held. Information about the "Save The Frogs!" organization will, of course, be posted. All students contributing work have been given either a certificate or a wrist band.

250 people attended the March 11th art exhibit opening!

Frog cookies were enjoyed by all

Month of April, 2012 will feature a very interesting and educational frog display with frog artifacts from around the world in a display case in the Three Rivers Community Library. The featured board will have information about the "Save The Frogs" organization and the international art and poetry contests.

In March and April I will be giving presentations to many outdoor, gardening, and civic groups about our local wetland ordinance (of interest because our county has the most lakes, rivers and streams in the entire state of Michigan) and, of course, about frogs. Included in each talk will be information about "Save The Frogs!" and how to get involved and donate.

On April 28 we will have a public gathering at the main park in town, which has a petting zoo and a number of wetlands. One purpose is to get publicity with a picture of those gathered, but also for me to present information of the state of frogs worldwide and in Michigan. If possible we may have another speaker from the nearby Kalamazoo Nature Center and possibly frogs brought down for display from that nature center. I have friends who are reporters for all the nearby newspapers and radio stations so I hope they will be in on the planning and advertising for this event.

Three rivers Frogs

Here is some news coverage on the Three Rivers event in the River County Journal.

three rivers frogs day

save frogs michigan

MI save frogs day 2012

frogs day 2012

frogs day mi

Frogs exhibit

Mississippi - Gulfport

Gulfport Central Middle Schools Commodore Climate Changers would like to invite the Gulfport School District and the Gaston Point area to attend our Save The Gopher Frogs Day Celebration. This event will take place at 10:40 on April 28th 2012 in front of Gulfport Central Middle School. The event is free and open to anyone who would like to attend. Please contact Natasha Mays at 228-870-1010 for any additional information. Please come out and enjoy refreshments and information on how you can help Save The Frogs. One of our major focuses will be how climate balance is very important to amphibian survival. Free Energy Efficient bulbs will be given away while supplies last. Bulbs have been donated by Mississippi Power!

Missouri - St. Louis

Amphibians are in decline worldwide. The Saint Louis Science Center is holding a Save The Frogs Day event for the second year in a row, to spread the word about the plight of amphibians. Stop by the Life Science Lab on Save the Frogs Day to discover why and what you can do to help. Meet live amphibians, including toads and the critically endangered axolotl, a Mexican salamander. Make an axolotl mask to take home! Open to the public and FREE for ALL AGES!

Where: Saint Louis Science Center, Life Science Lab Atrium
When: Saturday, April 28, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Contact: Life Science Lab 314.286.4643

Missouri frogs day

Minnesota - Scandia

Roots and Shoots St. Croix Valley began construction of a frog pond today in the City of Bayport, MN. Six children and four adults were in attendance despite the rain and cold temperatures. We made steady progress on the pond itself and will continue to build further this week. After the pond is finished we will start our butterfly garden which will border the pond. For more information contact Kelle at

Bayport frogs

Nevada - Gardnerville

Carson Valley Middle School will be having an in-house competition of the art and poetry submittals that will be sent in for the real contest. We will be showing a movie on frogs and their importance in ecosystems and in various cultures. We will explore a nearby wetland for signs of frog life. Please contact Meg Getty at for more information.

Nevada - Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum will be hosting a Frog Legopalooza on Saturday, April 28 at 11am and 1pm. Children watch a slideshow of the different types of frogs found in the Mojave Desert and learn why some Mojave frog species are disappearing. After the presentation, children can make a frog out of Legos and explain how they will keep their frog safe. Attendance is free with paid admission to the museum. Adults (18 and over) $10.00;  Seniors, Military, and Students 12 and over $8.00; Children 3 - 11  years $5.00; and under 2 years old -- free. For more information check out the Museum's website or email Monica at:

New Jersey - Saddler's Woods

On April 28th, in celebration of Save The Frogs Day, Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association is hosting a free event in Saddler’s Woods. “Phillip and the Ninety-Nine Frogs” by Stella F. Rapaport will be read near the Saddler’s Run stream located in Saddler’s Woods. After the book reading the group will share ideas on how we can help frogs by simply making small changes in our daily lives. Snacks will be provided. This event will be held on April 28th from 1pm – 2pm and is for children ages 4-8 accompanied by a guardian or parent (maximum of 15 children). For more information and to register for this event please contact

New York - Brooklyn

Concerned citizens will be holding a protest in front of Nathan’s Coney Island on Save The Frogs Day to protest the selling of frog legs! If you live in the NYC metropolitan area, please come and bring friends: help us ensure that Nathans' employees and patrons make the responsible decision to stop contributing to worldwide frog extinctions. Want to help out even more? Email Donald at to join a team meeting and/or make posters and develop the game plan!

Where: Nathan's, 1310 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224
When: 12pm-3pm, April 28, 2012

New York - Hudson

Join JUMP! Indoor Children's Play Center in Hudson, NY to celebrate Save The Frogs Day with their Jump for Frogs! event from 10:00-4:00 on April 28, 2012!   "Open Jump" is $10 of which 10% will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS! Our Frog mascots: Jeremiah & Lily will be there from 10:00 -1:00. The first 100 kids will receive small toy frogs which they are encouraged to identify for prizes. Arrive by 11:00 and participate in a Frog craft. There will be raffles for T-shirts, mousepads, tote bags, JUMP! passes and more!  Most of all we will be spreading the word about this vanishing species, what it means to us and what YOU can do to help! Stop by and make a donation to SAVE THE FROGS & receive a gift! Call for more info: (518) 828-1982. This event is co-sponsored by NYR Organics.

hudson ny save frogs day

Hudson NY frogs

Hudson save frogs day

New York - Staten Island

Join the Greenbelt Educators in celebrating Earth Day in a frog-tacular way! Learn to identify the calls of local frog species, investigate what makes pond water a happy, healthy habitat, and take part in demonstrations and games designed to increase your understanding and appreciation of our amphibian friends. This program will take place rain or shine at the High Rock Park Education Building and will include outdoor activities, weather permitting. This event is suitable for adults and for children ages 7 and up. Free program. Registration required.

Where: High Rock Park Education Building
When: 1 p.m., April 22, 2012
Contact: Jessica, (718)351-3450 or e-mail

North Carolina - Asheboro

The North Carolina Zoo will be hosting "Amphibian Awareness Day" on Saturday April 28th. We will have activities and educational opportunites (for all ages) throughout the park from 10 AM until 3 PM. Regular zoo admission applies (Adult - $12, Senior (62+) - $10, Child (2-12) - $8 and Child (under 2) - Free). Please reference the NC Zoo Society website for additional amphibian information.

North Carolina - Efland

Gravelly Hill Middle School, located in North Carolina will hold its Third Save-The-Frogs Day on Friday, April 27th, 2012. The week before the event, wristbands will be available for purchase. The student body is encouraged to wear green the day of the event to show support. Many teachers incorporate frogs into their lessons on that day. The entire school will view the video "The Thin Green Line", after which the 8th grade will assemble in the auditorium to hear Eli Hornstein speak and answer questions about frogs. We are fortunate to have Mr. Hornstein visit us again. This is not a public event, sorry! Contact: Ina Fauser,

North Carolina - Raleigh

Ravenscroft School is holding a week dedicated to raising awareness about the amphibian conservation and getting the students back in touch with the Great Outdoors. Speakers from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences as well as NCSU will be presenting and educating about various regions in science as well as the natural world. We look forward to another successful Save the Frogs Week! This is a private event. For more information contact Rachel Hopkins at

North Carolina - Raleigh

The Nature Research Center (NRC) is a new wing of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Downtown Raleigh. The new NRC is all about connecting science to the people, to bridge the gap between the two worlds. At the grand opening on April 20, 2012, we will be having a SAVE THE FROGS! booth to educate people and to raise funds for the SAVE THE FROGS!. As an added bonus, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will be speaking in the Auditorium at 7pm and 11pm on Friday, April 20th. For more information contact Rachel Hopkins at

North Carolina - Raleigh

All Sycamore Creek science classes will focus on saving the frogs, especially since our school is in a wetland area and hears/sees a lot of frogs from the creek. Events will be held during the science classes, focusing upon ways that students can help communicate the need to save frogs and help the environment. Follow-up information and pictures will be posted on the science website ( access through the Sycamore Creek homepage) showing student activities and events from the classroom and outdoor learning areas. This is an in-house event and not open to the general public, sorry!

Where: Sycamore Creek Elementary School, Raleigh, NC
When: The week of April 23, 2012
Contact: Susan Christman at

Ohio - Findlay

Acris crepitansOn Save The Frogs Day Saturday, April 28, come to Oakwoods Nature Preserve's "Doc" Phillips Discovery Center for a day of fun frog education. Join naturalist Michelle Rumschlag for a 1pm Powerpoint presentation about the frogs of Ohio, then stay until 4pm for the Frog Open House, featuring hands on activities, information and crafts all about frogs! Great for families and frog lovers of any age.

Then at 7pm, learn about "Threats to Frog Survival". Terry Schwaner, Ph.D. is Dean of the College of Sciences at The University of Findlay, and will be our speaker for the evening. Habitat loss due to human encroachment into biodiversity hotspots continues to be a major factor in the loss of species. However, for frogs waves of diseases like chytrid fungus and ranaviruses are rapidly overtaking habitat loss as major factors in the decline of frog populations and species. Although evidence still needs to be gathered, global warming has the potential to, and may already be a factor in, these declines. An overview of these issues and a focus on local concerns will be highlighted.  Recommended for those ages 10 and up.  
For more information, contact Michelle Rumschlag at or (419) 425-7275.

Ohio - Jeromesville

Hillsdale High School Biology classes celebrated Earth Day this year with Save The Frogs themed videos, games, crafts, and other activities. Students all contributed a colorful frog on which they wrote 5 frog facts, and we built a frog mural from all of the entries. For more info please contact Melissa Abrams at

save frogs day jeromesville

ohio save the frogs

save frogs ohio

save frogs day ohio 2012

save frogs jeromesville

Ohio - Kenton

The Hardin County Family YMCA is planning a Save the Frogs Silly Saturday on April 14th from 9-noon to have fun and raise awareness about frogs. The Hardin County YMCA promotes youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. This event is for children ages 3-7. Our activities for the day include frog stories, songs, crafts, and fitness including swimming.  

Where: Hardin County Family YMCA, 918 West Franklin Street, Kenton, OH 43326
When: 9am-noon, April 14, 2012
Contact: Bev Horn,

Kenton Save the Frogs

Oklahoma - Norman

The University of Oklahoma’s Sam Noble Museum has many fun and educational events planned for Save the Frogs Day (April 28, 2012). Events will be held throughout the day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission is free all day.

All-day activities include the following:
**Participate in a museum-wide amphibian scavenger hunt.  Prizes will be awarded!
**Design your own SAVE THE FROGS! poster and enter it into an art contest.
**Create your own frog mask; we will provide craft materials.
**Share your own ideas about how to Save The Frogs!  Write your ideas on cards that we provide.  We will post them on a bulletin board for everyone to see.
**See live frogs and museum specimens, and ask questions of the museum’s herpetology staff.

Activities at specific times include:
Discovery Room activities:
**10:30 am—Discovery Time (for younger children).
**11:00 am—It’s Feeding Time!  Watch us feed our frogs and salamanders!
**2:00 pm—Conservation Chat (for older children).
**11:30 am and 1:30 pm—Watch a documentary movie on why frogs are declining, why we should be concerned, and what efforts are being made to save the frogs.
**1:00 pm—SPECIAL EVENT!!  We’ll ask everyone in the museum at this time to stand in a marked-off area, which will spell out “SAVE THE FROGS!”  A photographer will take a photo from above.  We hope to have lots of people for the event so that we can get our photograph in the newspaper.  Please plan to join us for this special event!
**3:00 pm—Local teachers and their students are learning all about frogs.  Join them to find out about their activities and to get ideas about what you can do at your school.

To find out more about the Sam Noble Museum’s Save the Frogs Day activities, visit our website at, or call (405) 325-4712. Download the event flyer here.

Sam Noble Frogs

Oklahoma frogs day

OK save frogs day

Oregon - Portland

Our team is conducting a complete frog count analysis of Milk Creek in Mollala, Oregon. We will file our data with the Milk Creek Camp Administrators, and with The Portland Frog Club. The objective will be to repeat the census annually in order to track the data over time. This event is closed to the public. For more information please contact

Oregon save frogs day

Oregon save the frogs day

Pennsylvania - Erie

This private event will focus on educating elementary school kids about frogs and toads and what we can do to preserve their habitats and keep them living longer. We will use educational information from the Save The Frogs website and will also research other current data and wildlife reserve sites, and the local library. We will be making several posters and will set-up tables with all kinds of amphibian education, word searches, mazes, cute frog and toad decorations and stuffed animals and examples of the plants they live in. We will be encouraging families to build natural resources in their own backyards such as ponds to help provide homes for frogs with the hope of increasing their populations. We will also focus on recycling and eliminating world wastes. Go green :). There will be lots of fun for the kids. We are hoping this will not only teach them about the loss of these amphibians over time, but will allow them to see what some species of amphibians look like, and how they also have interesting and unique traits as well. We believe that educating the classrooms with a bit of added fun will allow them to better appreciate frogs and toads. There will also be lots of fun green and brown snacks. We are looking forward to the week, and are hard at work preparing the educational materials. We have also purchased several books the kids can read, both educational books and some fictional books as well. There will be tables set-up along the hallways for all of the classes to view. It will be primarily for the two 4th grade classes.
We will also encourage the children to write about frogs and toads, create poems, artwork, and anything else that may add to the fun. We will provide the information and will submit any poems or artwork the kids would like to enter into your contests here, with permission of their parents. We will also be wearing green ribbons to signify the saving of the frogs. We look forward to the week :). If you have any great ideas to assist us, please email Heather at:

Pennsylvania - Lansford

We in the band Sticky Frog understand the plight that the amphibians have on Earth at this time. We educate our crowds about the issues faced by frogs and other amphibians at the hand of chemicals and destruction of habitat. Music is the universal language.  What better method to share we can not think of. On April 28 we will be holding a special Save The Frogs Day show. Please contact Dr. Thomas Walker, Jr at for more information.

Sticky Frog Save The Frogs Day

Pennsylvania - Levittown

On Friday April 27th my daughter's 2nd grade class had a Save The Frogs “celebration”.  I made a DVD of frogs that are indigenous to Eastern Pennsylvania including sounds. The students watched it and then we discussed the different frogs. I asked them how many had seen frogs, heard frogs, knew where frogs lived. We talked to about the importance of frogs. For more information contact

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh

Jump this way to join Venture Outdoors and the Beaver County Conservation District as we celebrate Save the Frogs Day on Sunday, April 29 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the BCC District office. Learn about the different species of frogs that make their homes in Western PA and the predatory and environmental dangers that are contributing to their dwindling numbers. Learn how YOU can take action to help Save The Frogs by turning your own backyard or neighborhood into a frog-friendly habitat. We’ll begin with instruction in the environmental center classroom led by a herpetologist (she’s bringing frogs!) and then head outside for a hike to explore the shoreline of the pond for frogs and other wetland wonders. Activity fee includes the program and a snack. Additionally, each participant will receive two books to take home. The first explains how to create and maintain your own simple backyard pond. The second discusses the importance and the "how-to" of preserving vernal ponds for wildlife. This activity is open to members of Venture Outdoors and the public: $8 for children (up to age 18), $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Pre-registration is required. Kindly register online at or send an email to:

Where: Beaver County Conservation District Office, PA
When: Sunday, April 29 from 1 to 4 p.m

Pennsylvania - Tyrone

Join Juniata Valley Audubon Society Conservation Chairman Dr. Stan Kotala for a short educational program about frogs and toads, followed by a brief evening stroll looking for amphibians along the Lower Trail. Meet at the Lower Trail Mt. Etna Trailhead pavilion at 7:30pm.

Where: Lower Trail, Mt. Etna Trailhead Pavilion, please see this map:
When: 7:30pm, Saturday, April 28, 2012
Contact:  Dr. Stan Kotala, 946-8840 or

Altoona frogs

Altoona frogs

Puerto Rico - Arecibo

The University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo and Iniciativa Herpetológica Inc. (a local non profit organization) in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service come together to celebrate El Salto del Sapo Concho (The Jump of the Crested Toad). The purpose of the activity is to celebrate the success of the Puerto Rican Crested Toad Recovery Program. This is the only species of toad endemic to Puerto Rico, and it is in danger of extinction. We will have displays of endangered species as well as a drawing contest alluding to the Puerto Rican crested toad. We hope for the participation of children from public and private schools as well as the university community. The activity is free of cost.

Where: Central Patio, University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, Carr. 653 R129 Km 0.08., Bo. Las Dunas Sector Barranca, Arecibo, PR 00614
When: May 1st, 2012 at 10am
Contact: Prof. Sondra I. Vega at or call 787-815-0000 ext. 3450

Puerto Rico Save The Frogs Day

Puerto Rico save the frogs day

Puerto Rico Save The Frogs Day

South Carolina - Greenville

Help The Children's Museum of the Upstate celebrate Save the Frogs Day! Hop on in for some toad-ally fun activities all about our amphibian friends. Act out amphibian metamorphosis, compete in the Frog Olympics, explore the peeps, quacks, chirps and trills frogs and toads use to find mates, make a toad abode, and play a yucky interactive game learn how to keep our water clean for the frogs. Programs are included with museum admission. Visit this page for program times.

Where: The Childrens Museum of the Upstate, 300 College Street, Greenville, SC
When: April 28-29, 2012
Contact: Marnie Record, (864) 553-7922,

South Carolina - Greenville

Join the Greenville Zoo and the Frogwatch Researchers of the Greenville Zoo on April 28, 2012 as we learn how to Save The Frogs! Staff and volunteers will be on hand to educate the zoo visitors about the plight of the global amphibian crisis and what you can do at home to help save the frogs. Learn why frogs are important, show support for frogs in your area and throughout the world, see what they eat, listen to local frog calls, and find out why you might want to be a FrogWatch Researcher of the Greenville Zoo (F.R.O.G.Z.)! If you care about them, you can toadily help frogs! The event is open to all zoo visitors and will be from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Contact: Barbara Foster at

The Greenville Zoo hosted our very first Save The Frogs Day event last Saturday April 28th, 2012! We had seven dedicated volunteers that manned a total of three tables. Over 1,200 visitors attended with children receiving a free toy poison arrow frog and a pencil with a cartoon frog on it! We placed 34 frog poems around the zoo with a toy frog attached to it for the children to find. Save the Frogs Day merchandise was available, and we collected a total of $128 in our donation box. The Greenville Zoo is matching that amount for a total contribution of $256 to help Save The Frogs!

Greenville save the frogs day

Greenville save the frogs

South Carolina save the frogs day

save frogs sc

South Carolina - Ware Shoals

The Ware Shoals High School BioClub will host a Save The Frogs Day event at the Greenwood Mall on Saturday, April 28, 2012. The BioClub event will start at 10 am and end at 1 pm. There will be information about the perils of today's frogs, information sheets about frogs, games for children to play, face painting, picture taking sessions, and the BioClub will be selling wristbands and t-shirts with most of the profits going to SAVE THE FROGS!. The BioClub will also have sheets for people to sign to receive more information about the demise of the frogs. Last year the group held this event in the public library, but the students felt that it would gain more exposure by having it in the local mall. Information about recycling will also be available. Look for our SAVE THE FROGS! flag and come join the fun!!! We look forward to seeing you on April 28th!

Where: Greenwood Mall, Greenwood, SC
When: 10am-1pm, Saturday, April 28, 2012
Contact: George Sellers at

South Carolina Frogs

FOLLOWUP: "We had a great Save The Frogs Day in the Greenwood Mall. There were over 100 people in attandance, we had "eat the flies" contest (they had to eat raisins--"flies") off a paper plate, coloring, Atrazine petition, frog books for the parents to read to their children, etc."

greenwood save frogs

save frogs day south carolina

south carolina frogs day

South Carolina save the frogs day

Greenwood save frogs

Texas - Houston

The Kindergarten and First Grade students at Stepping Stones School will learn about amphibian population decline and ways to prevent it during a private event celebrating Save The Frogs Day 2012. In the morning, the students will use materials found on and have a discussion before working on their 2012 Save the Frogs! Art Contest piece. In the afternoon, students will have a drumming for the frogs parade on the playground, and draw frogs with sidewalk chalk on the pavement. For more information please contact Elizabeth Hinson at

Texas - Lubbock

In order to conserve the habitat of Lubbock's amphibious residents and raise awareness about amphibian conservation, the Bernal Lab (led by grad student Lynne Beaty) organized a playa clean-up effort in the city of Lubbock. We have over 30 volunteers registered to help. We have three teams strategically assigned to playa lakes that are used or could be potentially use as breeding grounds for amphibians and have high quantities of trash. We will be starting at 10:00AM on Saturday April 28th. We will clean the playa lakes and use this as an opportunity to inform the neighborhoods about the importance of keeping the playa lakes clean. Posters and cards with information about why is important to save the frogs and what we can do will be distributed. For more information please contact

"We had over 35 volunteers that helped clean-up playa lakes around Lubbock, Tx. During our event we found a bullfrog and a Texas toad, very exciting given the drought we have been suffering."

Texas Tech frogs day

Lubbock frogs

Lubbock frogs day

Texas - McKinney

The McKinney Amateur Radio Club will be holding a specialeEvent on April 28th to raise the awareness for the 4th International Save The Frogs Day. Amateur radio (Ham) operators will be transmitting frog info worldwide on various frequencies from Frognot, Texas. For a list of operating frequencies please visit
Contact: Gary Redden,

Texas - Plano and Allen

Beth Ryan and her newly released children's book "If a Frog had Wings" will be hosting two events in April in recognition of Earth Day and Save the Frogs Day. On April 16-20 she will be at Legacy Learning Center in Plano, TX. The book is being sold in conjunction with their scholastic book fair and Beth will be presenting to all classrooms on how to "Be a SuperFrog"! On April 23 she will be in Allen, TX at Reed Elementary School presenting her book and giving a presentation on how frogs are good for the environment. These events are open to students and family only. For every book sold through her website $5.00 will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS! Order a book in April and receive a free matching coloring book!

Where: Legacy Learning Center, Plano, TX and Reed Elementary School, Allen, TX
When: April 16-20, & 23, 2012
Contact: Beth Ryan at

"This event took place at Reed Elementary School, Allen, Texas this week. I spoke to over 250 students about how frogs are good for the environment along with some really cool frog facts. I ended my presentation with a reading from my book "If a Frog had Wings". In my book Hopson becomes a SugerFrog and saves the earth. I gave each student a wrist band that reads "Be a SuperFrog" which encourages them to Save the Earth. Something that I do in my presentation is to ask each student to create their best frog sound and on the count of three we create an amazing sounding frog pond!" -- Beth Ryan

Beth Ryan Frogs

Texas - San Antonio

The 5th grade students at Las Palmas Elementary School in San Antonio, TX will be completing a 3-step project to learn about amphibians and celebrate Save The Frogs Day! They will: select a frog to do a research project on, create a colorful poster representing their frog, and write an original poem about their frog species.  The event will culminate on Save The Frog Day after utilizing the excellent PowerPoints and materials on the SAVE THE FROGS! website.  Thank you for such great information and support. This is a private event.

Where: Las Palmas Elementary School San Antonio, TX
When: April 27, 2012
Contact: Elizabeth Basden, (210) 444-8050,

Utah - Salt Lake City

My daughter will turn 5 on April 27, 2012. We have reserved the ice house at Wheeler Historic Farm for the event. We plan to invite all 26 of her classmates from Challenger, plus about another 15 from church, for food, fun, a tour of the farm, and a wagon ride. I would LOVE to combine the event with education about SAVE THE FROGS day. I have been a fan of frogs since I was very young. Suddenly now, when my child is old enough to catch tadpoles, we can't find any. I have been at a loss for what to do. This is a private event.

Vermont - Coventry

Coventry save frogs day

Virginia - Blacksburg

Come learn what you can do to help our amphibious friends at the Price House Blacksburg Nature Center in downtown Blacksburg, VA on April 28, 2012. The Virginia Tech Knit & Crochet Club is donating some small handknit frogs, and Kelpie Fibers is donating some poison dart frog-themed yarn for raffle, with proceeds going to benefit amphibian conservation in Panama. There will be fun amphibian-themed games, crafts such as origami frogs, and a live animal presentation. For more information please contact Meredith at, or visit Also visit my blog at

Virginia - Falls Church

Students at the Montessori School of Holmes Run hosted a Save The Frogs celebration. I used the kids' version of The Wild World of Frogs to teach my classmates about frogs and the problems affecting them. Also, I will be helping them send in Save The Frogs art and poetry contest entries if they wish. On Thursday, we drew a big frog (modeled after the one on the Save the Frogs coloring page) and wrote the words 'Save the Frogs' all over the blacktop on the playground with chalk and continued the next day. Most of the kids loved the presentation and were really enthusiastic about saving frogs. I asked them some of the questions in the presentation and their hands were going up as fast as the speed of light! As an added surprise, I gave everyone Save The Frogs coloring pages. The teachers loved that I had taken initiative and planned a fun event.
For more information please contact:

Washington - Bellingham

Whatcom Land Trust will be hosting a free Save The Frogs Day celebration from 1-4pm April 28th at Chuckanut Ridge Wetlands (aka 100 Acre Wood), located along the Interurban Trail. We will be particularly trying to educate the public about the Oregon Spotted Frog, a Washington endangered species that is starting to make a comeback in Whatcom and Skagit counties. More information to be posted on our website, or email Briana Berkowitz at

bellevue save frogs day

whatcom frogs

Washington - Lakewood

Students in my 7th grade classes will research amphibians and why they are disappearing. They will create amphibian-themed projects and share them with other students and members of the community via presentations, posters and school newsletters and web pages. Guest speakers from local agencies will also visit our classroom and speak about frog conservation projects such as the reintroduction of spotted frogs at the military base near our school. This is not a public event. Contact April at

Washington - Seattle

Seattle Frog RaceFrog populations are rapidly disappearing in Washington state and worldwide. Please join SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger in Seattle, WA to celebrate the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28, 2012) by participating in a Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run & Walk to promote awareness for endangered amphibians. Enjoy your Saturday morning with other frog lovers in a beautiful park with a view of Lake Washington. All ages are welcome. The flat and paved course makes it convenient for strollers and even your four-legged friends. Please join us whether you are running, walking, or just enjoying the festivities! Print and post the flyer below to help spread the word. Learn more on the Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run & Walk webpage -- See you there!

Followup: Over 250 runners took part in the event!
"Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of Save The Frogs. I really enjoyed the event at Seward Park on Saturday, and am looking forward to next April. In the meantime, I'm hoping to devote more of my spare time to the frogs. Thank you again, and take care." -- Lori Anthony

Seattle 5K

Thanks to Joe Veneziani for this brilliant photo:Seattle save frogs 5k

Congratulations to the winner, Lars Tysver!

Congratulations to the fastest female, Somer Kreisman:Somer Kreisman

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger was on hand to talk frogs and blow the starting whistle:

kerry kriger frogs

Thanks to Breanna Binder for organizing the event! And her family and friends for volunteering!seward park 5k

seattle save the frogs day 5k

Thanks to FrogBox for their support!

Seattle save frogs day 5k

Biologist Amy Yahnke gave a fantastic talk on frogs of WA:Amy Yahnke

Dr. Pete Trenham gave a lesson on frog calls:Pete Trenham frogs

Scenery along the course:Seward Park

The Seattle Save The Frogs Day 5K takes place annually, so please take part and spread the word!

West Virginia - North River Mills

On April 28th I will be writing a news story regarding Save The Frogs for our County Newspaper "The Hampshire Review". The actual event will be held on May 5th at our traditional Community Festival. The event will consist of an informational booth providing literature and information regarding the plight of frogs, as well as the activity of Save The Frogs organization. Normally around 150 people will present be at North River Mills Day. Contact: Lloyd O’Brien,

FOLLOWUP: "Save The Frogs Day at North River Mills, WV, took the form of a "booth" at the annual community festival of this historic place. There was over 300 people in attendance, and many took note of the Save The Frogs display, and they picked up all of the literature that I had provided. Numerous folks talked with me and my wife Sandy about the subject, and all of them told us that they had no idea that frogs were on the decline." -- Lloyd (Buck) O'Brien

Wisconsin - Stevens Point

SAVE THE FROGS! UWSP Student Chapter is throwing a Save The Frogs Day benefit concert and extravaganza! The purpose of this event is to educate the local community about the plight of the amphibian populations locally, and throughout the world. Our event consists of live music from local artists (we thank them for donating their performances to STF!-UWSP chapter!), fun games and activities for all ages, silent auction, food and beverages, and much more! The fun begins at 6pm (doors opening at 5:30pm) and continues until 10pm. The event will be located on campus in the Dreyfus University Center located on Reserve St. in Stevens Point, WI. Cost is free for students, and $4.00 for non-students. This event is open to the entire public, come one, come all! Thanks to Emily Gatzke, 1/2 Single, and the Hi Matics for providing the music! Please be sure to visit our website:

Where: Dreyfus University Center located on Reserve St. in Stevens Point, WI
When: 5:30pm, April 27, 2012
Contact: Alyssa Roberts (Treasurer)

UWSP frogs

uwsp frogs



Queensland - Beerwah

Cascade TreefrogThe Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors are proud to present our next Conservation Conversation: "Why Are Amphibians Declining?". Our special guest presenter is SAVE THE FROGS! Board of Directors Member Dr. Jean-Marc Hero from Griffith University.

The conversation is in celebration of International Save the Frogs Day, and will begin at 5.30pm on Thursday 26th April at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Conference Centre. Entry is a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to help our little froggy patients at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to

South Australia - Milang

Neobatrachus sudelliThe Lakes Hub is an environmental information centre at Milang, South Australia. Milang is situated on the banks of a massive lake system incorporating Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert plus tributaries. This is one of the largest fresh water systems in the southern hemisphere so we have 'frogs a plenty'.

The lower lake system is currently recovering from one of the most severe drought periods in history which lasted for over 10 years. The drought took a toll on many of our native creatures including frogs. However, with the breaking of the drought, the frogs in particular, have bounced back very quickly so we have decided to celebrate such a positive event!

This event will be aimed at both students and the general public. We will have live frog displays, static displays, digital displays, frog voice recording sessions and call IDs. Experts from the SA Museum, Murray Darling Basin Association Natural Resource Management Board, Local Action Planning Associations, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and local enthusiast groups will be offering their knowledge throughout the day. There will also be art, pottery/clay and photographic competitions. Should be a good day with four local schools already booked to attend 8 weeks in advance.

Where: Lakes Hub, Shop 2, 10 Daranda Tce, Milang SA 5256
When: April 26, 2012
Download the event flyer here.
Contact: Louise Mawson, +61885370808,

Over 150 people attended this event. Please download this event's Summary Report here!

Milang frog

Milang Frogs

Tasmania - Hobart

The Pickled Frog Backpackers will be taking part in the International Save The Frogs Day this Friday in order to raise some awareness about the issues facing our little green friends. The place will be decked out with all things frog (We may not need to do much there as the place is already very froggy). We will be selling a 'special' type of Frog in a Pond. Leapfrog races with prizes for the winners. And there will be Beer specials over the bar. All proceeds will be donated to the 'Save The Frogs' campaign. Please contact Emma Johnson at for more information.

Victoria - French Island

"This year's Save The Frogs Day was on the same day as my daughters 8th birthday so she wanted to have a save the frogs party. It was a great day, I had information posters around, I ordered info cards for all guests to take home, and the kids played the am I real? game from your website, made origami frogs and water lilies, designed their own frog patterns and created rock frogs. I also created discussions with the kids about frog issues. Then the kids left with brown paper bags personally decorated with save the frogs words and drawings by my daughter and filled with an info card, wristband, 2 trading cards and hand-made save the frogs bookmarks and frog lollies and bubbles." -- Julie Trezise

French Island Frogs

Victoria - Mildura

The children at Good Start Early Learning became very interested in learning about frogs about a month back after bringing frogs to the Learning Centre. On April 27, 2012 the children will engage in different kinds of frog related activities. Good Start Early Learning, Mildura is in charge of the event. Event takes place from 11.00 a.m to 12.30 p.m.  The event will only be open to the families related to the children in the centre. For more information please contact Deepthi at

Victoria - Newstead

Dusky ToadletNorth Central Waterwatch proudly presents the 2012 Annual Water Science Forum: 'A Focus on Frogs' on the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day, April 28 2012. We have planned a full day of interesting presentations. Here is the schedule:

9:00am - Registration

9:30am - Damian Wells, CEO - North Central Catchment Management Authority CMA

9:50am - Michael Hobbs, Project Manager, Enhancing the Upper Catchments presents "Enhancing the Upper Catchments and Community Engagement"

10:15am - Morning Tea

10:30am - Frogs of the North Central CMA region, presented by Elaine Bayes, Australian Ecosystems and Frog Enthusiast
•Basic introduction into the importance of frogs
•Numbers and types in the north central region (including the Murray River area)
•How to tell a tree frog from others, some obvious ones (Peron's Tree Frog, Pobblebonk, Froglets etc), rare and threatened species (Growlers, Bibron's)
•Great websites and how to use them
•Basic introduction on frog calls with some audience interaction!
•A basic method of triangulation survey
•Getting out and learning what's in your area (time permitting)

11:20am - Building Frog Friendly Habitats, presented by Damian Cook, Australian Ecosystems
•Urban areas

12:05pm - Lunch

12:45pm - Food Chains, presented by Edward Tsyrlin, co-author of The Waterbug Book
•What makes a healthy ecosystem for frog food chains and what do they eat?

1:35pm - Distributions in North Central CMA region and methodology for frog monitoring, presented by Peter Johnson, Department of Sustainability and Environment
•How do I find a frog?
•What happens when I report a frog?

2:25pm - Threats to Frogs in the North Central CMA region, presented by frog researcher Ray Draper.

3:10pm - Thank you & wrap up by Cass Davis, Coordinator – North Central Waterwatch

Where: The Mechanics Hall, Newstead, Victoria, Australia
Contact: Ray Draper,

"Over 100 people attended and we had 5 presentations. The day was a huge success with many people committing to building Frog friendly wetlands on their property and everyone agreeing to undertake proper field hygiene whenever they are around water bodies." -- Ray Draper

Newstead frogs




These events are being partially funded with the assistance of a $2000 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

Please download this Bangladesh Events Summary file for info on all the Bangladesh events, and contact Nurul Islam for general information on SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Frogs

Bangladesh Event Locations Frogs Day 2012

Bangla Kola Bang


Bagnladeshi frogs

Amnura frogs

Bangladesh frog day


Chandpur frogs

Chandpur frog

bangladesh amphibian

Chapai Nawabgong - Rajshahi

On April 28th, we will be celebrating Save The Frogs Day at our school, the Angariapara Government Primary School. The children, ages 6-12, will be participating in the event, which is being coordinated by Md. Monirul Islam, Headmaster of Angariapara Government High School.

Here is our schedule of events:
-Rally on Frogs Day: The children will participate in the rally with banners and festoons. They will spread the word about the importance of amphibians to the environment. The rally will start from the school campus and will go around the villages. The participants will wear a rally cap in the shape of an amphibian.

-Froggy Classroom: Students will draw different posters which give a clear idea of amphibian population and their role in the environment. Then the poster will be hung up on the wall of the classroom. After that the class will get a froggy appearance and students can learn the basic information regarding amphibians in Bangladesh.

-Sticker and Brochure distribution: The general brochure written in Bangla and the bumper sticker will be distributed among the participants.

-Short talk: Monirul Islam, will give a short talk on the basic biology of amphibians and their role in the environment. Light snacks will be provided to the participants. Though the program is designated for school children, parents are also invited in the program.


About 200 people attended these events!

Bangladesh save the frogs day

Angiapara frogs

Bangladesh frog day

frogs bangladesh

Chawai Nawabgonj  frogs

Chittagong - CVASU

SAVE THE FROGS DAY is a global event to ensure the society understands the value of remaining amphibian population. As part of the global program, we wish to observe the Big Day with proper recognition in Bangladesh for 2nd time. The central program of the day will take place in Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, a public university in Bangladesh having two faculties with 1000 students. All events are free and open to the public. Download the event schedule here. Please contact Nurul Islam for more info:

Frogs Rally (10am CVASU Shahid Minar):
A colorful rally will held on Chittagong metropolitan area. The participant will bear different placard, Banner and festoons illustrating the role of amphibians to the environment. T- Shirt will be sponsored by Save The Frogs! The rally will start from the central Shahid Minar ground of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

Chittagong Frogs Day

Chittagong Save The Frogs Day

Kola Bang Magazine:
It's our pleasure to inform you that we are going to publish a special magazine entitled "Kola Bang" on 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day in April 28, 2012. We are happy to get your article in the magazine focusing on the following topics….
• Amphibian in Bangladesh
• Threats and conservation of amphibian in Bangladesh
• Amazing Species account of Amphibians from Bangladesh.
• Conservation education and activity.
We also interested to get any poem, short drama, history, art and painting focusing on the topics. The best writer will be rewarded crest and certificate along with signature of Dr. Kerry Kriger, The founder and executive director of Save The Frogs, USA. The deadline of sending your article is 15 April, 2012. Please send to

Establishment of Frogs Gallery (11 AM, Dept. of Phys. Bio. And Pharmacology):
"Frog Gallery" is a unique informational display board containing the basic information about biology, role and the threats to amphibian population. The board will placed in a convenient place of the University and will be inaugurated on Save The Frogs Day. The gallery will act as a permanent informational booth for thousand of University Students.

Poster Promotion (12 PM CVASU):
Volunteer will prepare different colorful frog posters and insert these in the important locations of CVASU and Chittagong Metropolitan area.

Seminar Frog Conservation (4pm-6pm CVASU Auditorium):
A seminar will be held on afternoon of April 28, 2012 at CVASU conference room. The prizes from the competition will be awarded, and teachers, students, veterinarians, journalists, conservationists and other frog lover will participate in the program. The amazing documentary "The Thin Green Line" will also be shown. The Vice Chancellor of CVASU and Professor Dr. Nitish Chandra Debnath will present as the special guest.

Froggy Evening (6-7 PM, CVASU Auditorium):
It's a amazing event of displaying two art work of our volunteer Kollayn As his Vaduri, Student of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who will prepare a project entitled "Green Village". The project will display the way we can help the frogs. The artwork will make with coccid and paper. Also, art by Sukendu illustrating the threats to the frogs will be displayed here. He will paint it with water color on cloths.

Kola Bang

Bangladesh Chittagong Frogs Day 2012

CVASU frogs


CVASU kids frogs

CVASU frogs day

frog day 2012

bangladesh frogs 2012

frogs bangladesh

cvasu frog day

Save The Frogs Day 2012

CVASU frogs day

Special thanks to Nurul Islam, Co-Founder of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh:Nurul Islam frogs

Nurul Islam save the frogs day

Chittagong - Chittagong University

The Chittagong University Nature Conservation Students Group will be hosting a Save The Frogs Day event at the Chittagong University Campus. Schedule of events:
1) An exhibition of frog sculptures.
2) Paintings of threats to frogs - habit destruction, pollution and pesticides, climate change, invasive species, and infectious diseases 3) A live frog exhibit!
4) Bangladeshi Frog photo exhibit
4) T-shirts will be available
5) A frog card game
6) Save The Frogs posters will be put up throughout the rural areas near the campus
7) There will be an art competition for students
8) Presentation on amphibian extinctions and what we can do to help
9) Frog gifts will be available!
The event is open to public.

Where: Chittagong University Campus
When: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Contact: Litu Chondra at


Bangladesh Frog Day
Save The Frogs Day event promotion in Muksudpur, Gopalgonj. Please contact Shankar Biswas at +8801717605274 for more info.

Muksedpur frogs

Muksudpur frogs

Muksudpur frog day


The aim of the celebration is creating mass awareness and increasing the society's appreciation regarding amphibian decline around the world. A seminar entitled “4th Annual Save the Frogs Day” is going to be organized by the Bangladesh Agricultural University's Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics. Various research works about the population biodiversity of frogs and their genetic variation in the country will be presented. The seminar is open access for the university students and teachers. The news will be published in the national and international papers. Professor Dr. Monoronjon Das, Dean, Faculty of Fisheries Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh has given kind consent to preside over the inaugural session of this seminar. Professor Dr. Giasuddin Ahmed, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries has co-ordinated the program. Please join us!

Where: In the Gallery, Faculty of Fisheries Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202.
When: 10am on 28th April, 2012
Contact: Mukhlesur Rahman Khan

About 80 teachers, PhD, Masters students from several institutions participated in the program!

Mymensingh frogs

Mymensingh frogs

mymensingh frog day

bangladeshi frogs

Pahari Pukur

Pahari Pukur frogs




Bangladeshi frog art


Bangladesh Professional Forestry Students Association (BPFSA) and Green Explore Society (GES) will be holding a Save The Frogs Day Event April 28th! At 11am there will be a rally at the campus and from 12pm-4pm there will be an art exhibit on the importance of frogs to the environment and seminar in a local school. For more info, please contact Animesh Ghose:

The Bangladesh Professional Forestry Students Association (BPFSA) is a student organization of Dept. of Forestry and Environmental Science in Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, established in 2003 by the co-operation of teacher and students. This organization has made a concrete relationship with Chittagong and Khulna University. Green Explore Society (GES) is a student based organization of
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. “Learn for
humanity” is the main motto of this organization and the aims of this
organization are letting the people know about the naturalness of
Nature and its elements, impact of human induced disturbance on
nature, creating awareness among them and helping the students in
related research work.

Shahjalal Frogs

Please download the Green Explore Society's Save The Frogs Day 2012 Event Summary PDF here!

Sylhet frogs day

Sylhet frog day 2012

Sylhet frogs

Sylhet green explore

Save Frogs Event

Bangladesh save frogs day

Bangladesh save frogs day

Save Frogs Day bangladesh 2012

frog day 2012

Sylhet frogs save

SAU frogs



The Belize Zoo will be hosting a small frog awareness booth at the Zoo's entrance, to inform visitor's about the importance of frogs, and the threats they face today. About 150 school children are expected to visit the Zoo over the course of the day, along with other Belizean families and foreign visitors. Info card handouts will occur, along with question and answer periods for kids to win prizes (t-shirts, badges, wrist bands etc), as well as the flying of an 8-foot long frog "kite." For more information contact Jamal at




On Save The Frogs Day, April 28th, the Royal Society for Protection of Nature will visit a semi-remote junior school where frogs are hunted for food by the local people. Thus far, no such education has been given to the students who are mostly from the local community. With this first kind of education, I would like to educate the students on the importance of frogs in the ecosystem and how all of us can help in saving the frogs. We expect that the students will then spread the message to the general public.

Where: Thimphu, Bhutan
When: April 28, 2012
Contact: Phuntsho Yonten at



Minas Gerais - Diamantina

This is event is being partially funded with the assistance of a $200 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

¡Salvemos Sapos en Diamantina!
In partnership with SAVE THE FROGS! and the Federal University (UFVJM), the event organized by the Biotropicos Institute is going to celebrate it’s third annual Save The Frogs Day event! We have reached more than 1000 high school children since 2010! This year the event will spread curiosities and fun facts about amphibians in high schools and we expect to reach more than 500 students and have them get involved in our environmental educational program. Children will participate in an art contest and produce drawings that answer the question “Did you know?” while representing amphibian sizes, chorus, colors, reproduction, and life style. All drawings will be exhibiting during a 5-day exposition at the local museum, and the community will be invited to visit. On April 27th and April 28th the best drawings will be exposed for public voting in an interactive exposition where visitors can also see live frogs of different sizes, shapes and colors, produce "jumping-frogs oragami", paint frogs' silhouettes, and play a very funny game about the amphibian life cycle.

Where/When: Talks will be held at local high schools from April 3rd to April 21st, the drawing exposition will be at Museu do Diamante, April 23 to April 27, from 8am to 6pm; and interactive exposition and best drawing voting at Mercado Velho, on April 27 from 6pm to 11pm, and Save The Frogs Day April 28 from 8am to 3pm. All expositions are free and open to the public.
Contact: Izabela Barata

Diamantina frogs

Diamantina frogs day

Save the Frogs Brazil



British Columbia - Abbotsford

This year Frasier Valley Conservancy celebrated Save the Frogs Day by holding a “Save the Toads Week” at Ecole Clearbrook Elementary School in Abbotsford. The week focused on creating awareness about amphibian conservation, as well as raising much-needed funding for the Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Project (RLAPP). For more information visit

British Columbia - Maple Ridge

We are hosting a frog-themed party for our daughter's first birthday, April 29, 2012! We will be at a park near our home which has a lovely frog pond. The kids will learn about frogs and instead of presents, can toss loose change into our save-the-frogs pond as they make a wish! All the money will be collected and donated :)  This is not a public event, but should be lots of fun!

British Columbia - North Vancouver

On Sunday April 29th from 1 - 4pm, North Shore Wetland Partners Society is returning to Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver to continue GPS mapping of local wetlands and raising awareness about the amphibians and other species that live there. The group will meet at the northwestern end of Cypress Falls Park, in Cypress Trails Park and playground, before going into the park and local wetlands to do mapping and a bio-blitz. Participants will required to have appropriate clothing and fitness to travel over moderate terrain. Citizen scientists are welcome to assist with species identification. An educational display will be set up in Cypress Trails Park with Save the Frogs Day and other education materials available. An opportunity  for creating Save The Frogs Art will also be provided. The event is open to the public but limited numbers will be able to participate in the mapping of sensitive habitat. Contact Paul for details: 604-831-6145

British Columbia - Squamish

The Squamish River Watershed Society will be touring the Sparks around the newly constructed wetlands to learn more about our amphibian and reptile populations and why they need to be protected. For more information please contact:

"This year the Squamish River Watershed Society took the Squamish Girl Guides Sparks to our newly constructed wetlands (UTM: 10U 48961m E / 5506466m N) to talk about red-legged frogs and how important wetlands are for our amphibian friends, our drinking water, and flood control. As part of the event the Sparks planted native shrubs around the new wetland and decorated the site with little plastic frogs. During our walk we imitated frog calls! And I forgot to mention, it was pouring rain the entire time! What great troopers!
Edith B. Tobe, RPBio, AScT
Executive Director"

Squamish frogs

Squamish frogs day

Ontario - London

On April 28, 2012, White’s Wetland will host a virtual event called The Frog Blog. We will be blogging all day about the frogs, toads, reptiles, birds, bugs, and all the other wild beings that call our wetlands home. But the focus is on frogs, naturally! We will be tweeting pondside, so you can be part of the conversation on Twitter as well. Join the tweets and “the peeps” (the spring peepers, that is!) from the pond. White’s Wetland consists of 30 acres of private wetland habitat in southwestern Ontario, Canada, a region that has been dubbed “Canada’s Deep South.” As part of Carolinian Canada, this is the northernmost extension of the great Eastern Deciduous Forest zone, which ranges from the Carolinas in the U.S. to the Lake Erie north shore. This means that we share much the same vegetation as the eastern and southeastern U.S. states, including Sassafras, the Tulip tree, the Black Gum and the Kentucky Coffee Tree.

Although Carolinian Canada makes up only 1% of Canada's total land area, it boasts a greater number of both flora and fauna species than any other ecosystem in Canada! We bet you didn’t know that! Yet the Carolinian zone is one of the most threatened and endangered zones in the entire country, thanks mostly to urban sprawl and development. So the need to conserve and protect wetlands and wild habitats here is absolutely critical. Please join us on Save The Frogs Day. We will welcome questions, comments and participation during our “virtual pond” day. Our goal is simply to raise awareness about the state of the world’s amphibians in general and to foster respect for wetland habitat locally. We look forward to connecting with other frog supporters around the world on April 28th, 2012.

Where: and!/tinygreenthings

Ontario - London

Friends of Meadowlily Woods are holding a walk in honour of Save The Frogs Day and an accelerated trillium season in Meadowlily. Bring cameras! Frog identification guides and report cards will be available. This is a free event open to the public! Meet at the SOUTH END of Meadowlily Bridge at the Northwest Entrance to Meadowlily Woods (Meadowlily Road South at the bottom of the hill). For more info contact Gary Smith at

London Ontario

Ontario - Lowbanks

We have 23 acres of land crawling with amphibians! There is a swampy area and a small river.  We have a lot of frogs, toads and salamanders. My students have been invited to our home to explore our property and discover the variety of amphibians.  We do not remove them from their habitat but instead enjoy them, classify them and attempt to age them. I will have craft tables set up outside, where I am supplying the t-shirt markers and paint where they can decorate their own t-shirt with cool frog facts! I will pre-print off interesting facts and have amphibian books for references. I am going to pre-cut paper and allow them to make book marks as well.  We will also have random pieces of wood and other items that they can decorate to call their own photo frame. I will take a picture of the group with their t-shirts on and get pictures developed and return them each with their picture on their photo-frame. I will also take pictures of them exploring.  We have offered healthy snacks provided by our home.  The children have been advised to wear rubber boots the taller the better and be prepared to be mucky!

Lowbanks frogs

Ontario - Perth

We will be holding a Save the Frogs Day event in our classroom at North Elmsley Public School! We have been learning about frogs for a while now and are now focusing on why they are important, why they are in danger, and what we can do to help. On Thursday, April 5th, 2012, we are going to watch part of “The Thin Green Line” (my class is only 7-8 years old, so we are only watching selected parts) and then participating in the Save the Frogs Art Contest. This is a private event.

Ontario - Toronto

Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Toronto Zoo by experiencing the sights and sounds of amorous male toads in search of that special someone! Our annual wetland festival is scheduled around the explosive breeding ritual of American toads at our very own Americas Wetlands Outdoor Exhibit and takes place one week after Save The Frogs Day to coincide with this exciting time. Although the emergence and courtship of toads is the main event, there are heaps of other fun activities for children and adults alike, including: face painting, froggy games like “Fish for a Prize,” Toady the Mascot, lessons on tracking wildlife using GPS technology, and information on how to become a Frog Watcher or Turtle Detective. It’s "toad-ally" fun for the whole family! Visit or call Julia at 416-392-5999 to find out more!

New Brunswick - Fredericton

The Nature Trust of New Brunswick (NTNB) is excited to be offering another summer series of Frog Walks. What better day to kick things off than on Save The Frogs Day? On April 28 at 9:00PM we invite you join local amphibian researcher, Greg Jongsma, for a night-time tour of Canada's first amphibian preserve, Hyla Park, in Fredericton, New Brunswick. You will learn about the amazing lives of frogs and salamanders that call Hyla Park home and best of all have the chance to meet these incredible creatures first hand. Hyla Park is located behind the United Baptist Church at 150 Greenwood Drive in Fredericton. All events are FREE and great for the whole family.

Here are some photos from the STF event in Hyla Park, New Brunswick. Canada's first amphibian preserve. More than 30 people showed up for the event (despite near freezing temperatures). The event and STF was featured across the maritime provinces on TV and Radio!

New Brunswick frogs

brunswick frogs




The Children's Science Club at the Universidad Católica de Oriente in Rionegro, Colombia will take a stand on the problems facing frogs in their region. They will be interacting with the community college, college, and visitors. Please contact Gustavo León Valencia Quiroz at for more information.
Date: April 27 of 2012, 1pm to 3pm.

Antioquia frogs

Colombia frogs day


Thirty people attended this event organized by Dr. Andrew Crawford!

Bogota frogs


"Dia de los Anfibios: Acción para Enseñar y Conservar"

During Save The Frogs Week (April 23-30, 2012), the Herpetology Lab at Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia will display different exhibits to show people in the city the importance of amphibians. We will exhibit posters related to the conservation of amphibians, especially frogs, at the library of the university and some schools in the city. As well as other places like the principal library of the city, the zoo, and environmental corporations in the city. Photo exhibits will be shown in colleges and the library of the university. The purpose of this is to show the beauty of Colombian amphibians, and the importance of protecting frogs. There will also be a frog and toad photo contest. Some advanced students will hold conferences at the selected schools to introduce the students to the importance of amphibians on our planet, and why we must protect them. At the schools students and teachers will make some posters about amphibians, and they will be displayed in their school for parents, teachers, and the general public to see. Please contact Reynel Galvis Cruz for more info.

Colombia Cali Frogs Flyer

Colombia Frogs

Cali frogs day

Colombia frog art

Cali save frogs day

Colombia - Cundinamarca

Estudiantes y investigadores del Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas del la Universidad de los Andes interesados en ranas van a presentar 2 películas sobre conservación de anfibios en el día lunes, 30 abril 2012. De mediodía hasta la 1:00PM se presenta "The Thin Green Line" y a la 1:00PM se presenta "Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue." Ambas películas está en inglés, y será presentado en el Edificio LL-301 dentro de la UniAndes.  Para mayor información, por favor contactar al Profesor Andrew Crawford:  

Valley of Cauca

Starting 2012, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valley of Cauca (CVC) has decided to institutionalize the commemoration of the "International Day of Amphibians" to reflect the Valley of Cauca’s great diversity of these species which, just as elsewhere in the world, face the decline and disappearance of their populations. This is a fact evidenced in the Red Book of Amphibians in the Cauca Valley, and in the 2010 study of amphibians affected by the chytrid fungus carried out through an agreement between CVC, Universidad del Valle, and the Cali Zoological Foundation. With this the Corporation has sought to join the international campaign for the conservation of, research on, and dissemination of the critical situation facing this group of wildlife, especially frogs.

Along these lines, on April 27, 2012 the first forum on the conservation of amphibians will be held. It will feature presentations by regional experts attached to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Universidad del Valle and the Cali Zoological Foundation. There will also be two educational displays prepared by students from Universidad del Valle and Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Palmira). The event is addressed to students, researchers and the general public in the region, with the aim of increasing knowledge about this group of animals, exchanging experiences and raising the interest of students in the research on amphibian species and in the need for their conservation and protection. For more information, please email:

FOLLOWUP: 116 people attended this event!




The original name of our nonprofit organization is "Mokrady-ochrana a management" - in English translation "Wetlands-conservation and management". We are planning two public events for Save The Frogs Day. The first event will take place near Jihlava city in the Czech Republic, date May 4th 2012, local time 19.00, correct location 49°22'20.495"N, 15°33'40.190"E. The goal is to search and watch local amphibian species at night. The event is designed especially for young people with an interest in nature conservation. Second event will again take place near Jihlava city in the Czech Republic, date May 19th 2012, local time 14.00, correct location 49°22'20.495"N, 15°33'40.190"E (invitation card on - only in czech). The goals of the second event are to search and watch local amphibian species during the day, wetland importance, manual pond digging, and common information about nature conservation. This event is open for everyone. You can see more information about this event at We would like to inform people about amphibian threats around the world. Both events are free of charge. Please contact Jan Dvorak at for more information.

Czech frogs day 2012

Czech frogs day

Czech save frogs

Czech frogs day save



The Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture is the unit responsible for our event for the 4th Save The Frogs Day. We decided to invite public media to our captive breeding facility to talk about the importance of amphibians on our planet and the global extinctions crisis these creatures are experiencing right now. It is also a great opportunity to remind Dominica's society that the Crapaud species haven't gone forgotten and there is ongoing inexhaustible effort of the Forestry/ZSL in fighting for survival of the Mountain Chicken in Dominica. The program will be displayed in Dominica's National TV on the 28th April on the Save the Frogs Day! If you have any questions please feel free to contact:




La Rana Sabia, Corporación Cultural
Ese día, podemos presentar nuestro espectáculo: "AVENTURAS Y DESVENTURAS DE LA RANA MARSUPIAL"; del cual anexo material. Estamos pidiendo poder hacer esta función en el parque Itchimbia, en donde protegen a la rana Marsupial y a otros tipos de ranas en peligro de extinción. Les confirmaría el sitio de la función. Cuatro divertidas historias sobre renacuajos, sapos y ranas. La primera  nos cuenta de cómo vive un renacuajo en medio de muchos peces, y de cómo este es rechazado por ser diferente hasta que se transforma en sapito encontrando su espacio. La segunda nos narra como La Rana Marsupial redescubre los servicios  que le puede dar su bolsita para el cuidado de sus dos sapitos: Lucrecia y Panchito. La tercera nos cuenta de cómo un pequeñísimo sapito al adquirir una potente vos es respetado y estimado por toda la comunidad de ranas. La cuarta  es una fábula sobre la interrelación del sol, la lluvia, las ranas y otros animales. Esta obra fue creada para apoyar el proyecto que impulsa el Parque Itchimbia. Sobre conservación y rescate de La Rana Marsupial una de las últimas especies de batracios que quedan en Quito.

Donde: Quito Ecuador, Itchimbía Cultural Center Auditorium
Cuando: 28 Abril 2012 11pm
Tel:385151 Fax:385531

In honor of Save The Frogs Day and the Marsupial Frog, Rana Sabia will read four fun stories about tadpoles, toads and frogs. The first story tells us about the life of a tadpole in an environment with many fish, and how this one is rejected and mocked because he is different until he "transforms" into a toad finding his niche. The second story tells how the marsupial frog rediscovers the services it's marsupial sack can provide for the care go its babies: Lucrecia and Panchito. The third one tells us about how a minute toad, after acquiring a loud voice, becomes respected and loved by an entire frog community. The last one is a fable about the interrelations of the sun, the rain, the frogs and other animals. This show was created to help the Itchimbia Park Project. It is about the conservation and rescue of the Marsupial Frog, one of the last batrachid species left in Quito. This is a free event.

Where: Quito, Ecuador in the Itchimbía Cultural Center Auditorium
When: April 28, 2012 at 11pm

Rana Sabia




Amphibienwanderung / Internationaler "Save The Frogs Day" um 20 Uhr Froschkonzert Festival mit Martin Altemüller Kröten finden viele Menschen nicht sonderlich attraktiv. Dabei sind Kreuz- und Wechselkröten, die im Wasservogelreservat Wallnau hervorragende Lebensbedingungen finden, äußerst spannende Amphibien. Unterstützt von der Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein laufen mit wissenschaftlicher Begleitung seit mehreren Jahren Aufzucht- und Auswilderungsprogramme dieser selten gewordenen Arten. Martin Altemueller



These events are being funded with the assistance of a $2,000 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

Ghana frogsIn Ghana, Save The Frogs Day will be celebrated under the theme "Now is the Time to Save Ghana's Frogs!". SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is organizing events to cover the two geopolitical regions of the country, Southern and Northern Ghana. Please contact for more information and to learn about sponsoring or donating to fund the events.

Thanks to our partners, the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, KNUST; HERP-Ghana; Forestry Research Institute of Ghana; Conservation Alliance; A ROCHA Ghana; and the KNUST Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. Media coverage for the activities is courtesy of Focus FM, Hello fm, GTV, Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times.

Chiana-Navrongo (Northern Region)

Events venue is the Campus of the Chiana Senior High School, Chiana-Navrongo. The date is 27th April, 2012:
➢ Frogs & Environment Quiz competition among school kids
➢ Soccer games competition among Junior High Schools
➢ Dancing & Drumming for the Ghanaian Frogs by a leading cultural troupe, Kayoro Dance Ensemble
➢ Presentations by amphibian biologists on frog legs consumption
➢ Showcasing of Frog Art/Poetry by school kids
➢ "By the River Side", a frog folktales telling event, by school kids
➢ Award giving

Hyperolius concolorKumasi (Southern Region)

Events venue is the Campus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The date is 28th April, 2012. Events will include:

➢ Football Match between SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana and the Faculty of Biological Sciences.
➢ Parade on university campus to increase student membership to the KNUST SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter while promoting frog conservation.
➢ Cleaning of trash from critical frog habitats at the university's Botanical Gardens.
➢ Tree planting to improve frog habitat along the university's River Wewe.
➢ Presentations by amphibian biologists and environmentalists.
➢ Handing over Ceremony of the KNUST SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter Executive and Swearing-in of New Executive.
➢ Signing of paper petitions to get Atewa Hills created as National Park
➢ Drama about environmental protection by school kids
➢ Showcasing of Ghanaian Frog Art & Poetry by Ghanaian artists and public
➢ Awards (Best art/poetry, undergraduate research grants)

Ghana Save The Frogs Day

Kumasi frogs day

Ghana Frogs

pesticides ghana



"Láss, alkoss, gyarapíts" is organised by Varangy Akciócsoport Egyesület with Lokomotiv Tourist Association. It is a hiking event that started in on Save The Frogs Day 2011. Besides hiking 10-60 kms people send in pictures they took of frogs and toads (also on other amphibians and reptiles) from Hungary and neighbouring countries (so far Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine) that improves the national mapping projects. The initiative was so successful that we are going to continue it. In 2011 hikes occurred in the Börzsöny Mountains. This year we also have teams in the Mecsek and Cserhát Mountains. The aim is not to focus our efforts on one day but to encourage people to continue sending amphibian pictures (with exact localities). You can see the best selected pictures of this event here.
Winners of the month and the calendar we produced last year for 2012 from this Save The Frogs initiative can be seen at the official webpage of Varangy Akciócsoport Egyesület here and here. Contact Mihály Tóth for more details on hikes, frogs and pictures at or contact Miklos at



Assam - Guwahati

This is event is being funded with the assistance of a $480 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

Help Earth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation and research of wildlife, will be holding a Save The Frogs Day Event again in 2012! On the 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28, 2009) Help Earth held a successful Save The Frogs Day event with day long activities where students from different schools of the Guwahati city participated. This year, the event will be held in Lakhiram Baruah Sadan Auditorium, Panbazar, a prime and easily accessible location in the city.

Activities this year include:
1. Face painting
2. Wall Painting (Outer boundary walls of District Commissioner’s house will be painted containing frog art and relevant information, so the message will reach the masses!)
3. A speech competition on amphibians will be conducted
4. A street play on the plight of amphibians will be performed in prominent locations in the city.
5. A PowerPoint presentation will be delivered by Dr. Saibal Sengupta, a very prominent herpetologist of Northeastern India, to inform children of the importance of amphibians in their lives.
6. A book titled Urban Herpetofauna of Guwahati, by this Save The Frogs Day event's organizer Jayaditya Purkayastha will be given to the winners of the different events.

Where: Lakhiram Baruah Sadan Auditorium, Panbazar
When: April 28, 2012
Contact: Jayaditya Purkayastha email

“Honestly speaking, we really love this idea 'Save the Frogs'. Interestingly now a days a campaign is swiping India “Save our tigers". This is good but for me “save the frogs” initiative is more important not just because I work with them but it has a practical application. How many people in their life time has seen a tiger in wild, I can vouch that very few Indian has seen a tiger in wild. So how are we going to save them? Tiger is not the one that lives in our gardens but frog does and we really can save them. Unfortunately we are living in a country where per capita income is very low and one's pocket is not strong enough to support this type of program myself. Your mission can certainly help by generating fund for such campaign and supporting deserving research work that may lead to conservation.”
--Jayaditya Purkayastha

"Eight colleges and two schools participated. We got very good media coverage as well (Seven Sisters Post, Times Of India). Over 150 students from various colleges, schools across the city like Cotton College, B Borooah College, Handique Girlsí College etc., participated.

India Save The Frogs Day 2012

India Guwahati Frogs

Assam frogs

Assam frogs day

Assam frog art

assam frog face

Assam frog day

assam save the frogs day


Coimbatore frogs day

Coimbatore frogs

Coimbatore save the frogs day

Coimbatore save the frogs day

India save the frogs day

India save frogs

Coimbatore frog


An awareness program to highlight the need to stop the indiscriminate killing of frogs and to appeal to the public to stop eating frog meat was held on Save The Frogs Day in Margao. The program was organized by Goa Civic and Consumer Action Network (GOACAN) who volunteered by carrying colorful flags and placards. They also distributed informational handouts. Volunteers informed the public that monsoons season is the mating season for many species of frogs. In many villages frogs are hunted for commercial sale to restaurants and for home consumption. The members of the public were informed about the role of frogs in the ecological cycles and how they help prevent the spread of malaria and other vector borne diseases. For more information contact Nirmal at

Goa frogs day

Goa save frogs

Goa frogs

Karnataka - Bangalore

The name of this event roughly translates to "Vanishing Frogs - Ways to Save Them". This is a presentation organized by India Literacy Project (ILP)'s Multi Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) programme. It will be held at Gubbi, Tumkur (Address: Aravinamane, MDLS, Gubbi, Tumkur) and the audience will be school children between the age group of 12-14 years. Others are also most welcome, but preference will be given to School children. Capacity is about 50 students. Event is free of cost.

When: April 28, 2012
Contact: Gururaja KV

"It has been one of the most memorable day in my life. On the occasion of Save The Frogs Day, I had my book titled 'Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats' released. The book releasing function it self was a simple and thoughtful one. It was in Arivina mane, I Cross Extension, Gubbi, Tumkur at 10am. The chief guest was Sri Sathyanarayana, an elder gentleman and resident of Gubbi town and two school children released the book. Sri Sathyanarayana spoke about association of himself with frog as harbingers of rain. Kids were happy at seeing the colourful photographs. I briefly explained the content and structure of the book. Following the book release function, we had high tea with over 50 school children who attended the function along with 15 other people from various of Karnataka. Soon after, I had delivered an interactive talk in Kannada language 'Kanmareyaguttive Kappegalu-Ulisalu ive halavu daarigalu' (Roughly in English as 'Vanishing frogs-Ways to save them') for about 90 minutes with lots of questions from students and other audience alike. We gave away two small sized photographs of randomly picked common frogs of south India. By noon, we all dispersed with couple of take home messages 1. To document scientifically the frogs and toads in the neighbourhood, be it school, home or village/township. 2. If there are any malformations or damaged individuals seen, it has to be reported to their school teacher, who in turn will report to me. 3. Finally, not to pollute waterbodies, using less plastic-recycle and reuse them, use mass transportation vehicle and usage of bicycles." --Dr. KV Gururaja


This Save The Frogs Day there will be an art competition held at Rahara Nibedita Art Center. The Center has taken part in the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest the last three years. In addition to the art competition, there will also be workshops. This event is open to the public. The event will be held at Rahara Nibedita Art Center, Rahara Choudhury Para, 24 Parganas (N) Kolkata - 700118, Railway Station - Khardah, West Bengal, India. For more information, please contact Apurba Banerjee at 9831111908 or


On 27th April 2012 Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE), nonprofit organization based in Mizoram, North East India organized an awareness program on the theme SAVE ME at St. Paul's Higher Secondary School. The program was attended by more than 1,000 school students. Dr. Saipari Sailo and Miss Vanlalsawmi Renthlei gave presentations on Biodiversity and its conservation. There was also an exhibition and poster display after the presentations. Students were told about the importance of frogs and their role in ecological balance. Articles on Save The Frogs Day were also published in the local newspapers. For more information please contact Saipari at and Lalremsanga at

Mizoram save frogs day

Mizoram frogs

Rajasthan - Ajmer

This is event is being funded with the assistance of a $300 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

"Save The Frogs - Give a Little Space in Your Big World"

Saving the frogs on earth is our mission; protecting and restoring the feeding and breeding grounds of frogs is our action. The volunteers of Save Environment and Welfare of Animals (SEWA) society have been working with full enthusiasm and dedication to stop the decline of frog populations in the western parts of India. Our goal for Save The Frogs Day is to develop awareness in people of all ages. Save The Frogs Day 2011 was a success story and inspired volunteers to protect frogs from road accidents during the monsoon (June/July, 2011). Those breeding grounds that usually come into contact with fertilizers and pesticides from agriculture were greatly reduced in number the preceding monsoon and saved a frog population from mortality and deformity.

Save The Frogs Day 2012 shall include the following events, and is open to the public:
1. Restoration of breeding grounds in Kayad, Makarwali villages in Ajmer District and Nimod, Deedwana in Nagaur districts. We have set up teams in each district.
2. Create awareness about frog conservation by displaying posters, distributing cards, quizzes, and street performers in Kayad, Makarwali villages in Ajmer District and  Nimod, Deedwana in Nagaur districts.
3. We will hold a seminar on Save The Frogs for the village representatives, students, and frog volunteers in the seminar Hall of Zoology Department of MDS University Ajmer campus.
4. We will post stickers and banners on the prospective road sides where frogs are hit by cars during breeding seasons.

Where: Kayad, Makarwali villages in Ajmer District and Nimod, Deedwana in Nagaur districts in India
When: April 28, 2012
Also see the event website.
Contact: Vivek Sharma, Secretary of Save Environment and Welfare of Animals and Dr. Krishan Sharma

Followup: "Thanks for this mail. Yes indeed it was a wonderful day"4th Annual Save the Frogs Day" More than five hundred children, youth seniors made this event remarkable at many geographical locations in our place. People were so amazed to see importance to this ignored taxa. I am sure the same must have happened in other countries also. My best wishes to all our international team and congratulations to all those who made efforts to make "Save The Frogs Day" event a grand success." -- Dr. Krishan Sharma

Rajasthan frogs day

Rajasthan frogs

Rajasthan frogs day event

Rajasthan frogs ajmer

ajmer frogs

rajasthan frogs day

rajasthan frogs


save the frogs day india

Rajasthan frogs day india

save frogs india

rajsthan frogs day

save the frogs day india 2012

india 2012 frogs

mds frogs

krishan sharma frogs

save the frogs day india

frogs day

save frogs india

Rajasthan frogs

Uttar Pradesh - New Dehli, Noida

The SETU school in India will be participating in the Save The Frogs Art Contest for Save The Frogs Day. Students will be encouraged to paint pictures of frogs and amphibians to spread awareness about global amphibian declines. Contact: Sindhu Ravi



West Java

The event was held on May 30th 2012 in Bandung Institute of Technology by Student Committee of School of Life Sciences and Technology that is known as 'Nymphaea'. The main objective of the event was to tell the students in this institution about the importance of frogs as the part of our biodiversity and as the integral part of our ecosystem. We also gave them some souvenirs, such as frog-shaped papercraft, a poster, and a leaflet about the campaign. We are looking forward to hold a bigger event on the next Save The Frogs Day in 2013. For more information please contact Nadzifah at




The Forest Friends of Ireland are having a challenge outside the 'Red Stables' cafe in St Ann's Park, Dolymount, Dublin. It is to make people aware of the importance of frogs as part of the web of life. We will invite visitors to accept the hopping challenge, (hopping on one foot and going as far as possible without stopping) and end up with the best human hopper of the morning. The event will take place between 11.00 and 13.00 hours. We will distribute leaflets and posters which are available on the day. Please contact John Haughton at for more information.




Friends of the Earth, Italy will celebrate Save The Frogs Day at the Regional nature reserve of Lake Inlay and Foce Crati by promoting a series of awareness and information campaigns directed at young people, students and citizens. For the occasion, Friends of the Earth Italy and Agency Manager Reserves have initiated a program of events involving young people, schools and citizens. Starting at 9:30 am at the Visitor Center of Tarsia we will begin by listening to "Songs of frogs and toads to learn how to recognize them". Following, the Center for Environmental Experience of Reserves will hold an informational conference about education and awareness on the importance of amphibians. They will also illustrate the conservation and protection activities arranged by the manager of the Reserves. The day will conclude with guided tours and excursions in Inlay Lake Reserve, to observe frogs and toads in their habitats.
On the web portal you can download the program of the day and browse the guide "Frogs & Toads of the Reserves and Inlay Lake Mouth of Crati".
For more information please contact Agostino Brusco at

Rome - Riserva Monterano

We celebrated the Save The Frogs Day 2012 in the Nature Reserve near the ancient town of Monterano where a new pond for amphibians was built. Many students participated asking questions to the operators of the nature reserve, planting trees, preparing panels on amphibians and their conservation problems. At the end of the day a buzzard was released into the wild by our friends of Italian League for Protection of Birds. Feel free to get in touch.
Fancesco Maria Mantero
Director Monterano Nature Reserve

Frog Pond Italy

Italy frogs day 2012

Italy buzzard

Viterbo - Barbarano Romano

Our event, the First Salamandrina Day, will be a workshop about our two endemic species Salamandrina terdigitata and Salamandrina perspicillata in the regional Park Marturanum in the town of Barbarano Romano (in the province of Viterbo, north Latium). We will present news about genetic knowledge of their syntopic population, conservation initiatives in the region (Marche, Abruzzo) and in the Park Marturanum. This is event is organized by Studio Associate Natura Arcadia and by the Regional Park.

Where: In the conference room of the Nature Center Museum of the Marturanum Park, in the municipality of Barbarano Romano (in the province of Viterbo, in Central Italy)
When: Save The Frogs Day Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 9am till 1pm
Contact: Ferri Vincenzo




On 28th April 2012 we will be spreading awareness to the farmers, children, and general population on the importance of frogs in our ecosystem. The tree seedlings of Spathodea nilotica, Senna siamea, Markhamia lutea will be planted along Keigamere River to mark this great day. This will be held at Keigamere village in Kisii County. The children and farmers will be informed the importance of conserving the frogs and their habitats and the relationship between trees and frogs/amphibians. Please contact Dickson Omandi of the Wide Rescue Initiative at for more information.

"Save The Frogs Day was great here. It attracted a good number of people including both children, men and women [farmers] and around 27 participants attended. Amazingly, one member suggested she cold offer her piece of land to come up with a protected area for frogs."

save frogs kenya

Kenya save frogs day




This is event is being funded with the assistance of a $200 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

The Friends of Ecosystems and the Environment-Herp Liberia (FEE) is a not for profit biodiversity conservation and environmental organization engaged in biodiversity awareness raising and the provision of tangible biological data through field research. As an integral part of our program, FEE will be joining Save The Frogs! members globally to celebrate the annual Save The Frogs Day for the first time in Liberia. This program will bring together students from selected community schools within the Lake Piso Reserve in Grand Cape Mount County to raise awareness on the important roles played by amphibians (frogs) in sustaining our ecosystems, environment and planet. The Save The Frogs Day program will be held at the Sebenhum Public School's auditorium on April 28, 2012 starting at 9:00 am. Please join us if you can to make this day a success. For further information, contact Darlington Tuagben on +231886798425 or email me at:

"Greetings from Liberia. Please be acknowledged that we successful celebrated the annual Save The Frogs Day for the first time in Liberia on the 14th of May, 2012. Based on the constraints, we jointly celebrated this day alongside the World Migratory Bird Day celebration. We jointly brought together two nature clubs from the High Schools in Robertsport to create awareness on the importance of protecting and conserving frogs and migratory birds. We had quizzing program between the birds and the Frogs team and awarded each team with sets of copy books and also awarded the coordinators of the nature club with cell phone. I closed up the program by lauding their effort and the vision of Save The Frogs working with them to create awareness and sensitization on frogs in their communities. The focal person for the migratory bird program also spoke on this occasion as well. The day was a success."

Liberia frogs



Please download this Save The Frogs Day 2012 Madagascar Event Report.

Madagascar frogs day

Madagascar frogs day save



Sarawak - Kota Samarahan

The Bornean Frog Race is the first of its kind to be held in Sarawak to instill the awareness of amphibian conservation around the region of Borneo. This event is jointly organized by the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation, University Malaysia Sarawak and the Permai Rainforest Resort. The event is open to the public during the weekend on 28 April 2012. At 1500 hour tentatively, we will be anticipating the public and participants’ arrival and at 1600 hour, the Institute’s director, Prof. Dr. Andrew Alek Tuen will take the stage. Dr. Ramlah Zainuddin, staff of UNIMAS and leading local amphibian specialist, will be our VIP Guest. We would like to extend our invitation to the public to join us.

Registration fee is FREE and the first 30 who register will be eligible for the inaugural Frog Race. A “frog race”, which will include talks on amphibians and their conservation, exhibits of sights and sounds, all open to the general public, and based at the Permai Rainforest Resort, Santubong, is planned for the day. The race itself is modeled after the annually-held and highly successful “Bird Race”, and would entail participants going up one or more trails at the foothills of Gunung Santubong for a period of 2 hours, and returning with digital images of amphibians. Awards (books on amphibians, book vouchers) and certificates (jointly by UNIMAS and Camp Permai Resort, bearing the logos of UNIMAS, UNIMAS’ 20th Anniversary and of Permai Rainforest Resort) will be given to participants for the following categories:

1.    Most number of amphibian found
2.    Rarest amphibian found
3.    Best amphibian photo taken

Photo vouchers will be required, and requirements from participant would be a nominal registration fees of RM 5, a digital camera with appropriate lenses and flash systems. Laptops and download cables are optional. Download registration form and judging criteria here.

For those who are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers, Mr. Pui Yong Min at or Mr. Ong Jia Jet at for more information about this exciting event!

Bornean frog race

Congratulations to the winners:Malaysia frog race

Borneo frog race

Selangor - Bangi

University Kebangsaan Malaysia is organizing a frog-themed art gallery to celebrate Save The Frogs Day 2012. The venue is at the Natural History Museum, at the new building of the Deanery's Office. The objective of this gallery is to showcase Malaysia's own diverse frogs through vivid photos, displayed in A1-sized prints. Interesting facts on the biology and ecology of the frogs will also be given. This gallery is open to the public. Please also see this great website on Malaysia's amphibians.

When: April 23-27, 2012
Contact: Norhayati Ahmad at




76 kids whose ages range from 3 to 5, 4 teachers and a brilliant assistant-like cousin were present for the Save The Frogs Day at Les Joyeux Lutins Pre-primary School. The children were thrilled to be learning about frogs; which some designed as "funny-looking" animals. To start with, random activities – for example, who can describe the characteristics of a frog or even who can imitate one – were made and to each good performance, a sticker was offered, fact that enhanced the kids' enthusiasm. Then, we described the life cycle of a frog, the causes and reasons as to why amphibians; frogs in particular are menaced, what can be done to help them in addition to what has been done so far, then a quiz session was made in guise of recapitulating the presentation – and again, to every good answer, a sticker – and to end with, the kids were asked for what they thought could be done to further protect frogs. One even promised he would make his dad build a pond in their backyard that very night and that he would buy a pet frog. Two presentations were made that day, firstly to 4-5 year olds and secondly to 3-4 year olds, of course, with the latter, simpler words were used. We made use of the slideshows available on which facilitated the task of getting the kids focus further on the topic. Lastly, a drawing competition was made and though 1 boy and 1 girl from each group with the best drawings were prized, everyone got his own goody pack.

Through their drawings, it seemed the kids had a new perception of frogs; a new image… a refined image. Indeed, Marielle Pulchérie, director of Les Joyeux Lutins Pre-primary School, the teaching and non-teaching staffs of the institution, Naailah Boganee and Preety Bamma are thanked heartily for their precious help and contribution for making this event, a success. And a big thank you to the pupils for their keen participation and to everyone who helped in their own way, either through advices, or to offering us lifts to and from the school. After all, the kids just could not stop talking about how often they would see frogs here and there, what colours or how big they were and a whole lot more. In the end, all the kids even said they loved frogs! Undoubtedly, a big thank you to The Save the Frogs! Organization – USA, for offering the initial opportunity of doing this event.
-- Jaleela Hassennally




Event PDF in English | Event PDF en Espanol

The Network for the Conservation of Amphibians in Chiapas (Red para la Conservación de Anfibios en Chiapas) in coordination with other institutions invite you to join the 1st Amphibians National Congress within the 2nd International Amphibians Week from April 25th to 29th 2012. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of the work on the study of Amphibians being undertaken by both specialists, students, fans and interested public, and to encourage conservation by environmental education and positive actions. The event will be held at Chiapas Museum of Science and Technology (MUCH) and the Regional Zoo "Miguel Álvarez del Toro" (ZooMAT) where there will be classrooms and auditoriums.

Until last year's event (which drew over 12,000 from Chiapas and throughout Mexico and abroad), there has been no event in Mexico focused exclusively on amphibians. Thus this event is important, as Chiapas has significant amphibian biodiversity and also faces a serious and notorious problem for many of their populations.

The activities in general in this important event are:
- Presentations by Amphibian Specialists.
- Oral Presentations on Amphibians.
- Exhibition of Posters of free work on amphibians.
- 2nd Photographic Collection "Mexican Amphibians" (Composed by 45 photographs of 18 Photographers)
- 2nd Amphibian Photo Contest.
- Exhibition of Photographs Winners and Honorable Mentions from 1st Amphibian Photo Contest.
- 2nd Amphibian Drawing Contest.

More info on this website.
Contact: Berenice García Reyes at

Read the Event Followup PDF here!


Chiapas save frogs day 2012

Mexico frog week

Mexico save the frogs day 2012

Mexico kids frogs

Mexico frogs day




Mountain ChickenIn an effort to raise awareness about the critically endangered Mountain Chicken Frog (Leptodactylus fallax), the Montserrat Ministry of Agriculture, Land, Housing and the Environment along with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust have started a project entitled “Enabling Montserrat to Save the Critically Endangered Mountain Chicken”. They will mount a display at the local library for Save The Frogs week and have a call-in radio programme updating persons on the recovery efforts to save the frog that only exists in Montserrat and Dominica. Thanks to the British Government Darwin Initiative for funding this project. Mountain Chickens on Montserrat are hunted for food and are under threat from the deadly chytrid fungus. Contact: Stephen Mendes

This event was written about on the Government of Montserrat's website.

Montserrat Mountain Chicken




This is event is being funded with the assistance of a $200 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!.

On Save The Frogs Day two schools in rural Nepal will be celebrating by participating in the Save The Frogs Art Contest and Poetry Contest. The students will also be putting up posters about conservation and amphibians. There will also be an Atrazine Rally put on by the college students. During the rally students will collect signatures which will then be forwarded to the President and Vice President of Nepal and the Nepalese Ministry of Environmental Conservation to make them aware of the amphibian extinction crisis.

Please contact Rajesh Jha at for more information.




Leiopelma hochstetteriThe National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier, New Zealand will hold a Save The Frogs Day Frog Search on 28th April 2012 to celebrate Save The Frogs Day. Visitors will learn about New Zealand's native frogs while searching for facts around the aquarium. The activity is available to visitors to the aquarium who have paid our normal entry fee. See our website for more information on admission, or contact Carol Larsen - Visiting hours are 9:00am-4:30pm.

"We had 38 people complete the Save The Frogs Day quiz and 40 people visited the frog information stand. For Save The Frogs Day we put green felt frog feet with frog facts written on them on the floor around the aquarium which made a froggy trail. The kids had a worksheet with a quiz about frogs on it and they got their answers from the frog feet and signage around our frog exhibit. If they returned their quiz to us they got a chocolate frog! Our volunteers enjoyed helping with the event and ate a few chocolate frogs themselves!"




The Girls Guide Association of Pakistan is celebrating Save The Frogs Day on the 29th of April. The Girls Guide Association is a volunteer organization. We are arranging an awareness presentation and a poster competition. We are also planning on having a walk. The event is limited to our community people (ISMAILIS only). Please contact Sehrsh Shiraz at for more info.

"Around 23 youngsters joined us. We started with an awareness session and some slides from your website were shared. After poster making competition, a poem writing competition was held. And for suggesting the idea I was awarded an environmental bar and it was all too good. Awareness with fun!"

Pakistan girl guides

Pakistan frog day

Pakistan save the frogs day



Summit Municipal Park

The Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project will be raising awareness about their conservation efforts at their facilities at the Summit Municipal Park (Parque Municipal Summit), 40 minutes outside of Panama City. Kids of all ages will be able to paint, draw, and make frog masks to celebrate this important event. The activities are free, although regular park admission to Summit does apply. Please contact Angie Estrada at for more information.
Where: Summit Municipal Park, Panamá
When: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 9:00am-2:00pm

"Volunteering at the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project reached a whole new level of awesomeness when we organized an event for the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day. Being able to spread the word about global amphibian declines and the status of Panama's amphibian population was a rewarding way to spend the day at the Summit Municipal Park where the project is located. On April 28, we arrived to the Park during the tranquility of the early morning to set up our tables and chairs amidst the chattering of the capuchin monkeys, while the parrots never tired of greeting us with their cheerful ìhola. Meanwhile in another part of the Park, our star attractions were enjoying their climate-controlled habitat, as their likeness was depicted in coloring sheets for the kids to learn about the importance of our endangered amphibian friends. Once the families started arriving, kids and parents alike were welcomed under our tent to color, paint, make frog masks, and get their questions answered about amphibian conservation. In the span of just a few hours, we had an impressive wall of frog art paintings hanging out to dry, which the kids took home as a reminder about saving the frogs and their environment, and perhaps become the next generation of amphibian conservationists."
-- Erica Wrona, Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project

Panama save the frogs day 2012

Panama save the frogs day




On April 23, 2012 a lecture on conservation amphibian will be held in Sachavacayoc Centre, an educational lodge located in the Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone, located in the Amazon rainforest of southeastern Peru. The presentation will be dedicated to 11th grade students and will include a description of the importance of amphibians for the environment and their endangered situation around the world. There will also be second presentation at Cabaña Quinta Hotel, in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. These are open and free events organized by Explore Peru EIRL. Contact: Antonio W. Salas,



Benguet Province

Organizer: The Mountain Collegian, the official student publication of the Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines
Venue: Benguet State University Campus
Date: April 28,2012  from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
8:30 - Overview on SAVE THE FROGS DAY and SAVE THE FROGS movement (including a video from the website)
9:00 - lecture on importance of frogs and its conservation
10:00 - visit to local frog habitat
1:30 - coaching on drawing, poetry, essay writing
2:00 - workshop: expressing conservation on frogs through drawing, poetry and essay writing.
Selected drawings will be published in the school paper and selected poems will be published in the University's literary folio. Contacts:

You can download the Followup Report for this event here.

Phillipines frogs day

Phillipines save the frogs day



Portugal - Trofa

Vila do Conde surroundings are important areas for amphibians and for amphibian conservation. There are 15 species of amphibians in this region and many are threatened or near threatened. In this event we will explain to the local population the importance of amphibian conservation and how they can become part of it. Late in the evening we are going to do a field trip through the South Coast Protected Landscape of Vila do Conde to try to see some animals! The event will take place at the Environmental Interpretation and Monitoring Center of Vila do Conde, Portugal  

Program for April 28, 2012:
20.45 Welcome and reception of participants
21.00 Lecture about amphibian conservation
22.00 Field trip through the South Coast Protected Landsacpe of Vila do Conde
23.30 Farewell

Participation fee: 7.5€
Contact: Vasco Flores Cruz at

"We had a nice Save The Frogs Day here in Portugal, it was a small event and the bad weather didn't help but the participants enjoyed and learned about amphibian conservation. There were 25 persons in the lecture and 18 went to the field to see amphibians. We saw some toads and newts when we visited some reproductions sites, and we talked about diversity and conservation of portuguese amphibians."

Portugal Save Frogs Day

Portugal save frogs day

Portugal save frogs




19th May we will be sharing information about Save The Frogs in 2 places in Bucharest, Romania - First of all we will meet you in Herastrau Park, toward the lake near the right side of the Peacocks Enclosure between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and second after that in Cismigiu Garden at the waterfalls between 11:45 to 12:45!
Contact: Alex Enciu

Pe 19 mai va asteptam cu informatii despre SaveTheFrogs si amfibieni in 2 locuri din Bucuresti, Romania - In primul rand ne vom intalni in parcul Herastrau intre 10.a.m. si 11 a.m., la balta de broaste din dreapta paunilor (langa irisi) si in al doilea rand in Gradina Cismigiu la baltile de la cascada de la 11:45-12:45! The Facebook page for SaveTheFrogs! Romania is here.

Romania frogs

Alex Anca Enciu




The Department of Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation, School of Forestry and Horticulture at Njala University in Sierra Leone will be giving PowerPoint and poster presentations about amphibian conservation on campus and in the surrounding schools and communities. The presentation at Njala University will be given at 11am for the students and at 5pm for the public. This event is open to the public. Please contact Mr. Jonathan Johnny at for more information.



East London

We at Santa Paloma Guest Game Farm and Eco-Centre in East London, South Africa will be opening our doors - at NO cost, on the 28th April 2012 to all who are passionate about Saving our Frogs! You can email for any additional information.


On Friday, 27 April 2012, the Grade Four Class of John Wesley School - Eshowe will march through our town singing FROG songs (some of which we have composed), enlightening our neighbours to the importance of frogs in our environment and telling people about the critically endangered local species, the Pickersgill's Reed Frog. We will hand out flyers to the public to give them ideas on how to be frog friendly! For more information please contact Loreen McDonald at

"Nine students from the fourth grade class of John Wesley School in the town of Eshowe, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in the country of South Africa marched downtown and into the local mall to spread the word about how important frogs are to our environment and ecology! We passed out over 100 pamphlets (with our hand-drawn pictures and cartoons) explaining why frogs are an important part of our community and different ways in which we can work together to preserve frogs and their habitat! We were pleasantly surprised with a lot of positive support!"

South Africa

Eschowe frogs

South africa frogs

New Hanover

New Hanover Preparatory School in South Africa will be having a demonstration at their school on April 27, 2012 with banners, placards, and posters and will use this opportunity to inform the rest of the school about the importance of frogs and the dangers that they face. Contact Charmaine McGregor for more information at

"The Bush Buddies at New Hanover Prep School in the Kwazulu Natal midlands of South Africa held a protest to mark Save the Frogs Day 2012. About 40 children participated. They all made banners and placards and walked through the school to create awareness of the situation that frogs find themselves in. They then each gave a few facts about frogs, their benefits to society and the threats to their survival. A great time was had by all and we hope that a little more awareness was created."

South Africa save the frogs day

Hanover frogs africa

South Africa save the frogs




IV Semana de Salvar a las Ranas.
Llamamiento para concienciarnos que estos bellos animales están en
peligro de extinción.
Lunes 23.- 17:00 Cuentacuentos en la biblioteca. Pintar Mandalas.
Martes 24.-17:30. Mosaico. Canción.- el sapo no se lava el pie.
Miércoles 25.-17:30. Títere. Canción.- El sapo Pepe y la rana Juana.
Jueves 26.17:30. Rana portavelas. Canción.- Cucú cantaba la rana.
Viernes 27.-17:30. Caretas y pancartas. Canción.-Había un sapo.
Exposición de todos los trabajos realizados a lo largo de la semana.
De martes a viernes las actividades serán en el Casal jove.
Sábado 28. Día del llamamiento de Salvar a las Ranas. A partir de las
17:00 h. en la Plaza ocho de Marzo, juegos, canciones, y alguna que
otra sorpresa. Inscripción en Casal jove.

Spain - Madrid

On April 28 we celebrate Save The Frogs Day. This campaign aims to warn of the problems that currently affect amphibians, such as habitat loss, competition with invasive species and emerging diseases. Biodiversidad Virtual (BV) and the Spanish Herpetological Association (AHE) want to commemorate this day with a "photographic amphibious Marathon". During the weekend of 28 and 29 April, we will upload to the platform all possible images of amphibians captured by the users of BV (also photos taken previously). It will be rewarded the user to upload a larger number of species, and the user to upload a larger number of pictures of amphibians. Please see our websites above and contact Cesar Ayres at for more info.




We are organizing an event together with Länsstyrelsen Kalmar, Naturum Ottenby, Ottenby bird observatory and Nordens ark. Starting at 10am we will have different activities for the children, hand out information, and listen to frog calls. Later in the evening there will be two lectures about amphibians and about the international conservation project LIFE-BaltCoast ( for the European green toad (Bufo viridis) at Ottenby, as well as a guided excursion. More detailed information is available (in Swedish) at

Where: The South Cape of the Island Öland at Ottenby
When: 10am, April 28, 2012
Contact: Dennis Hägg at

"In Sweden the event was organized close to Ottenby Bird Station where there is an ongoing project to re-introduce the locally extinct European Green Toad. The project is collaboration between governmental bodies such as Lnsstyrelsen, the foundation Nordens Ark and a large environmental project concerning the environment in and around the Baltic sea. The day started off with talks from Susanne Forslund (Lnsstyrelsen) and Professor Claes AndrÈn (Nordens Ark). Susanne gave a talk about the difficult conditions many of the worlds amphibians face. She also talked a bit about general amphibian biology and the biology of the Europeean Green Toad in particular. The children were remarkably environmentally aware. They understood many of the things that affect wild populations such as pollution, disease and climate change!



Nantou County - Puli

Taomi Eco-Village in Puli Township, Nantou County is a beautiful village on the way from Puli to Sun Moon Lake. It is situated 51 km off Provincial Highway No. 21, and 1 km from National Chi Nan University. The area is rich with wild animals and plants and has natural streams, wetlands, and forests. There are 400 species of commonly seen wild plants, 23 species of frogs, 55 species of dragonflies and damselflies, 137 species of butterflies, 75 species of birds, and many fireflies come through in April and May. Tao-Mi Eco-Village is a particularly ecologically rich place.

Name of the Event: Frogs Investigation and Photography Contest for University Students
Organizer: Taomi Nature Preservation and Ecotourism Association
Day of Event: 2012.04.27
Place of the Event: Treefrog Pavillion, Taomi Eco-Village, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, R.O.C.
15:30~16:30  lecture on frog investigation and conservation
16:30~17:30  lecture on frog photography
18:30~21:00  field investigation and photography contest
21:00~22:00  preparing for PowerPoint report
22:00~22:50  PowerPoint report and frog certification contest
22:50~23:00  Oath ceremony for frog conservation
The lecture and Oath ceremony is open to public, but only 10 teams can register in advance can run for the Frogs Investigation and Photography Contest

Futher information: or contact Mr. Peng Kuodong at




This Save The Frogs Day, the schoolchildren in every class will celebrate Turkey's first ever Save the Frogs Day by making frog posters, decorating their classrooms, bringing frog toys to school, and wearing any clothes with frogs on them. Our teachers will be making the children frog hats or masks to take home and we will sing songs and recite poems about frogs. We will also be drawing pictures for the Save The Frogs Art Contest. This is not a public event, sorry!
Contact: Margaret Buyukkurt




MSc student Robert Sekisambu will present findings on the conservation status of amphibians found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and discuss its implications to the management of protected areas in Uganda. The presentation will take place on Friday 27th April 2012 at Makerere University, Department of Environmental Sciences in MUENR lecture theater at 11am to 12:30pm. Entrance is free and open to the public. For more information call Robert on +256712670269 or Micheal on +256712261354 email:

Uganda Save The Frogs Day event




The Kyiv Zoo in Ukraine will hold a rally in defense of amphibians. There will also be a mini children's “conference”. Children briefly talk about amphibians, will show live frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders. There will be a contest of children's drawings and photographs of amphibians. For more information please contact: Anatoliy Maystrenko at




You can read about this event in the Blackpool Gazette!

Bispham frogs


The Year 7 students of Sydneham High School are holding a cake sale to raise money for SAVE THE FROGS!. Me and my friends LOVE frogs and hope to raise as much money as possible. Unfortunately our event is not open to the public. Please contact Izzy Helszajn-Jewett at for more information.


The International Club at Ashington High School Sports College will be coordinating information assemblies to be delivered to each Year group in school about amphibian conservation. Students will run a ‘Frog’ Cake Sale on Save the Frog Day to raise awareness and money for SAVE THE FROGS!. We will also run a short info assembly for each year group which will hopefully reach approximately 750-800 students. There will also be a 'Frog Cake' Sale during our school break time. This event is for school students only and is unfortunately NOT open to the public. Please contact Ashleigh Ranft at for more information.

Froglife logoScotland - Glasgow

Froglife and Glasgow City Council Countryside Rangers present:
'Save The Frogs Day 2012 at Festival Park'. This event will run from 11:30-14:30 on April 28th and is free for all to attend. This action packed family day of amphibian based activities is aimed at raising awareness of how amazing frogs are and the huge pressures they face. More info on this event right here.

Where: Festival Park (behind the Glasgow Science Centre, off Pacific Drive) Glasgow, Scotland
Contact: Eilidh at


Save The Frogs Day Shopping Deals

Digital Frog 2.5 - Dissection Software

On April 28th, 2012, get 25% off your purchase of the Digital Frog 2.5 virtual dissection software, AND get 25% of your purchase donated to SAVE THE FROGS!

If A Frog Had Wings

For the month of April 2012, Author Beth Ryan is generously donating $5 to SAVE THE FROGS! for every copy of her book "If a Frog Had Wings" that gets sold. Go order one now!


Images and Flyers

Save The Frogs Day 2012 icon

Flyer Save The Frogs Day 2012