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Litoria chloris orange-eyed frog bequestSAVE THE FROGS! is dedicated to protecting amphibian species and creating a society that enjoys and respects nature and wildlife. By adding SAVE THE FROGS! to your will or other estate plans, you will be ensuring a lasting legacy that will secure healthy habitats for frogs and other amphibians. Your gift will enable SAVE THE FROGS! to prevent the extinction of these beautiful and important animals so that future generations can enjoy them, and so that Earth's ecosystems remain intact far into the future.

"The reason that I have started donating to SAVE THE FROGS! more than many other environmental organizations that compete for our support is because I can get a personal response and interaction with you folks. It feels like I know where my money is going, I can see the good things you are doing, and I can actually make a difference. I have decided to change my will and make SAVE THE FROGS! the organization that is the primary beneficiary of our trust--because I can trust you. Happy Save The Frogs Day!"
-- Carol H., Santa Clara, CA

Add SAVE THE FROGS! to your will

planned givingLeaving a bequest in your will is a simple process. SAVE THE FROGS! can be named as the beneficiary of a set dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or specific assets. Your estate is entitled to an estate tax deduction for the full value of the donation. If you wish, you may name SAVE THE FROGS! as a contingent beneficiary of assets designated for loved ones in the event they do not survive you.

IRA & Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are particularly attractive charitable gifts. If these funds were left to an individual, they would be subject to estate and income taxes, greatly reducing the gift's value. However, both taxes are usually avoided when these assets are left to a charitable organization such as SAVE THE FROGS!.

Life Insurance & Annuities

If you already own life insurance or annuities, please consider adding SAVE THE FROGS! as one of your beneficiaries on your policy. That way you can leave your own legacy to ensure a bright future for the frogs that we love so much.

Gifts of Land

What better way to protect frogs than to gift your land to SAVE THE FROGS! for habitat management or for sale with proceeds to benefit our conservation projects. Please contact us to discuss your vision for your land.

Sample Language

Litoria phyllochroa - Leaf Green TreefrogIf you already have a will, you can add the bequest by a simple amendment. Outright bequests of money provide a specified sum from a donor's estate. Sample language follows:

I give and bequeath to SAVE THE FROGS! (Tax ID: 26-2655709) the sum of $______ (or ___% of the rest and remainder of my estate, or _______% of my estate), to further its legally recognized nonprofit goals of protecting amphibians and the environment.

Your estate planner can suggest other legacy gifts including a proportionate bequest (which gives a percentage of your gross or net estate to SAVE THE FROGS!), as well as a variety of trust vehicles.

Tax Savings

Bequests to SAVE THE FROGS! can provide you with substantial federal tax savings, and may even place your estate in a lower tax bracket. Gifts to SAVE THE FROGS!, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 


Please do not hesitate to contact SAVE THE FROGS! should you have further questions. SAVE THE FROGS! encourages donors undertaking estate planning to do so with the assistance of an attorney familiar with wills and trust documents.