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SAVE THE FROGS! has the best gifts for frog lovers. Shop and feel good knowing that 100% of the proceeds from your order go towards our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. The frogs appreciate your support, and so do we!

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Info Cards - Set of 100

These two-sided 4x6" info cards are a great way to help spread the word about amphibian extinctions. Cards list the primary threats to amphibians, five reasons frogs are important, and 18 ways people can help SAVE THE FROGS!

Cards are only $10 per set of 100, which helps us cover printing costs.

Save The Frogs

Save The Frogs Help

"The cards are impressive and I'd be thrilled to hand them out the students and families that I work with. Hopefully it'll lead to bigger and better things for SAVE THE FROGS! and amphibian conservation and I'll work to see that this happens."
-- Randy "The Frog Guy" Korb

rainforest card

Avalon Frog Cards

"Save The Frogs cards were a hit! They are beautiful and informative. Thank you! Avalon's display and presentation today at the Citizen Science Symposium was a success!" -- Deborah T., Parent, Wesley Chapel, FL

Avalon and cards

Great American Teach In 2010 (11/18) - "Avalon presented "Citizen Science of Frogs" to 3 elementary classes and handed out Save the Frogs! cards to the students. Thanks again for the great resources!" -- Deborah Theisen

Plectrohyla - Michael Starkey

"The fun, artistic, and appealing images work well to attract attention and draw people in, requisite to get the important messages across."
-- Peggy Casper; Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

Frog Info Card

"I placed some of the handout cards in our office and a local camping/hiking area where many frogs are seen frequently. The response to the cards is amazing: so much info people are unaware of in an easy viewing card. Thanks again, Jim Wert, Nature Abounds"

A student from the KNUST Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana proudly displaying his info card and a cool postcard as well:Info Card Environmental

Girl Scout Troop 750 out of Lansing, Kansas decided to educate people about Saving the Frogs for their Animal Service project. They made this poster and handed out educational cards with information on what they can do to help SAVE THE FROGS!Girl Scouts frogs

Saving the frogs in India:India Frogs

Atrazine Info Cards - Set of 100

Atrazine turns male frogs into females -- and it's on our food and in our tap water: so we want it banned! These two-sided 4x6" info cards are a great way to help spread the word about Atrazine. We are certain that the EPA will ban Atrazine...but they will not do so until we have an educated, informed public whose voice is more powerful than that of the multi-billion dollar pesticide companies. Distribute these cards and help spread the word.