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SAVE THE FROGS! has the best gifts for frog lovers. Shop and feel good knowing that 100% of the proceeds from your order go towards our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. The frogs appreciate your support, and so do we!

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Postcard Variety Pack

The Postcard Variety Pack is a set of ten 4x6" postcards featuring amazing frog images by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Jason Ayres. Postcards are printed on recycled paper. They look great on your refrigerator and are a fantastic way to spread the word about our work.

-- All orders come with a FREE Save The Frogs Bumper Sticker.
-- Shipping is FREE, so please order a few sets!


Here are the ten fantastic frog postcards!

Cascade Treefrog (Litoria pearsoniana):
Cascade Treefrog litoria pearsoniana postcard

Australian Lacelid (Nyctimistes dayi):
Australian Lacelid Nyctimistes postcard

Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog (Litoria chloris):Litoria chloris treefrog postcard

Blue Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates tinctorius): Photo by J. AyresDendrobates tinctorius poison dart frog postcard

Emerald-Spotted Treefrog (Litoria peronii): Litoria peronii emerald-spotted treefrog postcard

Sunset Frog Art by Selena Vanapruks:Sunset postcards

Tropical Frog Art by Khor Yong En:Frogs Postcards

Threats To Frogs by Kara Timmons, Grand Prize Winner, 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest:

Mushroom Frog Art by Riya Gupta:Frog Postcards

Mona Lisa Frog by Brayden Brown:Mona Lisa Frog

Here's what the backsides looks like:Litoria chloris orange-eyed treefrog postcard

frog postcards

A message from a Spanish postcard lover

"Good afternoon here in Spain. I am César Pérez-Cerviño. I want to thank you that you have sent me your marvellous postcard, I like it a lot, it's great! It has been a big pleasure to help Our Brothers the no-human Animals. Again, a big thank you to you for your nice postcard.
I wish, in the New Year 2011 all your dreams come true. My warmest regards. Your friend, César."


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Thanks for your support!