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Bob's Robber Frog
(Craugastor punctariolus) SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Dr. Andrew Crawford photographed this frog by a stream in Panama's Parque Nacional G. D. Omar Torrijos, shortly before the species went extinct from the wild. A few individuals survive in Panama's EVACC captive-breeding facility. This species is one of many that disappeared from Panama's cloud forests shortly after the arrival of the chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis).

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Endangered Frogs

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This week I give two presentations on frog extinctions, in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Find out more on our EVENTS webpage.

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We need your assistance to get the word out about frog extinctions. Our Spread The Word webpage lists lots of simple ways you can do your part to get the word out.

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A Frog's Lunch
A poem by 4th Grader Erika Porinchak

From the SAVE THE FROGS! 1st Annual Frog Poetry Contest (Winners to be announced soon!)

It’s lunchtime and I’m starving.
I want a nice plump fly.
And then WHOOSH!
A delicious one goes by.
It’s something you giants
Squish with your thumb.
It’s horrible to you,
But to me it’s yum!
This fly will do all sorts of tricks
Until it’s on my tongue
And then it sticks.
Well, lunch looks good.
Eating it I could
And should
And would.
The fly comes close
(In inches-one.)
And I stick out my tongue.
So the fly zooms away.
No lunch today.
A frog’s lunch
Is off, not on.
Know why?

Frog Extinctions in Panama

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,
Panama is home to one of the world’s most biodiverse amphibian fauna. In the last decade however, the deadly amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) has entered the country and has been decimating frog populations as it spreads eastward towards South America. Unfortunately, few Panamanian scientists are knowledgeable in the laboratory techniques necessary to detect the fungus, which makes conducting chytrid research virtually impossible.

Later this month, I head to Panama to teach a 5-day class at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama City. The course, entitled “Instruction and application of real-time PCR molecular techniques for the study of amphibian epidemics” will significantly increase Panamanian scientists' capabilities to manage the threat of the chytrid fungus in their country. The course will take place in Spanish, and be attended by 20 Panamanian scientists.

Frogs Are Back on Capitol Hill

Few politicians are aware that amphibian populations are under threat, and this makes it extremely difficult to get appropriate legislation enacted. In an effort to educate our politicians, as well as lobbyists and passersby, we have created a 4x6' informational poster which now graces eleven locations in the streets of Washington, DC:
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Public service announcements of this nature ensure that our politicians understand the importance of protecting remaining frog populations. Thanks to ClearChannel Outdoor for donating advertising space to SAVE THE FROGS!.

We are currently planning campaigns and will be working in direct contact with politicians to:
(1) Reduce the inter-continental trade in wild-caught frogs;
(2) Ensure that proper protocols are in place to minimize the risk of imported frogs carrying infectious diseases;
(3) Ban harmful pesticides such as Atrazine and Roundup;
(4) Protect ephemeral wetlands.

Please DONATE $20 today and help us SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! makes news in Sri Lanka
SAVE THE FROGS! may be based in the USA, but amphibian extinctions are occuring worldwide, so we make sure that our projects are global in reach. We were pleased to find out that our work was mentioned in the July 5th issue of the Sri Lanka Sunday Times!

Frogs Sri Lanka

We make news because of your support!

Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today so that we can continue educating our society about frog extinctions and the ways everybody can help SAVE THE FROGS!

Please pass this message on to your friends and family, and help us spread the word about amphibian extinctions. Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger


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