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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

We hope you have had a great week. There is plenty of good news to announce in this week's newsletter: from being written up in Scientific American to producing new educational posters for schools, new webpages and more...read on!

SAVE THE FROGS! in Scientific American

Scientific American published an article yesterday featuring SAVE THE FROGS!' efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly chytrid fungus, which is decimating amphibian populations worldwide. The article, entitled "New tools in the fight against frog-killing fungus available online" appeared not only in Scientific American, but was also picked up by Science Daily, Research & Development, and Science Centric.

Donate now and help us prevent the spread of the deadly chytrid fungus!

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SAVE THE FROGS! Tote Bags Now Available

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Formerly available exclusively to SAVE THE FROGS! members, we have now made our beautiful SAVE THE FROGS! tote bags available to the general public. These high-tech environmentally-friendly bags are made out of 7 recycled plastic bottles. Bags are composed of 99% recycled materials, and even have a built in pouch. The entire tote bag is easily condensed inside the pouch to become the size of a tennis ball!

These tote bags not only looks great, but they will significantly reduce your need for harmful plastic or brown paper bags when you go grocery shopping. Did you know Americans go through 1.2 million plastic grocery bags every hour? Tote bags comes in a beautiful Pacific Blue color, and all proceeds support SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide conservation efforts.

Order your SAVE THE FROGS! tote bag today!

This is what SAVE THE FROGS! does

Please have a look at this brand new webpage detailing our list of 2009 activities and accomplishments.

From coordinating the international Save The Frogs Day events to giving free lectures on amphibian extinctions in schools and providing training courses to amphibian biologists in developing nations, SAVE THE FROGS! is making significant progress in the fight to save the world's remaining frog populations...and we are not even 18 months old! Thanks to all our members, volunteers and donors for their support. Please check this activities webpage every so often to watch our list of accomplishments grow!

Frog Poster of The Month - October 2010


In commemoration of the International Day of Climate Action, we have created this beautiful 18x24" limited edition poster to highlight the effects of climate change on Yellowstone National Park's dwindling amphibian populations. The park's Columbia Spotted Frog, Boreal Chorus Frog, Tiger Salamanders populations are facing serious problems as persistent droughts have dried 25% of the park's ponds.

ClearChannel has generously offered to place 7x12 foot versions of this poster in five major U.S. airports, but SAVE THE FROGS! has to pay the printing costs. Your purchase will help us get these posters up where thousands of people will see them every day!

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Order this poster today and help fund our efforts to save Yellowstone's remaining frog populations!

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Donor Profile - 10 year old John from Bozeman, MT

Hi, I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired my son John. He is 10 yrs old and has loved frogs from a very early age. After reading about you in the newspaper, he has been "spreading the word". He made some fliers of his own and has given them to several people. He even handed them out at our garage sale and explained the "cause" to a couple shoppers. Pretty impressive for a 10 year old. He also asked everyone in the family to donate a portion of our garage sale "proceeds" to SAVE THE FROGS!. So I'm sending a check for $70 to you today.
Thank you for your efforts
Sincerely, Joan

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John donated $70 to SAVE THE FROGS!
Can you donate $20?

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Frog of the Week

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I took this photo of Hypsiboas rufitela a few weeks ago while in Panama. After a long day teaching in the lab, my student Samuel took me out to the rainforest in search of glass frogs. We walked 5km and found them at a beautiful stream. Walking home at 1am we were tired but when we heard a chorus of frogs coming from the woods off the main trail, we felt compelled to bushwack until we ended up ankle-deep in the swamp where these amazing frogs were calling. A perfect end to a good night's frogging!

Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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