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Great Opportunity to Save Yellow-Legged Frogs

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

The Yellow-Legged Frogs were once the most abundant frogs in California, but have disappeared from over 90% of the lakes they once inhabited, in large part due to the introduction of non-native trout, which are voracious predators of tadpoles.

The National Park Service is currently deciding whether to remove the non-native trout from Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. They are accepting comments from the public through November 21st.

Click here and send a letter urging the Park Service to remove the non-native trout and save the Yellow-Legged Frogs!

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What's next? Next week we'll start our campain to have the California Department of Fish & Game abandon their plans to stock non-native fish in lakes throughout California. This won't be easy though: the California government has been stocking non-native fish for over 80 years and there is a strong fishing lobby that wants the practice to continue!

All donations doubled through Thanksgiving

An anonymous donor has generously offered to match any donation up to $100 that is made to SAVE THE FROGS! between now and Thanksgiving. So please take advantage of this great opportunity and help us save California's critically endangered Yellow-Legged Frogs from predatory non-native trout. We're putting the pressure on the government, but we need your help!

Donate now to help us save California's critically endangered Yellow-Legged Frogs!
Your donation will be matched!

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Special Thanks to 'Democracy In Action'

If you just sent the National Park Service the letter urging them to remove non-native trout (which we hope you did!), you'll notice that we've got some new software in place. This is courtesy of Democracy In Action, who recently awarded SAVE THE FROGS! a Green Grant, enabling us to use their amazing campaign/petition software free for a year. So be on the lookout for an array of new campaigns we'll soon be announcing, all of which will be easily found on the savethefrogs.com Take Action page.

Live in Virginia?

"The Wild World of Frogs", (the SAVE THE FROGS! show for kids) hits the Charlottesville Discovery Museum this Thursday at 4pm. Find out more on the Events page.

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Thanks for your support!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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