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Help Us Fight Climate Change

"I want to make a difference, these wonderful animals won't be around forever unless people act now. I want to be part of that." -- Save The Frogs Volunteer Simon Noble, United Kingdom

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

We may not have much control over the ongoing Copenhagen Climate Conference, but we still have a fantastic opportunity to take action against climate change...though we have to act fast!

In October, we wrote you to tell you that ClearChannel had offered Save The Frogs FREE advertising space in 5 major airports so that we could run a Public Service Announcement about ponds drying up in the American West. These huge posters are now posted in Denver International Airport, St. Louis International Airport, and at Chicago Midway, where they are educating tens of thousands of people about the effect of climate change on frogs.

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However, we still need to raise $1,600 to print these posters for Chicago O'Hare International and Detroit International airports.

One of the posters for O'Hare will measure 11 feet long by 7 feet high, and will sit in one of the busiest airport corridors on the planet! We can't miss this opportunity to remind people that climate change is a problem NOW, and that it threatens every life form on the planet, even animals living in "protected" national parks. And we have to act fast, because the advertising space offered to us won't sit empty for long.


Every $25 will ensure that one of these posters will go up for 8 days. Your support will ensure that thousands of people see these posters every day!

Please donate $10, $20, $50, or $350 and help us stop climate change and save threatened frogs.

Donate Now!
Remember, any amount helps, even $10. Thanks!

All donations will be doubled through New Year's!

An extremely generous anonymous donor has offered to match all donations to Save The Frogs through December 31st (up to $100 per donor, and $10,000 total). That means your donation this holiday season will go twice as far. Please take advantage of it, and help us protect the world's most endangered group of animals. Thanks!

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Give The Gift of Membership - From Only $20!

Looking for a great gift to give your friend who loves frogs? Make them a member of Save The Frogs! They'll get some great gifts, and your gift will help support our one-of-a-kind frog conservation programs. Every additional member gives us a stronger voice on Capitol Hill each time we advocate for policies that protect threatened amphibian species!

"I love my membership! Please, please, become a member and help save some frogs and toads! Every member counts!" -- Red Frog Member Franceska Zweifler, from Bethesda, MD

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"We need to do something as a species to save these incredible and vital creatures. Thank you for everything that you and your team are doing." -- Green Frog Member Hazel Richards, from Bruailles, France

A Brand New SaveTheFrogs.Com webpage

Between 1998 and 2002, nearly 15 million wild-caught amphibians were legally imported into the United States. Considering that there is also a large illegal trade in amphibians (the numbers of which are never reported) and that the United States accounts for only about 15% of the world's amphibian trade, it is likely that well over 100 million amphibians are removed from the wild each year.

Learn more on our brand new Over-Harvesting webpage.

SaveTheFrogs.Com now has well over 100 pages of material! Thanks to all people whose generous donations enable us to develop our site's educational content.

New Teaching Materials for Children

In our ongoing effort to improve environmental education, we have added new teaching materials to our Teachers for Frogs page. These resources are written using symbols, to support children under 11 and people with special educational needs. The symbols facilitate learning new concepts and words. Thanks to Red Frog Member Cate Detheridge for preparing these teaching materials.

Looking For A Job?

Our friends at the Wildlife Trust in New York City are seeking 11 qualified scientists and program assistants. Learn more at:

Volunteer Profile - Breanna Binder

Breanna is a 4th year Conservation Science major at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. After attending a free Save The Frogs presentation on the amphibian extinction crisis, Breanna decided to become a Save The Frogs intern as part of her Nonprofit Sector class. Breanna has been running informational tables on the George Mason campus, giving short lectures on frog extinctions, and getting a variety of other frog-related activities going on campus.

Interested in starting a Save The Frogs chapter at your school or university? Please have a look at our volunteers page.

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Member Profile - Lan-Yu Hsieh & Tom Pittard

Frog lovers Lan-Yu and Tom are Charter Members of Save The Frogs from Northern California. To support their generous financial contributions to amphibian conservation they created a very special organic stuffed toy frog named Frog-Go. "Making a cute stuffed frog using custom organic cotton velour and then donating 10% of the profits to Save The Frogs has been a great way to make a positive contribution a major environmental issue," said Lan-Yu, who also teaches yoga and healthy asian style cooking. "Also it is nice to make something that's safe and healthy for children to play with."

You can find out more, and order your very own Frog-Go at www.frog-go.com.

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Frog of the Week

After completing my Ph.D. research on the ecology of amphibian diseases in Australia a few years ago, I took a flight a few hours north to Papua New Guinea. I found this Fringed Treefrog (Litoria eucnemis) hanging out by a stream in the mountains near Milne Bay. The Fringed Treefrog lives in northern Australia as well. When sea levels dropped during the last ice age, this species was able to travel freely between the two land masses by way of a large land bridge.

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Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

Frog Gifts

SAVE THE FROGS! is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to amphibian conservation. You can write to us at PO Box 2145, Centreville, VA 20122.

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