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The Environmental Revolution Has Begun

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

The worldwide trade in frog legs is massive, and is undoubtedly a significant contributor to the decline and extinction of amphibian populations worldwide. For example, Europeans alone consumed roughly 120 million frogs per year in the 1990's. The frog legs trade is problematic whether the frogs are wild-caught or farm-raised. Specifically, the harvest of wild frogs leads to the depletion of wild populations, and the trade in farm-raised frogs leads to the spread of harmful infectious diseases and invasive species. In developed countries such as the United States and those of the European Union, there are innumerable culinary alternatives to frog legs. As such, the frog legs trade in the Western world is an unnecessary stressor on the world's fragile amphibian populations.

SAVE THE FROGS has initiated its campaign to clean up the world's food industry. This campaign will not be complete until every restaurant and supermarket on the planet has removed frog legs from its menus. Restaurant by restaurant, supermarket by supermarket, we will see that this comes to pass.

And the first target is Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurant chain.

Boycott Uncle Julios

Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Restaurants

Uncle Julio's is a chain of 16 upscale Mexican food restaurants located throughout TX, VA, MD, FL, IL and GA. Uncle Julio's sells American Bullfrogs farm-raised in China. These "Made in China" bullfrogs are regularly infected with the deadly chytrid fungus, and are harmful invasive species that eat native frogs. As such, Uncle Julio's is contributing to the mass extinction of amphibians worldwide.

To date, Uncle Julio's executives have refused to reply to any of our emails, phone calls or Federal Express letters.

Uncle Julio's is engaging in environmentally irresponsible business practices, and thus Save The Frogs endorses a full boycott of all Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurants. As they have failed to take up our offer to bring positive publicity their way should they cease frog legs sales, SAVE THE FROGS and our supporters are currently hard at work bringing the corporation as much negative publicity as possible. Profits are clearly the only thing of importance to Uncle Julio's CEO Todd Conger; when their profits begin to decrease, we have no doubt that Mr. Conger will come around on this issue.

Click here to view all three letters we sent to Uncle Julio's CEO via Federal Express.

Uncle Julio's Logo

Send this letter to Uncle Julio's CEO

We have created a simple form letter you can send Uncle Julio's CEO with the click of a button:

Or call him:
You can call Uncle Julio's Rio Grande headquarters at 972-554-6886.
Ask for Todd Conger or Nancy West. Type in TODD when it asks for the name of the person whose extension you want. Leave a message if you have to. Please be courteous!

Or send them a letter the old-fashioned way at:
Mr. Todd Conger, CEO
Uncle Julio's Corporation
1101 N. Union Bower, Suite 160
Irving, Texas 75061

Frog Legs credit unknown

Save The Frogs Day Protests at Uncle Julio's

When corporations fail to assume responsibility for actions of theirs that are damaging to the environment, it is imperative that the public holds them accountable. SAVE THE FROGS is currently organizing peaceful (but visible!) protests at all 16 Uncle Julio's Rio Grande locations for the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day, Friday, April 30th.

These will be the first protests to protect frog populations in the planet’s history...but likely not the last!

The protests will educate restaurant patrons and passersby about amphibian extinctions and the problems associated with frog legs. They will also raise awareness of the amphibian extinction crisis, and we will be inviting news reporters, film makers and photographers. Protesters will be distributing educational leaflets on the role of the frog legs trade in worldwide amphibian extinctions, and will be collecting signatures petitioning Uncle Julio's to completely remove frog legs from its menus. We have no doubt that every restaurantgoer that night will know about frog extinctions by the time they finish dinner.

Should these protests and the negative publicity they bring Uncle Julio's not be enough to make them remove frog legs from their menus, SAVE THE FROGS supporters will resume protests indefinitely until victory has been achieved.

Register to take part in the protests, or to help promote or organize them.

We need people on the ground in TX, VA, MD, IL, GA and FL. Cyber-volunteers from anywhere can help promote and organize.

Please inform your local environmental and animal rights groups to seek their support!
Protests are fun and rewarding, so take action!

Uncle Julios Facebook

Brand new Save The Frogs webpage

You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about frog legs and their impact on the environment on our brand new Frog Legs webpage! Be sure to tell your friends to check out www.savethefrogs.com/frog-legs and be sure to link to it from your website or your Facebook, Myspace, or Care2 account!

Our fans disabled Uncle Julio's Facebook Page!

Uncle Julio's Rio Grande staff had been out of the office vacationing for the long weekend...but SAVE THE FROGS! supporters were hard at work filling up Uncle Julio's Facebook Page with comments about the restaurant chain's deplorable environmental practices!

We were going to ask you to become a fan of Uncle Julio's Facebook Page and leave them your own comment, but Uncle Julio has now disabled their page: no new fans allowed and no more ability for fans to post to their page! This is a small but important victory: the harder it is to advertise their restaurants the better, and now they undeniably know that (1) their actions are causing environmental damage, and (2) SAVE THE FROGS cannot be ignored.

Uncle Julios Facebook

Here are some posts we got up after they deleted our initial posts (but before they disabled comments):

Thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook fan community for making this happen!

On the topic of Facebook...

Please sure to become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page and suggest our page to all your friends!

Your school can help end the frog legs trade!

No matter what age you are, you can make a difference by getting all your classmates and teachers to write, email or call up Uncle Julio's and tell them how you feel! Or if there is a restaurant in your town selling frog legs (just do a web search for Frog Legs YOUR TOWN), then start a campaign against that restaurant!

The Official Poster of Save The Frogs Day 2010

In commemoration of the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day, we present this limited edition 18x24" print featuring amazing vector art by graphic design extraordinaire Matthew Bryan of the United Kingdom. Please help fund the environmental revolution we are creating by ordering this limited edition poster. Order it now!

Environmental Revolution Has Begun

Thanks to Matthew Bryan and Square Frog Designs for donating the artwork!

Please help fund the environmental revolution!

SAVE THE FROGS still has only a single full-time employee (myself), because funds do not yet exist to hire assistance. If we're to take on Uncle Julio's, a major chain that has 20 years of infrastructure in place, and more importantly, if we are going to shut down the entire trade in disease-covered, farm-raised, invasive frogs -- AND the trade in wild-caught frogs -- we absolutely need your generous financial support!

Remember, there are numerous problems that need to be dealt with to protect amphibians, not just the frog legs trade:
-- Cleaning up the restaurant trade;
-- Purchasing land for critically threatened species;
-- Improving environmental education in schools;
-- Getting harmful pesticides like atrazine banned and out of production
-- Getting legal protection for numerous threatened (but non-listed) species.
-- The list goes on!!!

Please donate whatever you can...everything helps! We're making it happen, and your donation will kick this campaign into overdrive!!!


Remember that all donations of $25 or higher and all new members get their name on a frog painting by Leah Klehn, which will go up in SAVE THE FROGS! Headquarters...

Thanks everybody! The frogs love you!

Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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