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California's Amphibians Need Your Help!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Earlier this year, the California Department of Fish & Game voted to ban the importation of non-native frogs and turtles for food. Unfortunately, a vocal minority of restaurant and supermarket owners have successfully lobbied the Fish & Game Commission to reconsider that ruling. The "reconsideration" hearing is scheduled for May 20th, 2010.

Please send the Department of Fish & Game this pre-written letter and urge them to keep non-native species OUT of California!

Millions of non-native American Bullfrogs enter San Francisco and Los Angeles each year from ports in China, Taiwan, Brazil and Uruguay. These farm-raised frogs are known carriers of a deadly chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) that has decimated California's native frog populations and caused the complete extinction of up to 100 amphibian species worldwide. One study showed that over 60% of the American Bullfrogs tested in California food markets were infected with the chytrid fungus! Being farmed around the world has also enabled the bullfrogs to become harmful invasive species that prey on native wildlife -- both overseas, and right here in California. The endangered California Red-Legged Frogs are a favorite food of the predatory bullfrogs.

Let's ensure the senseless importation of unnecessary, invasive species is brought to a halt!

Please send the Department of Fish & Game this pre-written letter and help ensure we keep invasive species OUT of California!

FREE Webinar on New Zealand's Threatened Frogs

Dr. Phil Bishop of New Zealand's University of Otago will present a very special one-hour webinar entitled "Saving New Zealand's Threatened Frogs". This webinar is FREE and open to anybody.

Dr. Bishop will introduce you to the amazing life histories of New Zealand's four frog species, including Archey's Frog (Leiopelma archeyi), which has disappeared from 88% of its historic localities in recent years. The Zoological Society of London named Archey's Frog the #1 most evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered amphibian on the planet, but recent proposals by the New Zealand governement may open up the frog's remaining habitat to mining - and doom the species to extinction. The slideshow presentation features photos of New Zealand's unique amphibian fauna and there will be a question and answer session following the presentation.

Space is limited:
Reserve your Webinar seat now.

6pm May 19th US PST 
9pm May 19th US EST
1pm May 20th Auckland Time
11am May 20th Sydney Time
Find out what time that is in your part of the world.


Why Membership Is Important

This Thursday I will speak at the California Fish & Game Commission's hearing at which they will assess the proposal to allow non-native frogs and turtles into the state. Prior to urging the Commission to uphold the current ban, I will be asked to state the number of people I represent; that is, the total number of official SAVE THE FROGS! members...so please become a member today if you are not one already! If you are already a member, thank you, and please recruit some friends family and/or colleagues. I plan to attend many similar hearings in the coming months and years, and the higher our membership number, the more weight my opinion holds in the eyes of the lawmakers. And of course, your membership dues (as low as $20!) make our conservation efforts possible!


The Wild World of Frogs - Free Presentations

Mark your calendars: I will be giving two public presentations on The Wild World of Frogs in the next month.

May 28th - Palo Alto, CA - Bay Area Amphibian & Reptile Society
June 16th - Santa Cruz, CA - Santa Cruz Public Library

I will also be speaking at several local elementary schools and to the staff and docents of the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Get the details on the SAVE THE FROGS! Events Page.

SAVE THE FROGS! on Toronto Radio

Daryn Caister of The Green Majority recently interviewed me on the University of Toronto's CIUT FM 89.5 radio station. You can listen to the 17-minute interview on the SAVE THE FROGS! In The News page. Hear our discussion on frog extinctions, climate change, Carl Sagan and more.

Poetry Contest - Only Two Weeks Left!

Want to win cash prizes, frog fame and maybe even get your poetry featured in a SAVE THE FROGS! poetry book that will raise money for our amphibian conservation efforts? Then don't delay, because the 2nd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest closes on May 29th! Join fellow frog-lovers from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Canada, GHANA, Greece, India, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, USA and Zimbabwe who have already submitted their best frog poetry. Teachers: get your classes involved.

YES! The contest is open to anybody of any age, from any country!

We're pleased to have Peace Frogs as the official sponsor of the 2010 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest. Peace Frogs was also a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day, so go check out their cool frog clothing and apparel!

A World Without Frogs

The 1st Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Essay Contest closes on May 29th! All you have to do to enter is tell us what A World Without Frogs would be like in 300 words or less. Win cash and cool prizes, and carry on the 2,400 year old frog literature tradition of Aristophanes. Learn more at:


Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

Frog Gifts

SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. You can write to us at 303 Potrero Street #51, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA.

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