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Kids Lead The Largest Protests In Defense Of Frog Populations In The Planet's History!

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Elementary and middle school students from Washington DC and Virginia took to the streets this weekend in what was the largest protest in defense of frog populations in the planet's history. With America set to overtake France and Belgium as the #1 frog-eating country on the planet, these kids are leading the movement to bring down the massive frog legs trade and SAVE THE FROGS!

Read More And See More Photos Here!

Frog Legs Protests Kids

Thanks also to the students and alumni of George Mason University for lending a hand!

University Students Save Frogs

Let your voice be heard as well!

Email Uncle Julio's CEO Todd Conger at todd.conger@unclejulios.com or give him a call today at 972-554-6886 (you can leave him a message on voicemail if he's not there!). Want to take part in the next round of protests in TX, VA, MD, IL, FL or GA? Register to take part in a protest here.

Wegmans Supermarket Chain Drops Frog Legs!

Thanks to the hard work of SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Matthew Soranno, Wegmans supermarket chain announced Friday that it is discontinuing sales of frog legs from all of its 76 locations in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland. This is a significant victory for the frogs, as Wegmans is the first supermarket on the planet to remove frog legs from their stores for environmental reasons. We applaud Wegman's decision, which sets an important precedent for supermarkets around the world. According to Wegmans, "we will not be contributing to the spread of the chytrid fungus or the concern about American bullfrogs acting as invasive species in foreign countries".

You can read and download the letter we sent Wegman's CEO that persuaded them to discontinue frog legs sales. Feel free to send a similar letter to a frog legs selling restaurant or supermarket in your hometown! And go shop at Wegmans and thank them for their responsible decision.

Victory Frogs
Frog Art by Amanda Wilson

If you like what we do...
Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! has a tiny staff and a tiny budget, but we makes a huge impact. We've got lots of projects on the backburner, awaiting sufficient funds to kick them into overdrive. Please place a tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS! today and help us cover this planet in kids who care enough about frogs to spend their Saturday afternoons defending them!

Donate Frogs

2011 Info Cards Are Here!

These two-sided 4x6" info cards are a great way to help spread the word about amphibian extinctions. Cards list the primary threats to amphibians, five reasons frogs are important, and 18 ways people can help SAVE THE FROGS! Cards are only $10 per set of 100, which helps us cover printing costs.

Order a set or three here.

Info Cards Frog

Club Card Frogs


Headed back to school?

If you're a student and want to help SAVE THE FROGS!, find a few motivated friends and start a SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter. Once you talk to your school to determine what kind of paperwork is required, send us a line and we'll provide some advice and direction! Here are a few ideas for you...
- Hold a fundraiser for SAVE THE FROGS!
- Hold an educational event.
- Get a restaurant in your area to stop serving frog legs.
- Get your mayor to legally recognize Save The Frogs Day in your city.
- Get your local school board to ban frog dissections.


SAVE THE FROGS! Press Release Archive

Do you write for a newspaper or blog? Have your own website or radio show, or know a local reporter? Stay on top of Save The Frogs news and help us get the word out to the media: you can now find an archive of SAVE THE FROGS! press releases on the SAVE THE FROGS! Press Releases page. If you'd like new press releases mailed directly to your inbox, you can sign up to receive them on that page as well! Feel free to post the press releases on your site, write an article based on them, or send them along to your local newspaper, radio station or TV station. Thanks for helping to spread the word about frog extinctions and the work we do!



Student of the Week - Lillian Crossman from B.C.

Congratulations to British Columbia's Lillian Crossman, SAVE THE FROGS! Student of the Week! Lillian, along with her friends Beau, Dane, Luke, Rachel and Alina have been running lemonade stands in their neighborhood and have raised over $550 for SAVE THE FROGS! There are lots of ways students can help SAVE THE FROGS!, just have a look at our Students for Frogs page to get some ideas.

Students Frogs


Frog Poem of the Week

Here's an entry into the 2010 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest, by Tracey Embry, 17, of Clarksville, GA. Contest winners will be announced soon!

Since I was born,
my home was torn
I always ran, because of man
Enough damage has been done, I know because I am the last one
I am the last amphibian on earth, so take this for what it's worth
Stop what your'e doing, and quit your booing
Spread the word, and make sure everyone has heard
Go to savethefrogs.com, save me before it's too late!

Thanks for your support! Peace out!

PEace Frog by Robbi Lee Ernst

Red-Eyed Peace Frog by Robbi-Lee Ernst, 17

Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger Ngaurahoe

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