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Frog Legs Protest: Round 4

Dear [[First_Name]],

I hope you will join fellow SAVE THE FROGS! supporters Friday October 8th, from 11am-2pm (or any part thereof) for the 4th round of protests at Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurant, located 2 blocks from the Ballston-MU Metro stop, at 4301 North Fairfax Drive in Arlington VA.

This Texas-based restaurant chain has never responded to even one of the 1,781 letters that SAVE THE FROGS! supporters have sent them regarding their frog legs sales.

To me, Uncle Julios corporation represents the worst of corporate America: a profit-driven machine destroying the environment without even thinking twice, all for a quick buck. That is intolerable in this day and age, but unless people like you and me take a stand, there is no reason to think they will change. To be clear, if we live in a pacifist society then we should actually expect that large polluting and ecologically destructive companies will proactively destroy the environment as rapidly as possible to make sure they milk it for all it's worth before it's gone. The CEOs will be smoking cigars in the penthouse suite and we'll be staring at some barren wasteland wondering why we were too lazy to take action and protect our planet.

In order to save the frogs leaping by fresh water ponds,
We can't just wave our magic wands,
We must take action,
To see a reaction.
For these amphibians have unique and fascinating abilities,
That we are able to fix with our nobilities.
Even though these words are succinct,
Frogs need our help to keep from becoming extinct
--Kelly Stephens, Grade 12

How the frog legs trade destroys the environment

FACT: Americans consume 20% of the world's frog legs, and the DC area is a frog legs hotspot.

The frog legs trade is directly responsible for the deaths of over 100 million wild-caught frogs each year. It is also responsible for spreading predatory, disease-prone American Bullfrogs -- native to the eastern USA and Canada -- to the American West and to 15 countries where they don't belong...countries where they decimate native amphibian populations. You see, the American Bullfrogs are ambush predators with mouths so large they can swallow 33" garter snakes. Worse than that is they spread chytrid fungus, a pathogen responsible for the complete extinction of up to 100 amphibian species worldwide.

You probably didn't know this but you live in the absolute epicentre of our movement to completely dismantle the worldwide trade in frog legs. On July 2nd, I stood outside their Arlington restaurant and voiced my opinion. At 11am I hope you will be there to voice yours. Please take a long lunch break and help SAVE THE FROGS!


Flyer front

Flyer back

You can write Uncle Julios CEO Todd Conger at todd.conger@unclejulios.com

Frog Legs Victory Sheet

In April, SAVE THE FROGS! persuaded San Francisco's Restaurant Gary Danko to remove the wild-caught Florida Pig Frogs from their menu, making the restaurant the first in the world to discontinue frog leg sales for environmental reasons.

In May, myself and 1,175 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters helped make California the first state in the country to stop issuing permits for the importation of non-native frogs (and turtles) for use as food.

Last month, Wegmans Markets removed frog legs from all 76 of their supermarkets after we informed them of the ecological damage being caused by the frog legs trade.

Help us add Uncle Julios to this list, so we can move on to the thousands of other American restaurants selling frog legs and wittingly or unwittingly destroying our natural heritage.

Frog Legs Protests Kids

Have fun out there, and thanks for your support!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

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