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Holiday Gifts That Save Frogs!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Happy Holidays! On behalf of SAVE THE FROGS, I would like to invite you to visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center, where you can find wonderful gifts for all the frog lovers on your holiday shopping list! On top of putting a huge smile on the face of the lucky gift recipient, you will be helping to protect the beautiful frogs with whom we are lucky enough to share this planet!

Adopt A Spotted Treefrog!

The perfect gift for any kid who loves frogs! You will be supporting our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts and helping to save the critically endangered Spotted Treefrog (Litoria spenceri) when you order this one-of-a-kind Spotted Treefrog Adoption Kit.


The 14" Spotted Treefrog stuffed animal has 80% organic cotton anti-allergenic velour skin and all natural dyes.

Adopt A Frog

They have been kid-tested and approved, plus they meet all safety standards.

Kid with frog

A beautiful 5.5"x8.5" adoption cetificate is included...

Adoption Certificate

A super cool 4x6" Photo Card is included as well...
Litoria spenceri

It has a fact sheet on the back...

Litoria spenceri

But wait, there's more...the kit also comes with a SAVE THE FROGS! wristband, pin, sticker and bookmark! You'll love it, and so will the lucky recipient! Thanks to Red Frog Members Tom Pittard & Lan-yu Hsieh of Orchid Jade Living for making this adoption kit possible!


Wristbands -- Great Stocking Stuffers!

FACT: Kids love SAVE THE FROGS! wristbands. That's why they are the top-selling item in the history of SAVE THE FROGS!



Bumper Stickers

You may have forgotten to buy carbon offset credits for your vehicle: no problem, these bumper stickers make great frog offset credits.



100% Organic Cotton T-Shirts

I wear a t-shirt 365 days of the year and my SAVE THE FROGS! shirts come into rotation a couple times a week. I'm sure that whoever receives your shirt gift will get some heavy use out of theirs as well! These shirts always get the conversation started!

Frog Shirt

Both the green frog and blue frog shirts are now available in Youth Small (good for 6 year olds)...and all the way up to 2XL!

Frog Shirt

"Maija (11 years old) saw your presentation at the Museum of Science in Boston. She has always been a frog fan, but since seeing this has become a vigilante for trying to save frogs and bees! When asked by my mother what she wanted for XMAS it was instant: "To contribute to Save The Frogs - buy me a t-shirt!
-- Marylynn Orlovsky


Trading Cards

Featuring fantastic frog and toad photos, this one-of-a-kind trading card set contains a hand-picked selection of 25 different amazing amphibian species.

Trading Cards



FACT: My first project for SAVE THE FROGS! -- even before I launched savethefrogs.com -- was creating this 24x36" Frogs of Australia poster. The poster features 15 photos of my favorite frogs encountered during my Ph.D. fieldwork. I used linear equations to ensure perfect symmetry in all aspects of the poster, thereby increasing your visual enjoyment. A timeless classic that you are certain to love!

Frogs Poster


The Gift That Saves The Frogs...And The Trees

How to Stop Junk Mail

All that junk mail you get is a nuisance isn't it? Well that's not the only problem: junk mail is also an environmental nightmare! That's why SAVE THE FROGS! has teamed up with 41pounds.org, a nonprofit that guarantees they will stop 90% of your junk mail. Sign up and 41pounds.org will donate $15 to SAVE THE FROGS!. If you are like the average American, you receive 41 pounds of junk mail each year. Tired of it? So are we! Take action today.

This is the perfect gift for the person who already has everything! And by helping them stop their junk mail, you’ll save approximately 20 trees and 7,000 gallons of water per year, prevent global warming emissions, and best of all you'll be helping SAVE THE FROGS!


Order by Dec 16th & get your gifts by Dec 24th...

All orders placed before December 16th have a high probability of reaching their US/Canada destination by Dec 24th. We do accept international orders...but they may end up being New Year's presents! 

Thank you for supporting SAVE THE FROGS!

Really, thank you!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

Frog Gifts

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