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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

This is what SAVE THE FROGS! accomplished in 2010!

SAVE THE FROGS! is not even 3 years old, but we accomplished an amazing amount in 2010. Thank you for your support and for helping make our work possible! Please take a look at this brand new webpage to see some of the great things that you helped us accomplish in 2011:


Please help us accomplish even more in 2011!

We accomplished a lot in 2010, but let's face it: amphibians are disappearing several thousand times faster than they naturally should be going extinct. There is a LOT of work remaining to be done to save the frogs and to re-build our society into one that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Please help us prepare for a huge 2011 by making the most generous donation you can. Thank you!!!

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SAVE THE FROGS! Wins $5,000 Grant From Patagonia

We are extremely excited to announce that Patagonia has awarded SAVE THE FROGS! $5,000 for our project “Restoring Habitat for Endangered California Red-Legged Frogs in Santa Cruz County”.

Santa Cruz is fortunate to have endangered California Red-Legged Frogs at Antonelli Pond, an urban pond that sees high recreational use due to its accessibility to town. Unfortunately, the long-term future of this population of endangered frogs is not secure due to the presence of predatory non-native fish and frogs at the site, as well as heavy infestation of weeds surrounding the pond.

In partnership with the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, SAVE THE FROGS! will be working in 2011 to restore habitat at Antonelli Pond and increase the number of California Red-Legged Frogs at the pond. We will remove non-native frogs and weeds, and plant native vegetation at the pond; create signs to educate the pond’s visitors about the plight of amphibians and ways they can assist amphibian conservation efforts; and create a short film to document our work at Antonelli Pond. Local youth groups will assist in these efforts, which will help ensure the long-term survival of Santa Cruz’s endangered frog populations.

Patagonia Letter

Thanks to Patagonia for helping fund this project and for their decades of leadership in corporate responsibilty and environmental sustainability -- not to mention their awesome fleeces!

Antonelli Pond


Help Save California Red-Legged Frogs: January 17th

We need your help to save the California Red-Legged Frogs at Antonelli Pond on the west side of Santa Cruz, CA! We will be having monthly cleanup/re-planting events at Antonelli Pond, and your help would be appreciated. Our inaugural event at the pond will be on MLK Day (January 17th, 2011). Come join us at the pond and help us remove invasive weeds! We will be there from 9am-12pm. On February 28th we will return to plant native vegetation. Learn more at:


Antonelli Pond

Rana draytonii


Last month, I gave a presentation on amphibian conservation to undergraduates at UCLA's Climate Change and Earth's Ecology Class. I enjoyed the presentation, and think you will as well! You can listen to and/or download a free mp3 of the presentation on the SAVE THE FROGS! Audio page:


SAVE THE FROGS! Mousepads Now Available

I'm not lying when I tell you this is the coolest looking mousepad I've ever seen! On top of featuring the fantastic neon frog art of Beth Hinson, the mousepads are high-tech and eco-friendly:

-- The cloth polyester top is printed with eco-safe inks.
-- The main rubber backing is made from 60% recycled material (the rest is 1st use but all natural!).

We are sure these awesome soft-top mousepads will brighten up your workspace! Mousepads are only $10 and are a great way to spread the word! They make great belated holiday presents and all proceeds support our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts! Order one today:


Special thanks to these people!

Our successes in 2011 were possible because of the generous financial support of our donors and members, and because of the hard work of all these people:

Debbie Kirk, David Hite, Rob Smiley, John Walasek, Shayna Meikle, Jonathan and Ray Tourzan, Rochelle Owen, Tom Reefe, Dan Martin, Valerie Hemingway, Alyson Lee, Nina D'Amore, Kerriann Light, Robert Bowman, Dave Urbanic, Tom Pittard and Lan-yu Hsieh of Orchid Jade Living, Breanna Binder, Sam Ringel, Kristen Benitez, Lauren Lamboni, Michelle Brunner, Lillian Crossman, Frank Beifus, Phil Bishop, Nina Moore, Mike Rotkin, Makayna Charter, Mark & Rachel Hager, Mike Ringler, Zane Beatty, Rachel Goodman, Carol Carson, Jane Orbuch, Ruth Van Sciver, Mike Labbe, Bob Crisman, Bek Diete, Koyomi Waki, Dawn Cole, Scott Robinson, Connor Olson, Sol Atencio, Eva Leutholds, Matthew Soranno, Courtney Sipe, Susan Newman, Miranda Kett, Leah Klehn, Beth Hinson, Brandon Alms, Jonah Weissman, Toni Rouhana, Dan Albro, Joan Ferrigno, Linda Dennis, Steve Dennis, David Dennis, Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, James Williams, Patagonia, Erin Muths, Marc Hero, Shannon Curtis, David Speiser, Jason Ayres, Ashish and Kristi Bagal, Lynn Overtree and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, the SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee, Whole Foods of Santa Cruz/Capitola, all of our Students of The Week, all the journalists who wrote about us, everybody I met in South Korea (especially Kyoung-hee Hong), everyone who signed our petitions and sent letters for our campaigns, everyone who purchased some cool merchandise SAVE THE FROGS! merchandise, all the Save The Frogs Day Event Hosts, all the Uncle Julios Protesters, our Save The Frogs Day Sponsors (Peace Frogs, Diamondback Trading Cards, Critter Skimmer, Red Droid Software, Digital Frog International), our Save The Frogs Day Partners (National Wildlife Federation, ICIMOD, Miss Earth South Africa, World Museum Liverpool, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum), everybody who hosted a SAVE THE FROGS! presentation, all the frog poets and frog artists who participated in our contests, and of course all of our donors and members, as well as any volunteers we forgot to mention!

Thank you!

Leah Klehn Art

Thanks to Leah Klehn for her artwork that acknowledged all our Save The Frogs Day 2010 donors! You are all now up on the wall in SAVE THE FROGS! World Headquarters!


Thank you for supporting SAVE THE FROGS!

Stay warm!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Ngaurahoe

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