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Save The Frogs Day Protest In Dallas

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

America is on its way to becoming the world's #1 importer of frog legs, and that's bad news for frog populations! Uncle Julios (aka Rio Grande) is an Irvine, TX based Tex-Mex restaurant chain that sells frog legs and has never responded to any of our 2,000+ letters asking them to stop. I'm determined to stamp out America's frog legs trade and I need your help:

Please join a protest at Uncle Julio's Dallas (Lemmon Street) location this Friday April 29th!

Uncle Julios will only stop selling frog legs once the bad publicity they receive outweighs the money they make from selling the frog legs...and once their customers are educated about the disappearance of frogs and Uncle Julio's unwillingness to help. On Save The Frogs Day we will be having a lunchtime (11-2p) and a Happy Hour (4-6p) protest at Uncle Julios. We need you to join us!

Please register here if you plan to attend!

All ages are welcome!

Kids Frog Legs Protest

Uncle Julios

Rio Grande restaurant

QUESTION: Why is this Uncle Julios restaurant manager not happy?

Rio Grande Cafe

ANSWER: Because she knows Uncle Julios loses money when we are in front of their restaurants! That's the key: as Uncle Julios profits go down, they will be forced to re-consider their policy of making money at the expense of the environment.

What are the protests like?

They are fun, peaceful, fulfilling and enlightening. They will be even better with you there!

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It's Save The Frogs Day...
You may as well SAVE THE FROGS!


Save The Frogs Day 2011
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Don't forget to register if you can attend!

Please register here if you plan to attend!

frog legs suck

Thanks for your support! Don't mess with Texas!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

P.S. I'll be at an Uncle Julios protest myself April 27th in Bethesda, MD!

Protest Frog legs

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