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Great News For The Frogs

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Thanks to all our supporters, donors and volunteers who are helping make frog conservation a top priority in the 21st century. We already have 14 countries with events planned for Save The Frogs Day, and we hear about new events daily. I'm busy planning Save The Frogs Day events in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco...hopefully you are planning an event as well!

Frog Legs Victory in California

Over 100 million frogs are taken out of the wild each year for human consumption. Earlier this month, SAVE THE FROGS! supporter Karen Benzel informed me that the Bernardus Lodge & Winery had plans to feature wild-caught frog legs at an upcoming event. I called Bernardus, told them that frogs were rapidly disappearing and requested they not serve frog legs. Chef Cal Stamenov decided not to order frogs for the event or in the future. This demonstrates the importance of environmental education and SAVE THE FROGS' campaigns to raise awareness of frog extinctions. You can't fix a problem if nobody knows the problem exists...but you CAN fix it if they do know!

"We are fortunate to have an organization such as SAVE THE FROGS! in our local community.  I appreciate you taking the time to contact me and share your expertise of the ecological damage created by the frog markets. I wish you the best of success in sharing your knowledge, spreading education and fundraising on behalf of frogs in the future."
--Gina Martin, Assistant to Chef Cal Stamenov, Bernardus Lodge

Please call Gina and thank her and Bernardus Lodge & Winery for their frog-friendly decision!

Amanda Wilson Victory


Save The Frogs Day Events Page

We have created a page where you can learn about the various events that will be taking place around the world this Save The Frogs Day. We will be continuously updating this page as we hear about new events. So please register your event if you are holding one!

Save The Frogs Day Events Page

Save The Frogs Day 2011
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Nate The Newt Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Avalon Theisen, winner of the 2011 Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation. SAVE THE FROGS! has awarded Avalon $500 to help her promote amphibian conservation in Florida. Avalon will be running informational booths at various events and leading her own Save The Frogs Day activity April 29th, which you can attend (learn more here).

Avalon frogs 2

"I'm Avalon and I'm in 4th grade. I love frogs and love teaching others about them, too. I care a lot, I have already helped a lot and if I win the Nate the Newt Award, I can help even more!"

Nate The Newt


Save The Frogs Day Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Hari Bahadur Rana from Chitwan, Nepal, winner of the 2011 Save The Frogs Day Award. SAVE THE FROGS! has awarded Hari $500 to help him organize Save The Frogs Day activities at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science and throughout the Chitwan region.

"Save The Frogs Day 2011 is an opportunity for us to reach a large mass of people and ask them for their co-operation for frog conservation in the Chitwan district of Nepal. Our initiative from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science is one of the first of its kind on amphibian conservation awareness program in Nepal. The students are so enthusiastic that they plan to form a group named Biodiversity Initiative Group (BIG) among themselves and work collectively to carry out the planned task mentioned forth. I consider BIG, not only will carry out the program this time but will exist in future days and make the conservation program sustainable within and outside the college. My students are very happy and enthusiastic about this program and so am I. We are very committed and will leave no stone unturned to make this program a success. An individual made aware is a generation informed."

Hari Bahadur Rana
Associate Professor -- Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

Save The Frogs Day Registration Page

Are you planning a Save The Frogs Day event? If so, please be sure to REGISTER YOUR EVENT: then we know exactly what's taking place on Save The Frogs Day, and we can post your event on the website so others in your area hear about it. Thanks!



Neon Frog Art Poster Now Available

This 18x24" Neon Frog Art Poster will be sure to brighten your wall and get people interested in frog art! It features the amazing artwork of Elizabeth Hinson, Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest. Give one to a local school, or hang it up in your room or office: this is one of the coolest posters you'll ever see, guaranteed!

Neon Frog Art Poster

All proceeds from sales of this poster help fund SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation projects.

Order the poster here!

SAVE THE FROGS! Slideshow in French

As part of our ongoing efforts to translate our educational materials into multiple languages, we have translated our Wild World of Frogs PowerPoint presentation into French, and you can download it here:

SAVE THE FROGS! 2011 Conference Travel Grant

Attending professional conferences and presenting one's research results is an integral part of a research scientist's education and training, and an important way to make professional contacts and quickly disseminate research results to a broader audience. Unfortunately, these conferences are often prohibitively expensive for students. For the 3rd consecutive year, SAVE THE FROGS! is offering a $500 travel grant to a highly qualified graduate student to present their research results at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (to be held in Minneapolis, MN this summer). Applicants will be judged on the quality and conservation value of their research. Applications are due by May 1st.

Learn more & apply here.


Your support enables us to SAVE THE FROGS!

From organizing the world's largest day of amphibian education to getting frog legs off of menus and providing funds to students and amphibian conservationists in developing countries, we are making huge progress towards creating a frog-friendly society and keeping frogs from going extinct.

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Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kayak

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