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My Meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

As part of our ongoing campaign to ban the harmful pesticide Atrazine, last Friday I gave a 50-minute presentation on amphibian conservation to 10 members of the EPA's Pesticide Division. I spoke about the threats amphibians face, the importance of protecting amphibians and the problems with Atrazine. I showed pictures from the Save The Frogs Day Rally in DC and officially delivered our petition with the signatures of 10,012 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters calling for a federal ban on the use and production of Atrazine.

Read about my meeting with the EPA and the path that lies ahead in our efforts to ban Atrazine.

Atrazine DC Rally
Save The Frogs Day; Washington DC, April 29, 2011

Save The Frogs turns three!

I'm happy to announce that SAVE THE FROGS! celebrates its 3rd birthday today. Thanks to everybody who has helped us get this far in so short a time! I look forward to your support in the years and decades to come, and I look forward to sharing many more successes with you.

Frog Art by Chatsuree Lebsing
Frog Art by Chatsuree Lebsing

A message from the EPA to you

One thing the people at the EPA reminded me of is that we all have the right to speak at public hearings, and that our politicians are generally happy to meet with us. I was granted a meeting with the EPA because I asked for one. I strongly encourage everybody to attend a town hall meeting or set up an appointment with your local politicians and educate your elected and appointed officials about amphibians and Atrazine!

Frog Art by Subha Chakroborty
Frog Art from India by Subha Chakroborty.

The First Save The Frogs Day Wedding!

Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! fans Sabrina Laben and Simon Pittman who got married on Save The Frogs Day. And thanks to their guests who helped them raise $570 for SAVE THE FROGS! Read all about the wedding here. Good luck Sabrina and Simon!

Frog Wedding

Litoria pearsoniana


Save The Frogs Grantee Makes News in Florida

Last year SAVE THE FROGS! awarded Taegan McMahon -- a graduate student at the University of South Florida -- a $500 conference travel grant so she could present the results of her research at the 2010 Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. Taegan's work on the deadly fungicide chlorothalonil was recently highlighted in the St. Petersburg Times article "USF study concludes that common fungicide is deadly to frogs". Congratulations Taegan and thanks to everybody whose financial support makes these awards possible!

Scaphiophryne Erik Burges
Scaphiophryne gottlebei - Photo by Erik Burgus

Save The Frogs Day Photos

Wasn't there some big frog day that happened last month? Yes! We are working on getting the best Save The Frogs Day photos and stories on the website. If you participated in an event, we seek your photos!

Submit Your Save The Frogs Day Photos Here!

Vic Eichler
Frog biologist Dr. Vic Eichler gathered with some friends and neighbors to celebrate Save The Frogs Day at a local wetlands in Southwest Michigan April 29, 2011.

Happy Save The Frogs Day!

Thanks for helping SAVE THE FROGS!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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