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Please forward this letter to your friends and colleagues!

Sharp Park Vote Takes Place Monday December 5th!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

At long last the City of San Francisco has set a date to vote on the fate of the Sharp Park Wetlands and the endangered California Red-Legged Frogs and San Francisco Garter Snakes that live there. The city is currently draining the wetlands to make way for a taxpayer-subsidized golf course -- and illegally killing endangered frogs in the process.

Please send this letter to the City of San Francisco:

The upcoming vote was prompted by the letters of 1,392 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters; by the 100 people who attended our Save The Frogs Day Rally at City Hall last April (at which Supervisor John Avalos, who introduced the legislation, pledged his support); and by the efforts of the Wild Equity Institute and several San Francisco area environmental and social justice groups.


Please join me at City Hall in San Francisco Monday December 5th!

We need you to show up and tell the supervisors to vote to support Sharp Park! The hearing will be sometime between 10am and 2pm in Room #250, San Francisco City Hall. Please be there at 10am and fill out a comment card and come planning to speak for 2-3 minutes maximum...yes this will be your chance to speakup for the frogs. The hearing will be before the City Operations and Neighborhood Services (CONS) Subcommittee of the board. The supervisors on this subcommittee are our champion John Avalos (chair), ally Eric Mar, and opponent Sean Elsbernd. This vote is the first of three the City will take on the issue; this vote will be the public's only chance to speak to the city about this matter. The next two votes happen within 1 week of the first vote. You can view the proposed legislation here.

Sharp Park


SAVE THE FROGS! in the Huffington Post

SAVE THE FROGS' campaign to ban the sale, importation, release and possession of live American Bullfrogs in the American West made Monday's Huffington Post -- and last week's LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Education is the first step to solving any environmental problem, so we are pleased that this issue is now getting the attention it deserves.

Frog Poetry of the Week

In order to save the frogs leaping by fresh water ponds
We can't just wave our magic wands.
We must take action
To see a reaction. 
Even though these words are succinct,
Frogs need our help to keep from becoming extinct.
--Kelly Stephens, 12th grade, Mountain View High School, CA


Are you a frog-loving federal employee?

If you are a federal employee, postal worker or member of the U.S. military, you can now donate to SAVE THE FROGS! through your Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC Number is 77557, and you can find us in the CFC directory. Thanks!


Special Prize for December's Largest Donor!

SAVE THE FROGS! is offering a brand new copy of the out-of-print "Threatened Amphibians of the World" book ($200+ value) to December's highest donor. Threatened Amphibians of the World is a visual journey through the first-ever comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world's 6,000+ known species of frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians. All 1,900 species known to be threatened with extinction are covered, including a description of threats to each species and an evaluation of conservation measures in place or needed. Each entry includes a photograph or illustration of the species where available, a distribution map, and detailed information on range, population and habitat and ecology. Introductory chapters present a detailed analysis of the results, complemented by a series of short essays written by many of the world's leading amphibian biologists. Appendices include annoted lists of lower risk species and a country-by-country listing of threatened amphibians. We will notify the winner the 1st week of January. Thanks for your support!




SHARP PARK - Save The Frogs Day Photos

Over 100 enthusiastic supporters joined the SAVE THE FROGS!, Wild Equity Institute, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, H.O.M.E.Y., and Action for Animals in front of San Francisco's City Hall for the Save The Frogs Day Rally on April 29th, 2011! San Francisco District 11 Board of Supervisor Member John Avalos spoke on behalf of the frogs, and has now introduced the legislation to be voted on December 5th to shut down the golf course.

SF Board of Supervisor Member John Avalos pledging his support:John Avalos

Sharp Park Rally

The following photos by Paul Rattay:
Save Frogs Kid

Save The Frogs SF Rally

Save Frogs Kids

The following photos by Tony Iwane:
Sharp Park Golf SF

Frog Sign

Frog Art SF


Adopt Me! Save Me!

Adopt A Frog


Here's a great way to help SAVE THE FROGS!

2012 is going to be a big year for SAVE THE FROGS! and we need your help to ensure we can accomplish our goals -- like having 200+ educational events in 30 countries on the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day, April 28, 2012. Please help us secure funds so that we can give $500 grants to groups planning large Save The Frogs Day educational events!!! Each of these events will educate hundreds of people about frogs; YOUR support will make this possible!


Donate Frogs

See you in San Francisco Monday December 5th!

Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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