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SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

The 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest received 700 entries from 33 countries.

Read the winning poems here.

Congratulations to:
-- Michael James Faulkner of Ada, Oklahoma, the 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest Grand Prize Winner and reigning Save The Frogs Poet Laureate!
-- Karna Jandzinski, Age 11, of Sandy Hook, Virginia, for her poem "Ode To The Frog". Karna is the winner of the Under 13 Category. And Congratulations to
-- Crystal Song, 16, of Auburn, WA, winner of the 13-17 age group, for her poem "Hear Them Singing Sweetly".

Thanks to all the contestants for their fabulous frog poetry! The contest is a fantastic way for teachers to get their students thinking about amphibian conservation issues. The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest will run from January 15th to October 15th, 2012. All ages and nationalities are encouraged to enter!

Artist Frogs
Frog Art by Harshitha Mattapally, 13

Help Us Keep The Pressure on the Mayor of San Francisco!

On December 13th, the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco voted 6-5 in favor of legislation to save the Sharp Park Wetlands and the endangered California Red-Legged Frogs that live there. However, the Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee is threatening to veto, and he could do so anytime between now and December 23rd. Flooding his office with phone calls is the only thing that will stop his veto!

Please CALL Mayor Ed Lee's office at (415) 554-6141 between 9am and 5pm M-F and say:
"I am calling to ask Mayor Lee please DO NOT VETO the Sharp Park legislation just passed by the Board of Supervisors. I support the Sharp Park legislation because it is important that we protect
endangered frogs and other wildlife. Wetlands are critical to the health of the planet. Thanks for helping SAVE THE FROGS!."

Phone calls are way better than emails, but if you can't call, email: mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org

Sharp Park Golf Course


My Open Letter To The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle bashed environmentalists on Friday. Read my open letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, which I am hoping they will publish as an Op-Ed:

An Open Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle

Nature Art
Frog Art by Ron Phillips


SAVE THE FROGS! Klean Kanteens

Bottled water is not only expensive, it's bad for the environment:
-- The plastic is made from oil;
-- The production of the bottle is water-intensive;
-- The bottle gets shipped to you in a polluting vehicle.

Save money and the planet, and help spread the word by drinking out of a SAVE THE FROGS! Klean Kanteen. 100% of proceeds go to SAVE THE FROGS' worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.


Klean Kanteen

water bottles



Adopt A Spotted Treefrog

The perfect gift for any kid who loves frogs! You will be supporting our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts and helping to save the critically endangered Spotted Treefrog (Litoria spenceri) when you order this one-of-a-kind Spotted Treefrog Adoption Kit.

Adopt A Frog


Thanks to Tom Pittard and Lan-yu Hsieh for donating the frogs!

In the days before SAVE THE FROGS!

Prior to founding SAVE THE FROGS! I spent four years in Australia researching the chytrrid fungus, which has driven many amphibian species to extinction worldwide. This paper by myself & SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member Dr. Jean-Marc Hero was the Journal of Zoology's most cited paper in 2007/2008 and has been cited in 78 scientific articles:

Large-scale seasonal variation in the prevalence and severity of chytridiomycosis

Sophia Tan
Deadly Fungi Frog Art by Sophia Tan - Age 11


Save The Frogs Club of Santa Cruz High

On Wednesday, the Save The Frogs Club of Santa Cruz High School held its inaugural meeting, at which I gave a guest presentation. This is the world's first official high school chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. Learn how to get a chapter started at tyour school or university:


Frog Anime
Frog Art by 20 year old Seungmi Jong


Malaysia is in on Save The Frogs Day!

We are aiming to have 200+ events in 30 countries on the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day, so I was pleased to receive this letter yesterday from Malaysia, a country with high amphibian biodiversity but as yet no SAVE THE FROGS! presence:

"Hello from Malaysia! I am a university professor here in this tropical country, and we were just discussing with some committee members from the Malaysian Nature Society that we would love to join the "Save the frogs initiative" with some actions on the 2012 "Save the frogs day" and the years to follow. Kindly advise how to proceed."

Save The Frogs Day


Help keep species alive, in the wild where they belong!

Gastrotheca cornuta

Donate Frogs
Your generous tax-deductible contribution makes all our work possible!



Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

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