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Victory: Another Law Enacted To Protect Frogs

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

At the request of SAVE THE FROGS!, on January 24th the City of Santa Cruz became the first city in the USA to ban bullfrogs. More recently, on February 28th I spoke to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and they followed suit by voting unanimously to ban the importation, sale and purchase of American Bullfrogs in the county. We are now moving to the state level and hope to soon make California the first state in the country to ban these non-native predators that are imported into the state by the millions each year for use as pets and frog legs. Read the San Jose Mercury News Article by Jason Hoppin here.


Frogs Victory

Pacific Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris regilla) are a common prey of American Bullfrogs.


Milestone: savethefrogs.com website gets its 1,000,000th unique visitor

in March 2008, I spent three weeks reading a 1,000 page web design book. Then I built www.savethefrogs.com from scratch and have since put 1,000+ hours into improving the website: adding educational materials and otherwise improving communication between all people concerned about frogs, and ensuring that web surfers, students, teachers and others know how THEY can help save frogs. The savethefrogs.com website is possibly the most important and powerful tool we have. So I was happy the site received its millionth unique visitor last week.

More great news: I've watched 45 website design tutorial videos in the last 6 weeks and am preparing to convert our website to Joomla, which will be a HUGEt improvement. The new site will attract far more users; facilitate making the site multi-lingual; increase our donations and merchandise sales; enable scientists and others around the world to upload content (versus just me!); look better; be easier to navigate...and more! With the new site, we should be able to get our next million visitors in half the time as our first million.

If you know Joomla and would like to provide volunteer website assistance, pleae let us know. If you would like to donate to help us fund the $3,000 necessary to convert and supercharge our website, please reply to this email. Thanks!

Dallas Frogs


25 Save The Frogs Day events planned in Bangladesh

On February 9th, I gave a webinar/skype presentation to 75 scientists from Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Science University (CVASU) in Bangladesh. The scientists, led by Nurul Islam, are coordinating 25 Save The Frogs Day events in Bangladesh this April! We discussed a new era of amphibian conservation in Bangladesh and the hopeful formation of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh in the near future. If you would like to donate $100 to sponsor a Save the Frogs Day event in Bangladesh, please reply to this newsletter and say you want to help. Your support is crucial: Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Thanks!

"Thanks Kerry Kriger for your time being with us. it's a great step for amphibian conservation and education in Bangladesh." -- Dr. Shaneaz Ali Khan, CVASU

Bangladesh Frogs

Bangladesh webinar frogs


Three Great Speakers at the "Seattle Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run & Walk"

Please inform your friends in Washington state: there will be three fantastic free presentations on amphibians from highly respected amphibian biologists following the 5K (from 12p-1:30pm), suitable for an audience of all ages:
-- Dr. Pete Trenham, Western Washington University
-- Dr. Marc Hayes, WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife
-- Amy Yahnke, University of Washington

Dr. Trenham taught an excellent California Tiger Salamander course I took in 2010. Dr. Hayes gave a great presentation on Washington's amphibians at the Mercer Slough Environmental Educational Center the night I spoke there. Amy was featured alongside me on Seattle's King 5 TV, you can watch the video on www.savethefrogs.com/bullfrogs - Please try to be there, and spread the word.

Learn more & register for the 5K here.

Save The Frogs Day Seattle


Brand New Stickers!

Our brand new, limited edition 2" Circle Stickers are perfect for spreading the word and giving out as gifts. Plus they look great, featuring my all-time favorite frog, the Southern Orange-Eyed Treefrog from Queensland, Australia!


Frog Sticker

10 bumper stickers - $9.95
25 bumper stickers - $12.95
50 bumper stickers - $20.95
100 bumper stickers - $34.95
250 bumper stickers - $54.95


Save The Frogs! Club of Santa Cruz High School Makes News

It's great to see students helping out, so I was excited to see this letter to the editor appear in the February 21, 2012 Santa Cruz Sentinel, the most widely read newspaper in town. The Save The Frogs! Club of Santa Cruz High School is our first official high school chapter.

Santa Cruz Bullfrogs
A week after this article appeared, the Board voted unanimously to ban the purchase, sale and importation of American Bullfrogs.


Help us raise $25,000 by Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day is the single most important program we run because it reaches tens of thousands of people and gets worldwide media publicity. Also, event organizers raise significant funds for SAVE THE FROGS! at their events, and this funding source fuels many of our other conservation programs. Help us reach our goal of $25,000 raised between now and Save The Frogs Day. Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure we reach our goal of 200 events in 30 countries this Save The Frogs Day, and it will ensure we have funds to continue our efforts full steam after Save the Frogs Day. SAVE THE FROGS! has a small staff, but with your support we make a huge impact. Please donate at:


Donate Frogs


More great news coming soon!

Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Save The Frogs Day 2012

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