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Save The Frogs Day only 10 days away!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Save The Frogs Day is coming up fast, and I hope you can attend one of the 100+ registered events taking place around the world. We've created this Save The Frogs Day events map to help you find events in your area. If you are holding your own event but haven't registered it, please do so today! Save The Frogs Day events are taking place in at least 28 countries!

Learn about the events here | Register your event here

Save The Frogs Day 2012 Event Map


SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh

Thanks to a $2,000 grant from SAVE THE FROGS!, Nurul Islam is organizing 25 Save The Frogs Day educational events in Bangladesh! We're excited to create so much excitement about amphibians in a country that has traditionally had no amphibian conservation or research. Learn about some of the events here:

Save The Frogs Day in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Frogs


Save The Frogs Day in Ghana

With over 90% of Ghana's rainforests destroyed, Ghana's frogs are in serious need of assistance. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana will celebrate Ghana's first ever Save the Frogs Day with major events in both Kumasi and the Northern Region city of Chiana-Navrongo. Events include the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! football (soccer!) match; tree planting along the Wewe River; Dancing & Drumming for the Ghanaian Frogs; presentations on amphibian conservation, a parade and much more. Find all the details at:


Ghana Frog Shirt
If you have yet to order an awesome 100% organic cotton SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana shirt, please do so now -- all proceeds go to saving Ghana's frogs!


Free mp3 on amphibian conservation

On April 5th, I was the guest on Canada's Conscious Discussions radio show with host Lillian Brummet. You can download the full-length (1hr) interview for free. Hear me discuss Atrazine, frog legs, dissections, my background, Save The Frogs Day, bottled water and more. I really liked this one, enjoy!


Bolitoglossa muelleri
Photo of Bolitoglossa muelleri courtesy Danny Mazariegos


Frog Art Fundraiser Announced: September 7th, 2012

Announcing the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Art Fundraiser, to be held September 7th, 2012 at Art du Jour in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. Join us to see and buy some of the greatest frog art ever created, including this piece donated by Frank Beifus. Mark your calendars and spread the word!


Frank Beifus Art


Please welcome Jacqueline Sapoama Kumadoh

We are pleased to now have Miss Jacqueline Sapoama Kumadoh as the 2nd staff member of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. She is a bee keeping and apiary management trainer and through working with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana she aims to promote bee keeping as a win-win approach to saving Ghana's frogs while alleviating poverty, which is often given as excuse of destroying frogs' habitats. She is also keen in spreading SAVE THE FROGS! word through conservation education. Jacqueline holds a Master's degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Greenwich, UK and a bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology's department of Wildlife and Range Management. She has worked as a conservationist since 2009, working with dynamic conservation organisations including 2 National Parks in Ghana and A Rocha Ghana. She has special interest in community conservation efforts and has in press a paper on 'Communities' contribution to conservation in Ghana'.

Please welcome Jacqueline by emailing her encouragement at jacqueline@savethefrogs.com - Thanks!

Jacqueline Kumadoh


Fundraise for SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! depends on the assistance of frog-loving people like you to help fund our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. You can make a real-life impact by becoming a SAVE THE FROGS! fundraiser. We've designed a webpage to give you the tips and tools you need to become a successful SAVE THE FROGS! fundraiser. Save The Frogs Day is coming up April 28, 2012, so now's a great time to get started. Thanks, and good luck!

Fundraise for Frogs

Click here to get started fundraising for the frogs!


Do you use eBay?

Please designate SAVE THE FROGS! as the charitable recipient of your next eBay sale. SAVE THE FROGS! is registered as a nonprofit with eBay and its charitable wing MissionFish, which means when you sell an item on eBay you can dedicate a portion or all of the proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS!. Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you're at it! We suggest using text in your item description that begins with something to the effect of "100% of proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will go directly to SAVE THE FROGS! (www.savethefrogs.com), America’s first and only public charity dedicated to amphibian conservation." Thanks!



Madagascar and Nepal need your help today!!!

Did you notice that there are no events taking place in Nepal or Madagascar this year? These are two of the world's poorest countries and both have extremely high rates of deforestation. We have groups in both countries standing by ready to hold Save The Frogs Day events but they lack funds. SAVE THE FROGS! has already distributed over $6,000 in grants this year and there's no way we can fund these two events without your generous assistance. Can you help us raise $200 for each group?? Please donate $25 or whatever you can afford, and then just reply to this email asing me to direct thate donation to these events.

Getting both groups funded would mean we reach our goal of 30 countries taking part this Save The Frogs Day!!! Your help will go a long way. The frogs thank you!


Donate Frogs



Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

Save The Frogs Gift Center

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