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SAVE THE FROGS! at the EPA's Atrazine hearings

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

On Tuesday I gave a 25 minute presentation to the US Environmental Protection Agency's Scientific Advisory Panel at their Atrazine hearings in Arlington, VA. I have given over 200 presentations since I founded SAVE THE FROGS! four years ago, and this is definitely one of my best, so please go listen to it:

Here is an mp3 of my speech (right-click to download).

Also, here is a PDF of my slideshow and here is some text from my speech. Learn all about Atrazine right here.

"I've listened to your lecture you gave at the EPA twice, it really was perfect!" -- Debra Mahony
"CAN YOU HEAR ME CLAPPING!!!!! Awesome job! You knocked their socks off :) " -- Alyson Lee

Save The Frogs Rally


Please donate to help us get Atrazine banned!

I seek a clean America in which to live. Do you? Then please help us get Atrazine banned! I strongly encourage you to donate to SAVE THE FROGS!. It's us against Syngenta, the world's largest pesticide company, who sent 24 representatives to the hearings and has billions of dollars with which to lobby! We can get Atrazine banned, but we need your help!

Thank you to all our supporters!



10 year old helping to get Atrazine banned

When I arrived at the EPA Tuesday I was happy to hear that the hearing's organizer Dr. Sharlene Matten planned to read a speech written by one of our 10 year old supporters who was unable to attend. Here it is:

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Bryer i really want to speak at the save the frogs event but i live in california. i hope im not asking for to much and feel free to say no but i was wondering if you could show my speech or have someone say it for me. my speech is......................

"Hello my name is Kaitlyn Bryer and im 10 years old. The day i found out that frogs are disapearing i knew i needed to make a difference. My first step was telling everyone at school about this. Out of like 100 students only about 5 agreed with me. In the progress ive been teased and made fun of alot but that didnt stop me. Ive been called nature girl, froggy,mother nature and lots of other names. ive been trying to earn money to donate but nobody seems to care. no matter what gets in my way ill keep trying. Frogs are so important to m The main point is that without frogs our world would be terrible. So you should care."

Kaitlyn frogs

Kaitlyn email speech frogs

"Save The Frogs is a wonderfull site. Someday frogs will be saved all thanks to you people.....you rock"
-- Kaitlyn

Feel free to email Kaitlyn at froglvr621@aol.com and join our Facebook page at: http://facebook.com/savethefrogs


SAVE THE FROGS! in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the most densely concentrated human populations on the planet and that means frogs there face many threats from habitat destruction, over-harvesting and pesticides. On the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day our supporters held 18 educational events in Bangladesh. Please read this short paper about our efforts there:

Islam, M.N., Shaikat, A.H., Khan, S.A., Hassan, M.M., Kriger, K.M. (2010) Concern over destroying frog habitat on the occasion of Save The Frogs Day in Bangladesh. FrogLog 20(3):28

"Together we can create a new era in amphibian conservation in Bangladesh."
-- Nurul Islam, Co-Founder SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh


Mymensingh frogs

Chawai frogs


Take a Trip to Ecuador with the Biodiversity Group

Ever wanted to go explore the Amazon? Now's your chance! Join the Biodiversity Group on one of their awesome Ecuador Amazon expeditions: let them know SAVE THE FROGS! referred you and they will donate $100 to SAVE THE FROGS!

Learn more and sign up here!

The Biodiversity Group is an international team of wildlife biologists, educators, and photographers dedicated to preserving the smaller majority of animal life on Earth. Rooted in the science of ecology, we illuminate little known communities of animals in shrinking wild places. Our photography shares beauty, value, and scientific information to a worldwide audience through the camera-eye. And by fostering local education, we empower people with the experiences, skills, and tools to steward the rich ecosystems that surround and sustain them. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate informed management decisions by people, governments, and land preservation organizations to keep incredible biological landscapes intact for future generations.

Biodiversity group panels



Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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