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Dear [[First_Name]],

I hope your summer has been filled with the sounds of frogs calling. SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey and I just returned to California from an incredibly productive trip to the 7th World Congress of Herpetology in Vancouver, British Columbia. We spoke to hundreds of amphibian biologists from around the world; met with Board Members, Advisory Committee Members, Student Members; signed up new members and volunteers; and got lots of new frog-saving ideas.

When I got home last night I wrote up a list of 20+ different amphibian conservation projects SAVE THE FROGS! is working on: ranging from educating school children to banning harmful pesticides; upgrading our outdated website and getting undergraduates out in the field to save the mountain yellow-legged frogs in the remote wilderness areas of the Sierra Nevadas.

BUT HERE'S THE DEAL: we can't fix one of the most significant environmental problems our planet has ever faced on our current annual budget of $120,000. Our incredibly talented staff and volunteers want to get these projects done; we need YOUR support to make this all happen. We know how to save the frogs...we just need your financial support.

Please place the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can afford and help us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 by August 28th!!! Thanks!





Brand New Webpage: Our 2011 Accomplishments

Please visit our brand new webpage that lists all of our 2011 accomplishments!  Learn how your money is put to good use saving frogs in California, across the USA, and around the world:


pseudacris cadaverina
Pseudacris cadaverina photo by Michael Starkey


The Body Shop to support SAVE THE FROGS! efforts in Mexico

We are pleased to announce that the Body Shop Foundation will be supporting SAVE THE FROGS! through their in-store promotions over the next year. We do not yet know how much money this will amount to, but we are hoping for at least $10,000! The Body Shop has a special interest in conservation of Mexican wildlife and will be supporting our efforts in Mexico. We will be working with SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Victor Luja to focus in on Mexico’s most threatened amphibians, and developing conservation and education projects to protect these species and involve local communities. Please stay tuned for more info as this project develops over the next few months, and thanks to the Body Shop Foundation!

Victor Luja
Victor Luja visiting SAVE THE FROGS! World Headquarters in Santa Cruz

Victor Luja Frogs
Breeding pond of Spea multiplicata and Hyla arenicolor threatened by urbanization. Sierra de Guadalupe, Estado de Mexico.

SAVE THE FROGS Factoid: Dr. Kerry Kriger‘s first experience working with amphibians was volunteering on a Canyon Treefrog (Hyla arenicolor) project in Zapotitlan de Salinas in southern Puebla state in 2002.


The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest is underway

The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest runs from January 15th, 2012 to October 15th, 2012. Please enter your finest frog poem, and inform your local schools and poetry societies!


Frog Poetry Contest

When We Have All Gone

A water way altered
a creature disturbed
a world-wide crisis
a silent word.

Amphibians alike
all cower in dread
their homes demolished
their legacy dead.

Help from the humans
is needed, a fact
to keep our frog friends
alive and intact.

By Cody Devine, USA, Age 14


Salesforce renews their support for SAVE THE FROGS!

Thanks to the Salesforce Foundation for renewing their sponsorship of SAVE THE FROGS! – If you need CRM or cloud computing, go check out Salesforce. If your business would like to sponsor SAVE THE FROGS, please email breanna@savethefrogs.com – Thanks!


Stop Your Junk Mail & Save The Frogs

Thanks to the 42 supporters who signed up with www.41pounds.org last year, helping us raise $630 and getting all their junk mail stopped for 5 years! Please golearn more and signup:


Stop Junk Mail


Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Ravenscroft frogs

Sycamore Creek NC frogs
At Ravenscroft Middle School in North Carolina, April 2012.

Save The Frogs Gift Center

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