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Join SAVE THE FROGS! in Belize January 2013

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

You are cordially invited to join SAVE THE FROGS! on a 10-day eco-tour of Belize January 5th through January 15th, 2013! Belize is a wonderful little country located east of Guatemala and nestled beneath the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Like many countries in Central America, Belize is a hotspot of biodiversity. Belize is home to 37 known amphibian species, as well as an array of bats, birds, lizards, corals and other amazing wildlife. This will be amazing and we hope you can join us!

The trip will be led by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger; SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey; and Sacramento City College Professor Dave Wyatt -- who has been leadingĀ Belize eco-toursĀ for 7 years! We will also be accompanied by Mayan naturalists and field guides. Space is limited, so we encourage you to start planning ASAP. Contact starkey@savethefrogs.com with any questions and get all the details at:


Agalychnis callidryas Starkey
Red-Eyed Treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas), the world's most photographed frog.

Mayan ruins at Xunantunich

Patch Reef Whale Shoal
Patch Reef Corals, Whale Shoal

Blue Creek Belize
I can't wait to swim at Blue Creek!

Leptodactylus fragilis Belize
Learn all about our Belize conservation efforts at http://savethefrogs.com/belize

Learn more about the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Eco-Tour at:



Photos from the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS Art Show

Thanks to Art du Jour for hosting the best frog art show in modern history Friday night! Over 250 people came by to see the art and enjoy the festivities. Thanks to our awesome volunteers, all the artists, musicians and attendees. We can't wait for the next one! The art that remains will stay up at Art du Jour through this Friday, so go check it out anytime 12pm - 6pm.

See event photos here.

Frog Art Show

Kid Frog Hat smile

Katie Harper Art

Tai Stills
Thanks especially to SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member Tai Stills (left) for framing the art and setting up the show!



I've donated $374 to SAVE THE FROGS this year, can you pitch in too?

That's right, I donate too: I've donated $374 to SAVE THE FROGS thus far in 2012. What's crazy is that I have only received $13,333 in wages this year for all my efforts. I haven't been paid in over 4 months. I'm on track to earn one-fourth the salary of the average Ph.D. in Santa Cruz County. I've dedicated nine years of my life to saving frogs, at a personal expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages that I could have earned had I chosen to pursue other forms of employment. I do my job better than anyone on planet Earth, yet it's still incredibly difficult to raise the bare minimum of funds I need to both do my job and survive.

As a personal request, and on behalf of the frogs (who I can assure you are taking a beating!), I strongly encourage you to donate AT LEAST $5 right now, and if you earn more than $100,000 per year, please consider making a $100 donation. We're all in this together. The frogs are depending on you to save them. You are one of the few who knows of their plight, so donating right now is both your privilege and your duty!

Thank you from me, my underpaid staff, all our volunteers, and the 2,000+ amphibian species on the verge of extinction. Nobody does it like SAVE THE FROGS! -- thanks for making our work possible!




Frog Stickers for iPhone & Android users

Every iPhone and Android user who loves frogs should immediately order some of these amazing SAVE THE FROGS! stickers. The AWARENESS spread by the sticker on your phone helps us spread the word; your FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is critical to the success of our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts; and the VISIBILITY of your sticker on your phone may allow you to find your phone in a massive field like I did here. If you rely on your phone’s GPS to lead you home, this sticker could SAVE YOUR LIFE one night - not to mention save you a lot of time, money and annoyance replacing your phone and the slew of irreplaceable lost photos and files it had on it! So save the frogs and save yourself by ordering these stickers now; give them away as gifts too. The frogs are depending on you. Thanks!!!


iphone sticker
All hail the SAVE THE FROGS iPhone sticker!

Frog Sticker
You never know where you'll end up when you have a SAVE THE FROGS! sticker on your phone. Please order a few today!!!



SAVE THE FROGS! goes viral in Brooklyn

We don't know how it got there or who is responsible, but we're happy to find out that this art installation now exists in Brooklyn, NY -- and features www.savethefrogs.com across its top! You can go check it out at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, about 50 feet from being under the Manhattan Bridge. If you get a better photo than this one, please send it to us!

Brooklyn Frogs


Help get Save The Frogs Day recognized by your politicians

Save The Frogs Day has been officially recognized by the Governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, as well as Mayors around the country. Help get the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day officially recognized by your city/county/state politicians. Use this petition and start collecting signatures.

Learn more here.
Download the PDF by clicking the image below.

Petition Save Frogs


Upcoming Events

Please find all the details on our Events page!

September 10th: Oakland, CA
September 12th: Grand Canyon, AZ
September 18th: Tuscon, AZ
September 29th and 30th: Sacramento, CA
October 5th: Sacramento, CA
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October 7th: Los Angeles, CA
October 13th: Santa Cruz, CA
October 13th: San Francisco, CA
October 19th, San Jose, CA
November 8th: Santa Cruz, CA
January 5th, 2013: Belize eco-tour
April 27th, 2013: WORLDWIDE - Save The Frogs Day


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On behalf of all our staff, volunteers, and members: thanks for all your support!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger
At Hickison Petroglyphs National Monument, in central Nevada

Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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