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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

One of the reasons I founded SAVE THE FROGS! was to inspire and enable students to pursue careers in amphibian conservation. Simply put, we need more trained amphibian conservationists if we are to stand a chance at preventing the extinction of the world's 2,000+ endangered amphibian species.

I'm writing you today because we have a brilliant opportunity to inspire and enable students in Ghana to care about and protect frogs. In September of 2011 I spent a month in Ghana, a country where 90% of the rainforests have been destroyed and environmental education is virtually non-existent. With the assistance of Ghana's two amphibian biologists (Gilbert Adum and Caleb Ofori) I co-founded SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, our first international branch.


When I arrived in Ghana, few of the students at KNUST (the country's leading science university) were interested in frogs. So Gilbert and I gave two presentations at the university and spoke on campus radio. We set up the world's first SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter at KNUST and got the university's professors involved. The KNUST chapter now has several hundred students attending its bi-monthly meetings. The number of students pursuing wildlife studies has risen from 5 to 40. SAVE THE FROGS! now has a regular spot on campus radio. The students have submitted a proposal to the university to begin restoring habitat along the campus' Wewe River, where I spent a day looking for frogs last year.

These are big successes but we need to ramp up our efforts. Our top two priorities on campus are to (1) award research grants to two undergraduates whose frog research is being supervised by SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum; and (2) start a SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team on campus. Soccer is huge in Ghana and the team will receive high visibility. You can read about both these projects below. Right now we need to raise $1,060 to fund the two awards and purchase uniforms and equipment to create the SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team.

Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today and help us raise the $1,060 we need to ramp up our frog conservation efforts at Ghana's leading science university! Here's your chance to help Africa's youth AND African wildlife. Thank You!

Frogs charity



Research Grants for Undergraduates

All undergraduates in Environmental Studies at KNUST are required to do a research project. These projects are funded by the students, and cost on average $300, a huge expense for a Ghanaian student. Your donation today will support these two students, whose projects are being supervised by SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum:

Adomako Ohene Boakye:
"Developing an Amphibian Index of Biological Integrity for the Bobiri Forest Reserve, Ashanti, Ghana"
Adomako Ohene Boakye

SAVE THE FROGS! KNUST Chapter President Alfred Barah:
"Amphibian Distribution and Diversity Patterns in a Guinean Forest-Savanna Area, Bomfobiri Forest Reserve, Ghana"
Alfred Barah

Save The Frogs Ghana


The world's first SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team

Soccer is huge in Ghana. I would love to show you a picture of the SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team, but it doesn't exist yet! Having a SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team on campus would draw a lot of attention and publicity and spread the word about the plight of frogs, and our efforts in Ghana. With your financial support we will have a SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Team in time for October 13th's University Games. We've only got ten days to raise the $460 need for the uniforms and soccer balls AND get the uniforms printed so please donate today to help out!

Ghana is home to 84 known amphibian species: 78 frogs, 5 toads and a caecilian. I found this amazing frog (Phlyctimantis boulengeri) in a swamp in Ankasa National Park, in western Ghana.


Slowing Ghana's Frog Meat Trade

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has won a grant amount of 6,000 British pounds from the Rufford Small Grants Foundation to educate the public about frog meat eating in Northern Ghana. The Rufford-funded project is one year-long and has two phases – to document what kinds of frogs harvested (and how many), and to raise public awareness of the threats frogs are facing. The project covers Northern Ghana but most activities are focusing on Builsa (Sandema), Kassena Nankana West (Chiana-Paga) and Bongo Districts in the Upper East Region.

We are utilizing university students at KNUST as well as a university in Northern Ghana to collect data on the frog harvest at local markets and to distribute our new "Say No To Frogmeat" shirts in critical areas. The next step is creating educational materials for villages where frogs are commonly collected and sold in the markets. Then we need to train villagers in beekeeping techniques and provide them with honey-making equipment, so that they have alternative sources of both food and income and will no longer need to eat frogs.


Frog meat ghana

Gilbert Adum
Gilbert Adum has the students' full attention while talking about frog conservation.


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Shirts - Get Yours Today

Our SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana shirt is without a doubt one of my favorite shirts, and I know you'll like it too: it's 100% organic cotton, it looks good, and all the proceeds when you order it go to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's African wildlife conservation efforts, so please order one today. They make great holiday gifts too!

Order Your Shirt Here & Help Power Africa's Environmental Revolution!

Ghana frog shirt


Thanks for donating and making our work in Ghana possible!

Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today and help us raise the $1,060 we need to fund two undergraduate research awards and buy the uniforms and equipment needed by the students who are eager and willing to form our very first SAVE THE FROGS Soccer Team! Here's your chance to help Africa's youth AND African wildlife. Thank You!

Frogs charity



Together we can SAVE GHANA'S FROGS!

Please stay tuned for a lot more on our efforts in Ghana: this email barely scratches the surface!

Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Ghana Co-Founder, Board Member & Ecologist

Gilbert Adum
Save The Frogs Ghana Co-Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

I knew these students were excited about SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana because they REALLY wanted SAVE THE FROGS! wristbands after my September 2011 presentation!

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