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SAVE THE FROGS! Art & Poetry Contests end October 15th!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art & Poetry Contests end October 15th, so go submit your best frog art and poems! The contests are excellent methods for getting students interested in both frogs and art, and give them a productive and enjoyable diversion from their normal school activities, while educating them about frog extinctions. We encourage professional artists and poets to take part as well. And the more countries represented the better! Did we mention that it is indeed FREE to enter the contests? So get inspired and submit your work today!


"I had my students in 2nd through 5th grades create poems to enter into your contest. They had such a blast doing this and learning about frogs." – Carrie Mateja, Librarian, St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY

Michele Hamill
Art by Michele Hamill, Canada

Your entries can be digitally submitted or postmarked by the 15th and we will announce the winners December 1st. So join artists and poets worldwide, help us educate people about frogs and take your shot at winning CASH PRIZES and frog fame! If your company would like to sponsor the 2013 contests, please let us know: your company will get great publicity and we will be able to promote the contests far and wide!


SAVE THE FROGS! in Chiapas, Mexico

The Mexican Society of Herpetologists has chosen me to be the Plenary Speaker at their national conference this November in Chiapas! Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Dr. Victor Luja for organizing this. Mexico is home to a large number of endangered amphibians and it will be great to be able to spread the SAVE THE FROGS! message to the country’s foremost amphibian biologists. If you would like to go find frogs after the conference, please let me know!

Mexican Society Herpetologists


A Poet's Plea - by Riaan 'JePro' Davids from South Africa

S uddenly I arise from my slumber
A vivid dream or could this be real I wonder
V isions of devastations
E arth's amphibians numbers are going under

T oads, frogs and salamanders, just a few I can mention
H eading towards extinction
E specially if we don't pay attention

F ind out about these endangered species and get involved
R eaching millions with this poem is my resolve
O nline information available spreading the word
G o to savethefrogs.com and get on board
S ave the frogs campaign can not be ignored

Submit your frog poem at:

Adina Turner


Hike & Seek - Seattle - October 13th

SAVE THE FROGS! partner, National Wildlife Federation, is hosting Hike & Seek Seattle. The adventure will be held on a ~2 mile hiking trail, where kids can connect with nature and interact with five adventurous Stop & Study Stations. SAVE THE FROGS! will have an amphibian station along the trail where you can stop by to learn about frogs and their essentail role in the ecosystem.

Where: Seward Park, Seattle, WA
When: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Visit nwf.org to learn more and register! 

Please also mark your calendar for the Save The Frogs Day 5K: April 27, 2013!Save The Frogs Day Seattle 5K


SAVE THE FROGS! Coloring Page

If you are a teacher or if you ever hold frog educational events, please download the PDF of this coloring page and print a bunch of copies. Take some crayons, markers or colored pencils to your class or event and set up a SAVE THE FROGS! coloring station. Watch the crowd grow and educate the parents and kids about frogs as they draw! This is also a great place to put out a SAVE THE FROGS! donation jar to collect money for our cause.

Leah Klehn Coloring Book

Thanks to Leah Klehn for making this coloring page! Click on it to get a printable 8.5x11" PDF!


Voice of the Youth

"I am so happy to see the latest newsletter of savethefrogs. I am so grateful to you. In many ways we need to save the frogs from extinction. We youth need to commit to conserve the lovely species. I am sure savethefrogs will help to conserve our valuable frog species all over the world. We need to save our mother earth with our 100% involvement and dedication. I am ready to help, conserve, volunteer to save our frogs in all aspects. Have a happy day. Save nature otherwise no future."
-- Brawin Kumar; Research Fellow, Zoo Outreach Organisation; Coimbatore, India

Frog Drawings
Frog Art by Noe Ramirez, Age 14. The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest runs through October 15th.


Matching Gifts - Do you work for a large company?

Many large companies have matching gifts programs in which they will match your contribution to SAVE THE FROGS!, thereby doubling your donation. Contact your employer to see if they have such a program in place. If they do not, ask them to start one!

Rana temporaria - Bulgaria - Pirin Mountains, photo courtesy Bilyana Petrova


Join SAVE THE FROGS! in Belize in January

You like adventure and wildlife? Great, then this trip is for you!

Belize trip



Thanks for forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues!

Take care,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger LA Museum Natural History
Educating frog lovers at the LA Natural History Museum's Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation Day last Sunday. Thanks to Amy and John McDermott for their volunteer assistance, and all the SAVE THE FROGS! supporters that dropped by to say hello!

Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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