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Canadian Government Authorizes The Mass Killing of Endangered Toads

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Last December 1,717 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters sent letters to the Ontario government urging them to deny construction permits to developers in the town of Fort Erie, Ontario. The developers plan to build a non-essential 12-story condominium and shopping complex on top of Fowler's Toad habitat at Crystal Beach on the shores of Lake Erie. The toads are protected under Ontario's Endangered Species Act, and construction of the building would undoubtedly cause irreparable harm to the toad population, which is one of the last that remains in Canada. Unfortunately, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (phone: 905-562-4147) recently approved the permits. To make matters worse, they completely disregarded our comments and failed to change even a single line of the permitting requirements, giving the developers free rein to "damage and destroy" the toad's habitat and to "harm, harass, kill, and collect the toads". Let's fight this! Canada should not be driving one of their last Fowler's Toad populations to extinction so that people can live in holiday homes next to the water.

If you love toads, please make an emergency donation today so that we can fight this insanity.

Donate Frogs


These toads are guaranteed to have their homes destroyed if we do nothing. Please do not assume anyone else is donating much for this campaign...these appeals usually raise only between $300 and $800 dollars -- not much considering the developers have millions!! We can only run this campaign with your financial support, so please make the most generous tax-deductible donation you can afford, and let's SAVE THE FOWLER'S TOADS! Thank you so much for donating and being a role model for all those around you! Learn more about the Lake Erie Fowler's Toads here.


Here's the license to kill

I find this disgusting. How does it make you feel?

Crystal Beach Fort Erie
Download the entire Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources permit to the Molinaro Group here.


On the importance of Fowler's Toads

On top of all the well-known reasons to save amphibians, there's one more significant reason. I grew up with toads all around: they were a part of my life for two decades. I found the Fowler's Toadpictured below in my parents' front yard in 2004, the same summer I conceived SAVE THE FROGS!. What if I had never seen a toad because humans had killed them all? Maybe I never would have cared about amphibians and this entire SAVE THE FROGS! movement would never have come into existence. How much hope for saving the frogs would there be on this planet without SAVE THE FROGS!? I personally have no doubt that most frogs would be doomed to extinction. Every time we lose an amphibian population, we lose the potential to produce humans who are actually inspired enough to take action to save the planet, and thus we slip that much further into the vicious cycle of environmental decay. These toads matter, so please help us save them by donating today!

Bufo fowleri - Fowler's Toad


Get Your Name On The SAVE THE FROGS! Website

Anyone who donates $20 or more between now and November 18th will get their name added to a Thank You section on the Lake Erie Toads webpage. Feel free to email us if you prefer to remain anonymous!

Frank Beifus
Frog Art by Frank Beifus.


Your Company's Environmental Impact

Every corporation has an environmental impact: computers, equipment, water and electricity usage, wood or steel desks and chairs, building materials, employees driving to work, plastic packaging and the product itself. Yet the vast vast majority of companies donate $0 per year to environmental causes. Please get your company involved in environmental protection: ask your company's executives to start a corporate environmental philanthropy program, thus offsetting the environmental harm caused by the company. Please contact me if your company would like to be an Official Sponsor of Save The Frogs Day, which would be great publicity for your company and a huge assistance to our efforts. Thanks!

Thailand Frog Art
Frog Art by Jean, Thailand, Age 10


Toads are toadally terrific!

This cane toad (Rhinella marina) is a native species to Central and South America. Do you know anyone that thinks toads are gross? Then they should read this article that Belize's San Pedro Sun just published to raise awareness of the importance of toads in Belize! To view the full article, please click here:

Cane Toad, Marine Toad, Rhinella marina


Berkeley, CA: I will be playing live music and talking about toads at the California Widlife Fair!

Join us for an evening celebrating California's remarkable wildlife! Featuring presentations by SAVE THE FROGS! biologists Dr. Kerry Kriger and Michael Starkey. Live music on guitar, didgeredoo, bamboo flute and a variety of drums from around the world will be performed by Dr. Kriger & his brother Chad Kriger, who have been creating music together for the past 16 years. Please download and print the PDF of the flyer below! Learn about the state's creatures and the organizations working to protect them. Kids—and adults—can meet Ranger Rick and our very own Southern Orange-Eyed Treefrog. Sponsored by our friends at the National Wildlife Federation!

When: Thursday Nov 29th 5-8pm at the 
Where: The LEED Platinum rated Brower Center., one of the world's most environmentally friendly buildings. 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. 
Cost: Free Admission, so please bring lots of friends!

California Wildlife Fair


The 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day: April 27, 2013

Please mark your calendar and start planning YOUR event. With your assistance, April 27th will be the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history!

save the frogs day 2013




SAVE THE FROGS! seeks a talented frog-loving graphic designer, volunteer, 2 hours per week. The designer can be anywhere on the planet if they have good internet! Please spread the word! If interested, please email us your resume or URL (contact@savethefrogs.com). Thanks!

Nick Gustafson Art
More great frog art by Nick Gustafson. Froggie Trio. www.savethefrogs.com/art


Thanks for helping SAVE THE TOADS!

Have a great weekend!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger Mexico
After my presentation in Mexico last week. http://savethefrogs.com/mexico


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