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Protecting Habitat and Educating Students in West Africa

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Thanks to your support, our efforts in Ghana are heating up. Last week we took a huge step forward educating villagers and students in the Atewa Forest area about the imminent threat to the forest, the frogs and their livelihoods. Atewa is a mega-biodiverse rainforest area home to the critically endangered togo Slippery Frog and over 700 butterfly species. The Atewa Hills are under threat from foreign mountain-top removal mining companies looking to make a quick dollar, but who will leave the area a barren wasteland. Our goal is to turn the Atewa Hills into Ghana's 6th national park, the Atewa Hills National Park. You can read about our recent efforts below.

Please help save West Africa's frogs, rainforest and people by making the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can afford!

We will use your donation to build our coalition of students, environmental groups, politicians and nature lovers who oppose the destruction of the Atewa Hills. All donations received on December 24th and 25th will be directed to our Atewa Hills efforts. If you donate after the 25th and want us to direct your funds to Ghana, simply reply to this email after you donate, and let us know to use your generous donation to SAVE GHANA'S FROGS! Thanks so much!


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UCAES ghana frogs
SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum and students of the newly formed UCAES Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!


Efforts to create the Atewa Hills National Park heat up

Last week SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum organized a public forum at UCAES university in Ghana to get students actively working to protect the Atewa Hills from mining:

“Hi Kerry, I have contacted a local radio station and they will be at the university to cover the problem…..we will also come live on air for a talk show……to get the communities together, it has to be through football, so Samuel Antwi is currently talking to teams, two of which will be playing a match…..we are getting community chiefs and assembly members to come….I have charged someone to translate "The Need To Protect The Atewa Hills From Mining" PDF into the local language…this message will be delivered to the local people…..local FM people will also be there to cover it.”

Public Forum Atewa


New Student Chapter formed in Ghana, with a mission to protect the Togo Slippery Frog and the Atewa Hills

As part of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s efforts to get government to rescind its decision to mine the Atewa Forest for bauxite, a new SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter has been founded at the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies (UCAES) in Bonsu, Ghana. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director, Gilbert Adum founded the Chapter in association with the university’s lecturers on December 18th, 2012.

The mission of the UCAES Chapter is to work in collaboration with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana to create The Atewa Hills National Park, for the protection of the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi) and other biodiversity. The Atewa Forest is Ghana's most biodiverse -- and most threatened -- wilderness area. The students, nearly all of whom are Chapter members will be assisted through SAVE THE FROGS! Academy to undertake relevant projects focusing on the conservation of the Slippery Frog and the Atewa Forest. The students will also be forming Junior Chapters in basic schools around Atewa and reach out to educate the schoolchildren as well as the local people on the need to protect the Slippery Frog, and the Atewa Forest.

UCAES is only 5km to the Atewa Forest, and His Royal Majesty Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II, who is the King and custodian of Atewa, is the university’s Chancellor. Thus, it is our firm belief that now with the new alliance with the King and SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana UCAES Chapter, victory is close at hand for Ghana's frogs, Ghana's people and for worldwide environmental conservation efforts. Dr. Peter Osam Sanful, Dean of Office of Academics, and Mr. Stephen Gyamina Nuamah became the Chapter’s first patron and president respectively.

Visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana UCAES Chapter webpage at:


The UCAES Chapter members:Ghana

Gilbert educates the students about amphibians:Gilbert

The lecturers from UCAES were very supportive:UCAES lecturers


A message from Gilbert Adum

"I am Gilbert Adum, Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, the first international branch of USA-based SAVE THE FROGS!, and West Africa’s first and only nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting amphibians. For the last six years I have worked hard to promote local amphibian conservation crucial to protecting Ghana’s vanishing frogs. I founded the world’s first and third SAVE THE FROGS! University Chapters, and first SAVE THE FROGS! Football Club. Through our Small Grants and Capacity Building Scheme I have increased Ghana’s professional amphibian biologists three-fold: from two biologists to six. I have organized educational rallies and soccer matches to slow down the eating of frogs. I have met with political leaders, chiefs and local people and spoke on local radios about the need to create the Atewa Hills National Park, for the protection of the critically endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi). Thankfully, victory is close at hand for the Slippery Frog and other Ghana frogs: the Atewa Forest supports at least 60% of Ghana’s frog species.

I need your support to ramp up campaigns by organizing news conferences, and garner more local media attention through national forums on TVs and radios. I also need your generous support to sustain our newest student chapter and to educate the students through SAVE THE FROGS! Academy to undertake relevant projects focusing on the conservation of the Slippery Frog and the Atewa Forest. 

Thanks for donating and helping SAVE GHANA'S FROGS!


Gilbert Adum Atewa
SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum and Togo Slippery Frog art.


SAVE THE FROGS! comes in 1st place in Phase One of the Envirokidz contest!

Thanks to everyone who voted: SAVE THE FROGS! came out in 1st place in this phase of the Envirokidz competition, which we hope will bring us $18,875 for our Save The Frogs Day efforts! Now we enter the final round where the proposals are judged by the Envirokidz staff. Results will be announced in January, and things are looking good! Thanks for your support!

Frog Art Kids
Frog Art by Shruti Gangi from India

A message from Leah Klehn

"Hello there! Leah Klehn, Art Director of SAVE THE FROGS! here to emphasize how important it is to donate. As a non-profit organization all our funds come from you guys, our supporters. And what we have accomplished so far has been made possible from our very lovely frog lovers. I can safely say for all SAVE THE FROGS! crew, THANK YOU! So let’s keep this ball rolling and help frogkind into the new year of 2013! Here are some reasons it's good to donate:
• Helping amphibians
• Supporting the environment
• Good Karma points
• Funding for education
The list goes on! So please, donate today! 

Thanks! Leah"

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Frog Art of the Week

Frog Art by Micah de Leon

Kayla Kingdom
Honorable Mention goes to Kayla Kingdom from Australia! She hopes you will give a froggy donation!



SAVE THE FROGS! Financial Report

We are nearly complete with our 2011 Annual Report -- our first ever Annual Report -- but I wanted to make sure to get you the essential information before 2012 has past. We will have the full report complete ASAP, and expect to also have our 2012 report completed in early 2013. You can always download our IRS returns (Form 990-EZ) on our Who We Are page. With no further ado:

2011 TOTAL EXPENSES: $128,177
Program Expenses: $114,771 (89.6%)
Administrative Expenses: $11,264 (8.8%)
Fundraising Expenses: $2,142 (1.6%)

2011 TOTAL REVENUES: $131,310
Donations from Individuals: $64,339 (49.0%)
Donations from Corporations: $25,295 (19.3%)
Membership Dues: $11,583 (8.8%)
Merchandise: $28,193 (21.5%)
Honorariums for Lectures: $1,900 (1.4%)

Executive Director Salary including benefits (2011): $38,333

Pseudacris hypochondriaca curta
Pseudacris hypochondriaca curta – Baja California treefrog. Photo courtesy Dr. Victor Luja


Thanks for your support and happy holidays!

Thank you so much for making our work possible! Please keep spreading the word!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist


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