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SAVE THE FROGS! Academy classes begin in February

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

There are over 2,600 colleges and universities in the USA, but none of them are dedicated to teaching the skills necessary to save wildlife from extinction. And while plenty of universities have fantastic biology programs, science is only one facet of amphibian conservation. Thus it is no surprise that very few university graduates have a skill set similar to that which I employ on a daily basis to save the frogs and to grow a worldwide movement dedicated to preventing the extinction of amphibians. Through SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, I plan to pass my skills on to the next generation of frog savers and thus significantly grow our movement.

Think of how much better off our ecosystems would be if there were 100 times as many people out there starting nonprofits; giving radio interviews and school presentations; creating educational materials; talking to politicians; leading campaigns and protests; and otherwise advocating for frogs. Well let's make it happen! Right now we've raised enough money to fund our initial classes with full scholarships for the students. But rather than just having a couple online classes, can you imagine us having an actual classroom where we could host classes for adults and kids? Or an entire building full of classrooms, all filled with students learning to protect the planet's wildlife? Can you imagine a SAVE THE FROGS! field station? How about a SAVE THE FROGS! Academy campus? All dedicated to saving the frogs -- where all the students' projects are actual relevant amphibian conservation projects and thus we would be accomplishing 1,000 times more than we currently are!

Is this just a dream? YES! But it could easily be reality with YOUR financial support! Let's do it people! We CAN save the frogs, and YOU can help right now. I can't do it alone, but together we CAN save the frogs. So please pitch in: if you aren't starving you can probably spare an hour's wage to ensure your children have a planet with frogs. THANK YOU!!!




What is SAVE THE FROGS! Academy?

The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is to produce environmental conservationists whose skills and experience will enable them to protect wildlife anywhere on the planet, and to direct every student's energy towards relevant amphibian conservation projects that produce true benefits for nature and wildlife. This serves the dual purpose of increasing our organization’s total conservation output while ensuring we have highly-trained amphibian conservationists far into the future.

At SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, students will develop and implement real-world amphibian conservation projects under the direct supervision of myself and other SAVE THE FROGS! instructors. Students will take classes (online or in-person); conduct independent projects; do fieldwork; give public presentations; interact with politicians, businesses, student groups and other nonprofits; and acquire a broad range of skills and experiences they are unlikely to acquire in a traditional university setting. I created the curriculum specifically to give you the same skill set I used to create a worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! movement and the skills I still use on a daily basis to save frogs and grow the movement.

By the time you graduate from SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, you will have learned about amphibians, ecology, environmental education, business, marketing, campaigning, fundraising and nonprofit management. You will have conducted or assisted with scientific research on amphibians in the field; educated your local politicians about frogs; given presentations in schools; created webpages and newsletters; written and published articles; organized your own Save The Frogs Day event; made many valuable professional connections; raised funds for frog conservation selling eco-friendly frog merchandise that YOU created. You may have even organized and led a protest if you were so inspired!

You can learn all about SAVE THE FROGS! Academy and the classes at:




Introduction to Amphibian Conservation

Prior to taking any other Academy class, we highly recommend all students take this Introduction to Amphibian Conservation, in which I will provide a general overview of amphibian conservation, SAVE THE FROGS! and SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. Afterwards, students will do some independent study and tasks so they warm up their frog saving skills. We highly recommend that all students take this introduction prior to taking any other Academy classes.
--> Meets Online Monday February 17th, 12pm-130pm US Pacific Time 

Frog Art by Shruti Ganji, India


Save The Frogs Day Class

Save The Frogs Day is so important to spreading amphibian awareness that we decided to make the Academy's very first class all about Save The Frogs Day!. Students will help promote and grow Save The Frogs Day by contacting museums, zoos, aquariums, schools, potential sponsors, other nonprofits, journalists, and politicians; through social media, creation and distribution of flyers, public service announcements; and individual fundraising. Students will provide support for various Save The Frogs Day events happening around the world; if a student is organizing their own event they will focus their efforts on making that event as successful as possible. At the end of the class, students will have gained real-world experience promoting amphibian issues to the public, and contributed to the success of the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day, which we hope to be our biggest Save The Frogs Day ever! Thanks to the generosity of our fabulous SAVE THE FROGS! donors, we will be able to offer scholarships to up to ten students for this course!
Learn more at www.savethefrogs.com/classes

Meets Online four times:
February 24th, 2012: 12pm-130pm US Pacific Time 
March 3rd, 2012: 12pm-130pm US Pacific Time
March 10th, 2012: 12pm-130pm US Pacific Time
March 17th, 2012: 12pm-130pm US Pacific Time 

Save The Frogs Day


Lake Erie Toads Class

Thanks to our generous supporters for funding this class in which students will help prevent the destruction of Fowler's Toad habitat at Lake Erie. The Ontario government has authorized condominium developers to "damage and destroy" the toad's habitat and to "harm, harass, kill, and collect the toads". Our goal is to prevent this. Students will contact local schools, other nonprofits, journalists, and politicians; create petitions and promote them via social media; create and distribute flyers; and otherwise promote awareness and protections for the toads. We will be able to offer scholarships for up to ten students for this course. Learn more at www.savethefrogs.com/classes

Meets Online four times:
February 25th, 2012: 5pm-630pm US Pacific Time
March 4th, 2012: 5pm-630pm US Pacific Time
March 11th, 2012: 5pm-630pm US Pacific Time
March 18th, 2012: 5pm-630pm US Pacific Time


Step 1: Apply to the Academy.
Step 2: Register for the class you wish to take.

Are you dedicated to amphibian conservation and open to new experiences? If so, we welcome your application to SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. If approved, you will be eligible for classes at any point in the future provided you are in good standing. All students must apply for enrollment, whether they plan to take only a single class or every class the Academy offers.

Prior to registering for classes you must apply to the Academy and be accepted! If you intend to take a class, please be sure you apply to the Academy no later than January 19th, so that we have seven days to assess your application and you still have time to register. Registrations for Spring 2013 Classes end January 28th! We will notify you by February 3rd if you have been accepted for the classes. Register on the Classes webpage: www.savethefrogs.com/classes

Rana muscosa kris ratzlaff



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"I got one and it gets lot of attention...giving me the opportunity to discuss the peril frogs face!"
-- Choti Singh; Denver, CO

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Parting Thought

Frogs are not going extinct because we don't know how to save them, they're going extinct because our society is not pro-active enough to do what is necessary to save them. What will YOU do in 2013 to save the frogs? How big is YOUR vision?

Gray treefrog - Hyla versicolor nictitating membrane

Thanks for your support and good luck in 2013!

I'm looking forward to another great year of saving the frogs!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger Korea

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Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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