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Let's Save Bangladesh's Frogs!

Dear All Frog-Lovers,
My name is Nurul Islam. I am the Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh, a non-profit organization based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our mission is to protect Bangladesh's amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. We are the first Asian branch of USA-based SAVE THE FROGS!.

I have been volunteering for Dr. Kerry Kriger since 2009 and have dedicated more than 200 hours to Save The Frogs! I am pleased to inform you that here in Bangladesh we celebrated the 2011 Save The Frogs Day with 12 educational events throughout the country. I coordinated these events with the generous assistance of a $2,000 award from SAVE THE FROGS! and we reached more than 2,000 people through those Save The Frogs Day events. We also got major media attention in both local and national newspapers. You can see photos of Bangladesh's 2012 Save The Frogs Day events here.

I am currently finishing up my internship at the Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University and hope to dedicate my career to saving the frogs. My plan this year is to organize five top-notch events throughout Bangladesh. To organize and hold these events I must raise US$2,400 (here's the budget Dr. Kriger and I created). I am happy to announce that Dr. Kriger has just awarded me the $1,000 Marie Kirchberger Award for Amphibian Conservation, in recognition of my past efforts and to commemorate the late Ms. Kirchberger's love of frogs. That means I still need to raise the remaining $1,400. Bangladesh is a poor country where raising funds is very difficult, so I sincerely hope that you can donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today so that we can educate thousands of Bangladeshis about frogs this Save The Frogs Day.

Many students are becoming interested in frogs here and I know that with the support of the worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! community, we can save Bangladesh's fragile environment and create a better future for frogs and for humans! You can place a secure tax-deductible donation through the SAVE THE FROGS! USA website…and if you donate $50 or more we will list you in the Thank You section of www.savethefrogs.com/bangladesh

Thanks for donating and giving me the opportunity to SAVE BANGLADESH'S FROGS!


Your friend in Bangladesh,
Nurul Islam

Nurul Islam frogs


A message from Dr. Kerry Kriger

Amphibians are declining rapidly around the world and Nurul has done an excellent job spreading awareness of the threats amphibians face throughout Bangladesh. Nurul is extremely motivated and has shown clear leadership abilities, and I hope you will support his Save The Frogs Day efforts! Last year I gave a presentation via webinar, followed by a Skype Q&A session, to 75 scientists from the Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Science University in Bangladesh, to discuss a new era of amphibian conservation in Bangladesh and the formation of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. It was Nurul's hard work and initiative that made that event possible, and with your support, I'm sure Nurul can do many more great things for Bangladesh's wildlife.
-- Dr. Kerry Kriger; Founder, SAVE THE FROGS!

P.S. I hope you will take a look at the official SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh webpage!


Bangladesh Save The Frogs

Bangladesh Skype frogs

Here's a YouTube video of Dr. Kriger's webinar (sorry we have no video of the Skype Q&A!).


Photos from Bangladesh's 2012 Save The Frogs Day Events

See more photos at: www.savethefrogs.com/day/2012#bangladesh

frogs bangladesh day event

Chittagong Frogs Day

Muksedpur frogs

Mymensingh frogs

Sylhet green explore

SAU frogs

frog day 2012


A little about the situation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to 38 known species of amphibians. These species are facing extreme threats due to the country’s dense human population. Habitat destruction, harmful pesticides, climate change and overharvesting are contributing to the decline of amphibians in Bangladesh. Unfortunately amphibian conservation is a neglected issue in Bangladesh and little work has been conducted to ameliorate the threats to the country’s amphibians. Local people are not aware of the importance of amphibians as there have been no conservation educations program in Bangladesh prior to the recent arrival of SAVE THE FROGS!. With your generous financial support, SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh will institute educational initiatives among schoolchildren, farmers, university students, biology professors, government agencies and nonprofit professionals to dramatically increase amphibian conservation activities in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Save The Frogs Day
Sayam Chowdhury's Save The Frogs Day event in Bangladesh on the 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day, April 28, 2009.


A message from SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Animesh Ghosh

We are glad to inform you that the Green Explore Society is going to celebrate SAVE THE FROGS DAY 2013 here in Sylhet. We are working hard to organize these events, which will take place at Kishori Mohan Girls High School, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology and the Anandaniketon Subid Bazar. I am trying to raise $495 to coordinate and implement these events. You can see the event budget and description here. I hope you will donate and help out. Please also download our 2012 Save The Frogs Day Event Summary PDF to learn about the events we held here last year. Green Explore Society is the first and only student based organization in Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) that is dedicated to nature conservation. Research and conservation of nature -- these are two main objectives of our organization. We like to focus on the effect of destruction of natural resources, wild life, environmental pollution and climate change and raise awreness among the mass. We hope that like in 2012, you will support us and help us to spread the message of 'frog community'. You can donate through SAVE THE FROGS! USA's website right here:


Thanks and Regards,
Animesh Ghosh

Animesh Ghosh
SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer & Wildlife Biologist Animesh Ghosh, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Save Frogs Event
Sylhet, Save The Frogs Day 2012

Sylhet frogs
Sylhet, Save The Frogs Day 2011


Thanks for your support!

Together we can create a new era in amphibian conservation in Bangladesh. From all of us here in Bangladesh, have a fantastic week!
-- Nurul Islam, Save The Frogs Bangladesh Executive Director and Friend of the Frogs

Bangladesh Frog Group
Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! for sending us info cards and bumper stickers to help spread the word!

Save The Frogs Day 2013


Save The Frogs Gift Center

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