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My Earth Day Birthday Wish from Ghana, West Africa

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,
Happy Earth Day from Ghana, West Africa! My name is Michael Starkey. I am an amphibian biologist and am the Chairman of the SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee. For the past three years I have been working directly with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, and helping to spread SAVE THE FROGS! message of amphibian conservation and grow our worldwide network of supporters. Today is not only Earth Day, it is also my 26th birthday! I'm asking my friends, family, and SAVE THE FROGS! supporters for a very special gift:

Help me reach my goal of raising $2,600 to fund our amphibian conservation efforts in Ghana!


I am currently in Ghana educating kids, undergraduates and tribal leaders about the importance of protecting Ghana's frogs, which are are under serious threat from habitat destruction, pesticides and over-harvesting for the frogmeat trade. Please help turn my dream of saving Ghana's frogs into a reality by donating today!
Please make your tax-deductible contribution here:

Since 2011, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has been working diligently to protect the country's rainforests and endangered frogs. They have gotten so much done, and that's all been made possible through the financial support of frog lovers like you. Ghana's frogs need our help, and our friends in Ghana are hard at work, but seriously underfunded. With your assistance we will be able to give more educational presentations, print more frog educational materials for students, slow the frogmeat trade, and raise national awareness for the need to create the Atewa Hills National Park. We can grow Ghana's network of students, academics and biologists interested in amphibian conservation efforts with your help. You can learn about our current efforts in Ghana on the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana webpage.

As I am turning 26, please consider giving the gift of $26 to benefit my cause. Anything is greatly appreciated , even $260! We at SAVE THE FROGS! are working endlessly to bring greater consciousness to the effects we humans have on the planet, and inspire people to protect it! If you donate $26 or higher we will be sure to list your name on the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana webpage. Thank you!

Donate here and help me reach my goal of raising $2,600 to fund our amphibian conservation efforts in Ghana, West Africa.

Ghana Frogs


Save The Frogs Day in Chiana, Ghana!

April 19th, 2013, Chiana, Ghana: In order to bring further awareness to the devastating impacts of over-harvesting of frogs in northern Ghana, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana held its first Save The Frogs Day event in Chiana! The event took place all day and included educational lectures about amphibian ecology and conservation, a play about amphibian conservation by the Youth Drama Club, Drumming For The Frogs, and a parade of 200 people marching through town to celebrate frogs and to bring awareness toward amphibian conservation. Read more about this exciting event here:

Ghana parade frogs


Educating the next generation

As frogs are being collected mostly by children, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has given educational presentations to schools in northern Ghana to educate the school children about the importance of amphibians in their communities. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana and Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey gave a presentation to 180 schoolchildren at a local school in Chiana. Have you ever heard that many students making frog calls? It's amazing!

Chiana frogs schools

michael starkey gilbert adum


Soccer For The Frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's Executive Director Gilbert Adum and Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey presented the children of Chiana a gift of soccer balls, jerseys, cleats, and other sports items, which were generously donated by GetGear.org. What is the connection between frogs and soccer? One of the greatest threats facing frogs in northern Ghana is over-harvesting and in Chiana young adults do most of the collecting. After school the children go to the local water bodies and collect frogs to sell for food or use them as bait to catch fish. As soccer is popular in Ghana, SAVE THE FROGS! encourages these children to pursue the activity of playing soccer rather than the unsustainable harvest of frogs for food or bait. Plus the team gets lots of attention for our cause! Can you start a SAVE THE FROGS! Soccer Club in your town?

Chiana frogs ghana

ghana football frogs


University For Development Studies forms new student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has a dedicated network of students working to promote amphibian conservation efforts around the country. We already have student chapters at KNUST and UCAES universities. We are very excited to announce the foundation of a new student chapter at the University For Development Studies in Tamale! Located in northern Ghana. These students' main priority will be to address the issue of over-harvesting of frogs for food and bait and to educate local communities about the importance of amphibians.


UDS frogs


Please welcome our newest staff member, Miss Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi

Miss Owusu-Gyamfi holds a Master's degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Greenwich, UK and a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science, Kumasi, Ghana. She is a trained ecologist, conservationist and taxonomist. While at Greenwich University, she also received special training in taxonomy by the reputable bio-conservation group Harrison Institute. Sandra has worked as an Environmental Officer at the Obuasi Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Her exposure to severe environmental degradation across Ghana has jolted her into action to help save frogs that are the most vulnerable. As Program Coordinator for SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, she works directly with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana university chapter students to organize programs that benefit both the students' own future professions and the frogs. Sandra says women in rural Africa exploit natural resources as much as men or even more—for instance nearly all fuelwood is collected by women—yet there is general apathy and low level of awareness among women. With her message of the significant role that women can play to protect frogs and the environment, Sandra will reach out to educate young girls and women groups both in the formal (universities, senior high and basic schools) and non-formal sectors (churches, organizations).

Sandra Owusu


Drumming For The Frogs

Hi it's Kerry Kriger here, jumping into the middle of Michael's awesome newsletter to tell you that I can't believe I missed Drumming For The Frogs in Chiana, Ghana! What better way to have a good time and make some noise about the urgency for people to take action on behalf of the frogs than by Drumming For The Frogs! Their shirts say "Say No To Frogmeat". If you like drums and you like frogs, please check out www.savethefrogs.com/drums and organize a Drumming For The Frogs event this Save The Frogs Day (or anytime!). Please be sure to tell us about your event and send photos (and even audio) if you Drum For The Frogs!

The drummers' shirts say "Say No To Frogmeat". If you like drums and you like frogs, please organize a Drumming For The Frogs event this Save The Frogs Day (or anytime)!

Chiana drums


A coversation Dr. Kriger had with SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student Samuel Antwi

The SAVE THE FROGS! movement is so pleased to have such dedicated volunteers as Samuel Antwi!

Samuel: I will be finishing with my national service work in July and am planning to take on the task of educational event co-ordinator for SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. We will be spread and heard nationwide and Africa. We are willing and ready to do that to save the world.

Dr. Kriger: That sounds great...but our main problem in ghana, usa, bangladesh and elsewhere is finding money to pay employees

Samuel: Thats why people like me are ready to volunteer for STF!

Dr. Kriger: Thank you!

Samuel Antwi
Photo is Michael with SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student Samuel Antwi.

A note from Dr. Kriger!

"Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,
The Earth and all it's frogs and wildlife are extremely fortunate to have Michael Starkey and SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum helping out, so I urge you to give them your fullest support. Let's make sure they have the resources they need to continue growing our one of a kind efforts in West Africa! Thank you!"
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Co-Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

Kerry Kriger Ivory Coast
Dr. Kerry Kriger crossing from Ghana (right bank) to Ivory Coast (left bank). With your help SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's message will spread and take hold in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and across the entire African continent.

We need your help to ramp up our activities in Ghana!

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is committed to protecting amphibian populations and promoting environmental stewardship to local communities around the country. This organization is truly a model for successful amphibian conservation efforts throughout Africa. We need your help to sustain and further these efforts. Please celebrate Earth Day and my birthday by giving a charitable gift to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. With your support, this organization will continue to thrive and spread the message of amphibian conservation around Africa, and many frogs will be saved from extinction!

Please donate today at:

Thank you for your support and Happy Earth Day! Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!
Michael G. Starkey
SAVE THE FROGS! - Advisory Committee Chair, Ecologist
Chiana Ghana Michael Starkey



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