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Dear Patriotic SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Happy 4th of July! I've been thinking a lot lately about our country's amazing amphibians and how to save them. I grew up in the USA listening to American frogs. Since I founded SAVE THE FROGS! in 2008 I have given 199 free public presentations in 15 US states, to over 9,600 participants. I've led protests against unnecessary frog killings in Virginia, Maryland, California and Washington, DC and I've given numerous interviews to radio stations, TV stations and newspapers around the country. I know that we need a specific focus on America's amphibians so that our children can hear frog calls filling the night-time air from sea to shining sea for centuries for centuries to come. Americans are also the source of the vast majority of SAVE THE FROGS! funding for both our domestic and international efforts (for which I thank you!), so amping up our American efforts is key to our success both in the USA and abroad. We now have a wide network of students, teachers and volunteers all around the country, but we have no specific branch of SAVE THE FROGS! dedicated exclusively to promoting amphibian education and conservation INSIDE the United States. Let's change that!

Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today and help us create SAVE THE FROGS! USA, which will be led by long-time SAVE THE FROGS! Program Coordinator Breanna Binder, who has been helping me SAVE THE FROGS! for nearly four years. Breanna's focus with SAVE THE FROGS! USA will be exclusively related to organizing our base of USA students, teachers, and volunteers, and coordinating our American amphibian efforts. We have so much work to do in the USA: banning the importation of non-native American Bullfrogs; getting frog dissections out of America's public schools; building frog ponds across America; stopping the unnecessary destruction of habitat on public lands; banning harmful pesticides; regulating the trade of diseased amphibians; stopping the harvesting of wild-caught frogs and salamanders for use as pets; and of course educating students, teachers, politicians and corporations about ways to protect America's fragile environment, via our website, live presentations, Save The Frogs Day events, SAVE THE FROGS! Academy classes, field trips and more!

Please chip in and let's make SAVE THE FROGS! USA something our grandchildren will thank us for! SAVE THE FROGS! USA requires an absolute minimum of $35,000 in funding for its first year, to employ an extremely talented full-time staff member dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to protecting America's amphibians and increasing our amphibians' homeland security. Let freedom ring for all America's wildlife!

Please place the largest tax-deductible donation you can afford! Donate $40 or higher by July 10th and we will list your name on the SAVE THE FROGS! USA webpage's "Founding Froggers" list. Donate $400 and I will answer all your amphibious questions on a personal phone call. Your company can help out by sponsoring us. Thank You!



Save The Frogs USA
"Nonprofits are what make our country livable".
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member Sienne Hayes

Kid Art
Patriotic Frog Art by Juyoung Kim, Age 7


Former CIA operative helps SAVE THE FROGS!

In June 2013, former CIA operative Charles Faddis of AND Magazine interviewed me about frog conservation. Thanks to Charles for helping spread the word and for giving us more proof that it doesn't matter what your profession is, you can help SAVE THE FROGS! You can watch the video here.

Kerry Kriger Charles Faddis


North Carolina Amphibian Bill Passed

Amazing frog-saver, 14-year old Rachel Hopkins, led the campaign to nominate the Marbled Salamander and the Pine Barrens Tree Frog to become North Carolina's official state salamander and frog. On June 19, 2013, the bill (HB830) passed Senate vote and was recently signed into law! Great job Rachael and keep up the good work! Are you a student dedicated to amphibian conservation? Learn how to save the frogs in your area here:

Rachel Hopkins, North Carolina, Environmental Education, State Amphibian, Pine Barrens Tree Frog, Marbled Salamander, Students for Frogs, High School


Michael Starkey talks frogs on Connecticut radio

SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey was featured on the Wayne Norman Morning Show in Willimantic, Connecticut. Willimantic is famous for loving frogs and the town has many memorials on display that celebrate frogs! Listen to the interview here: www.wili-am.com/guests.htm?guest=yew7ilie

Save The Frogs, Ghana, Red-eyed Treefrog

Listen to a lot more SAVE THE FROGS! audio on http://savethefrogs.com/audio


Conservationists Win Lawsuit at San Francisco's Sharp Park

SAVE THE FROGS! supporters have sent several thousand letters to the City of San Francisco regarding their illegal killing of endangered California Red-Legged Frogs at Sharp Park, and we have staged multiple protests at City Hall and at Sharp Park to raise awareness of this issue. So it is our pleasure to announce some fantastic news: U.S. District Judge Susan Illston found that six conservation organizations “prevailed” in a lawsuit against the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department’s (SFRPD) Sharp Park Golf Course, and ordered the golf course to pay $386,000 for illegally killing endangered species. “Sharp Park Golf Course illegally kills endangered species, and San Francisco taxpayers continue to foot the bill for this environmental crime,” said Brent Plater, executive director of the Wild Equity Institute. The funds will offset legal costs and assist in future environmental efforts. We will keep you posted with future Sharp Park updates and invite you to attend a free SAVE THE FROGS! Academy class about Sharp Park and other California environmental issues at 11am Pacific Time on September 25th: mark your calendar now and stay tuned for the registration info, which we will send out when we announce all this year's upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Academy classes.

Sharp Park Golf Course

Brent Plater of Wild Equity Institute addresses the crowd at our May 19, 2012 Drumming For The Frogs rally.


The amazing SAVE THE FROGS! YouTube Channel

We've got lots of great videos on our SAVE THE FROGS! YouTube Channel. Please be sure to subscribe; then rate and comment on our videos so they go high in the YouTube ranking system. Thanks!

youtube save the frogs


America's Most Patriotic Frog T-shirt

Whether or not you were able to attend the Save The Frogs Day Rally in DC, these 100% organic cotton t-shirt are a great addition to your SAVE THE FROGS! collection. These shirts are extremely limited edition: only 72 are in existence...so order this piece of SAVE THE FROGS! history before the last one is GONE! The shirt features 51 stars on the backside, one for every way you can SAVE THE FROGS!. This is a true collector's item, and as always, all proceeds go to SAVE THE FROGS!


DC Save The Frogs Day shirt


Board Members Wanted

SAVE THE FROGS! is currently seeking board members to assist with our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. If you feel you have expertise that would contribute to our Board, please email us your resume and include your responses to the following questions:
(1) What do you see as being your main role within Save The Frogs? How would Save The Frogs benefit by having your active involvement?
(2) How many hours per month do you envision putting into Save The Frogs?
(3) Do you expect to be able to donate to or fundraise for Save The Frogs, and if so, to what extent? Please be as specific as possible.
(4) Are there any steps Save The Frogs should take in the near future to improve our organization and thereby further our mission?
Thanks for your interest!
Endangered Frogs


Thanks for helping SAVE AMERICA'S FROGS!

Enjoy the 4th of July festivities!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Drumming For The Frogs at Sharp Park, May 19th, 2012.

Save The Frogs Gift Center

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