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Please help me celebrate 10 years in amphibian conservation!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

I've dedicated the last ten years of my life to creating a better planet for frogs and for humans. On September 26th, 2003 I flew to Australia to pursue a career in frog conservation. Since then I have taught nearly two million people from 75 countries about the importance of protecting frogs. I've organized a worldwide movement dedicated to protecting frogs and creating a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Today I am working harder than ever to protect frogs, and I'm asking for YOUR financial support so I can continue my worldwide efforts to save frog populations from extinction.

Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today and help me raise $10,000 for the frogs in celebration of my first 10 years in amphibian conservation, and to propel me on to the next 10 years!


Your donation will help ensure that SAVE THE FROGS! can educate thousands of students, teachers, politicians and corporations about frogs, and will directly assist our efforts to protect the endangered California Red-Legged Frog, the Togo Slippery Frog, the Krokosua Squeaker Frog, and the Black Legged Poison Dart Frog. From California to Ghana to Colombia, Mexico and Bangladesh, our worldwide movement and conservation programs depends on your financial support.

Hyla labialis

Can you imagine every person on the planet respecting wildlife? I can. And I know how to make it happen. Your financial support today will enable me to close the gap between my vision and the reality of the healthy, beautiful planet we all seek. Please donate today and help me take SAVE THE FROGS! to the next level!

Hypsiboas cinerascens amazon
Hypsiboas cinerascens, Colombia. Our efforts in Colombia depend on the financial support of donors like you!

Since 2003, I have helped educate nearly two million people worldwide about frogs. I've given live presentations at schools, universities, and government agencies; I've written hundreds of pages of educational content for this website and published numerous research papers; hiked hundreds of miles of dangerous terrain to get to research sites; I've given dozens of radio interviews, and taught online and in-person classes in multiple languages; I've led protests and run informational tables at conferences, festivals and farmers markets; conceived and coordinated Save The Frogs Day, now the world's largest day of amphibian education; I've spread SAVE THE FROGS! programs to 75 countries; opened multiple international branches; trained hundreds of volunteers in amphibian conservation techniques; and served as a role model and inspiration for thousands of kids who now want to save the planet. If you agree that I get the job done, please show your support and donate today and help me grow this movement.

Frog March
Save The Frogs Day 2011 in Washington, DC

Your generous donation today would mean so much to me and be of such huge benefit to the frogs, as it allows us to build on our efforts of the past five years. This movement can only succeed with YOUR support. Frog populations are in steep decline around the world. Please donate today and help me save thousands of endangered amphibian species from extinction! With proper funding, I have no doubt that we can make SAVE THE FROGS! as globally recognized and effective as Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund or the Nature Conservancy. And that's what we need to happen if we are going to save the world's 2,000 endangered amphibian species from extinction!

Kerry Kriger colombia
Save The Frogs Day 2013 in Colombia

I now have ten years of real-world experience putting our society back on track to live in peace and harmony with nature and wildlife. I'm smarter and more dedicated than ever. SAVE THE FROGS! is more effective and more efficient than ever. SAVE THE FROGS! can accomplish more than ever and significantly grow our worldwide impact, but ONLY with your financial support! Please make the largest donation you can afford and help ensure we raise $10,000 to kickstart the next ten years of my environmental efforts! I cannot do this without you, but together we can SAVE THE FROGS!, of that I am certain.

Kpetoe Ghana
Did you ever want to help African kids and wildlife? That's what I did in Ghana in 2011.

Currently society is allowing amphibian populations to be driven to extinction as excellent SAVE THE FROGS! programs go unfunded. Please donate today and help fund our live presentations in schools; our efforts to protect critical frog habitat and get harmful pesticides banned; and the numerous other programs we run worldwide. The difference between success and failure in saving the planet comes down to how badly we want to succeed. WE means YOU and ME. I want a healthy planet to live on. Do you? I want the calls of frogs to fill the nighttime air. Do you? I want to leave future generations of humans a legacy of a beautiful, clean planet. Do you?

South Korea 2010

SAVE THE FROGS! only has a staff of five total people. I could easily direct 25 full-time employees if I had the funding. Imagine how large we could grow this SAVE THE FROGS! movement if we had a proper staff! Please help me raise the funds I need to ensure SAVE THE FROGS! achieves our potential and saves as many amphibian species as possible.

Radiotracking Asiatic toads in South Korea

Thanks for believing in my abilities and thanks for understanding the important role SAVE THE FROGS! plays in society and the broader environmental movement. And thanks for donating to SAVE THE FROGS! today and helping me raise $10,000 for the frogs by September 26th, when I celebrate ten years in amphibian conservation! Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

Kerry kriger Mexico
Mexico 2012

Thank you so much for contributing financially to SAVE THE FROGS! and ensuring we have the funds we need to create a society that respects and appreciates wildlife!!

Donate Frogs

Thank you so much to all our amazing supporters who have helped build SAVE THE FROGS! into a worldwide movement!
Kerry Kriger, Ph.D.
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director, Ecologist
September 15, 2013 

Kids Frogs
Raleigh, North Carolina 2012

Monarch School Frogs
Save The Frogs Day in Santa Cruz, 2010

Thank You Frogs



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