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The 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day: April 26, 2014

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Save The Frogs Day is the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action. On Save The Frogs Day 2013 our supporters held 270 events in at least 30 countries, directly reaching over 17,000 participants. Please get involved and help spread the word so we can make Save The Frogs Day 2014 even more successful! Only a small proportion of the public is aware that frogs are disappearing, and amphibian conservation efforts will not be successful with an un-informed public. Our goal is to make the amphibian extinction crisis common knowledge, and Save The Frogs Day is our best way to make this happen!
Learn all about Save The Frogs Day and how YOU can get involved at:


Save The Frogs Day
Please post this image on your website or to your social media network to help spread the word!


Help us raise $10,000 to fund our worldwide events

Save The Frogs Day is the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action, and it is your generous financial support that makes it all possible! Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to coordinate Save The Frogs Day and create all the educational materials that we freely provide to students, teachers, scientists and naturalists around the world. This year our goal is to raise $10,000 so that we can provide grants to our most dedicated volunteers who are organizing Save The Frogs Day events in developing countries. Most of these volunteers are undergraduates or graduate students and they require our financial assistance to hold successful events. These volunteers have proven their abilities in past years, they just need our help to fund their events. Please contribute and help ensure we take advantage of this huge volunteer workforce to spread amphibious awarenss to thousands of kids around the world. Thank you for your support! If you donate $50 or more between now and February 13th we will list your name in the Thank You section of the Save The Frogs Day 2014 webpage (unless you request anonymity!). Please donate at:


Save The Frogs Day


Please register your Save The Frogs Day event!!!

Thanks for organizing a Save The Frogs Day event! Please register your Save The Frogs Day event as soon as you know the event details (when, where, who, what, etc...). Please remember that the event description you submit is what we will add to the STF Day events page (unless you state that you do not want it online), so please be sure it is well-written! Register at:


It is extremely important that you register your event so that:
(1) SAVE THE FROGS! knows exactly how much is happening on Save The Frogs Day. This is how we judge our success, and it helps us inspire potential donors, so please register and maximize the impact of your event!
(2) We can display your event on the Save The Frogs Day Events Page. This will help people in your area hear of your event and have the chance to attend.
(3) You become eligible for Save The Frogs Day event funding in future years.
(4) You become eligible for a Save The Frogs Day Event Organizer Package!

Illinois save frogs
We encourage students and teachers to take part in Save The Frogs Day! Thanks to these frog lovers in Lindenhurst, Illinois for organizing a Save The Frogs Day 2013 event.


Do you need funding for your Save The Frogs Day event?

SAVE THE FROGS! has disbursed $10,380 in Save The Frogs Day Awards in past years and we want to help fund your amazing Save The Frogs Day 2014 event. If you seek funding, please carefully read through our Save The Frogs Day Awards page to see if you are eligible and to learn how to apply. Note that applications are due February 26th. Please note that the number of Save The Frogs Day Awards we will be able to provide this year depends entirely on how much money we raise over the next three weeks! We appreciate your interest in amphibians and look forward to seeing your application.


Indonesia Save The Frogs Day 2013
Save The Frogs Day 2013 in Paingan, West Java, Indonesia


Watch these SAVE THE FROGS! Academy videos to learn all about Save The Frogs Day and how you can take part

These two videos will give you a great introduction to Save The Frogs Day, including how we coordinate and promote it, and ways YOU can take part.



zech republic save the frogs day 2013
Save The Frogs Day 2013 in Pístov, Czech Republic


Musicians: play benefit concerts on Save The Frogs Day!

Put your amazing artistic talents to use for the benefit of amphibious life this Save The Frogs Day! Check out our page for musicians and have fun celebrating Save The Frogs Day with the best band in town: your own!


Davis frogs kids

Music frogs
Frog art by Wong Ka Hung, China, Age 20

Ghana drums frogs
Drumming For The Frogs and saying no to frogmeat in Chiana, Ghana, 2013.

Events happening in your hometown!

As people begin registering their events, we will add those events to the Save The Frogs Day 2014 page and list events in upcoming newsletters, so please stay tuned. You will be hearing a lot more about Save The Frogs Day 2014!

Ghana Kumasi frogs day
Save The Frogs Day 2013 in Kumasi, Ghana


Photos and stories from Save The Frogs Day 2013

You can get lots of ideas and inspiration by checking out all these amazing images from last year's events:


mizoram frogs
The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE) organized this Save The Frogs Day 2013 event at the Govt. Lungdai Middle School in Lungdai, Kolasib District, Mizoram, India.


Thanks for helping make Save The Frogs Day the world's largest day of amphibian education!

Have a great weekend!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger colombia
Save The Frogs Day in Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia, 2013

"Hi Kerry, have you ever read a small paperback called, The Man Who Planted Trees? I thought of you when I read this book partly because of how I think of you, one person, caring so strongly about the health of our earth; not just talking about the importance of that but actually doing something everyday to help the planet. I imagine you will do this your entire life - protecting flora and fauna, rebuilding habitats, encouraging education to assist nature and eliminate toxic substances and ruinous human behaviors. Thank you for all that you do and here's to advancing amphibian, reptile and more of Earth's health in 2014!"
-- Kay Cookerly

save the frogs day 2014 art


Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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