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Dear [[First_Name]],

Save The Frogs Day is our single most important program because of its massive international reach and because it empowers ordinary citizens to take action for amphibians. Save The Frogs Day events help create the next generation of environmental conservationists. Last year our supporters held over 270 Save The Frogs Day educational events in 30 countries, directly reaching 17,000+ people worldwide.

Today I am asking your help so that we can fund the April 26th Save The Frogs Day events being planned by nineteen of our partner organizations in eight developing countries (Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines and Tanzania). These events are run almost exclusively by volunteers, but they need our financial support to pay for program materials and associated costs. The expected reach of these events is 14,000 attendees, the vast majority of whom are students, so this is a brilliant opportunity to educate the next generation about the importnace of frogs and ways to protect them!

Please donate today and help us raise the $17,000 we need to fund these Save The Frogs Day events!


Donations are tax-deductible and will ensure these Save The Frogs Day events take place. To be clear, many of these events will likely NOT take place if we cannot raise sufficient funds. We have worked so hard over the past six years to train our volunteers and build this movement, let's take advantage of their willingness to contribute by ensuring they have the funds necessary to hold their Save The Frogs Day events.

All of these organizations have held successful Save The Frogs Day events in the past, and thus I am sure they will be even more successful this year. I have personally reviewed all of their event proposals to ensure their efforts will be beneficial to amphibians.

Thank you for donating and ensuring that these educational events do indeed take place this Save The Frogs Day! This fundraising drive will finish on Monday March 24th, so please donate by then; this gives me time to distribute funds to the event organizers.

Save The Frogs Day


Please donate $50 or more by March 24th and we will acknowledge you on the Save The Frogs Day 2014 webpage

Please donate $50 or more ($500 would be fantastic!!!) by Monday March 24th and we will add your name to the Thank You section of the Save The Frogs Day 2014 webpage (unless you request anonymity). Please donate at:


Save The Frogs Day


Photos from last year's Save The Frogs Day events

Your tax-deductible donation today will help fund events much like these that took place last year!

CVASU rally frogs day 2013

dhaka frog parade

art bangladesh

save the frogs cali palomar escuela

Ghana schools

Kibi Ghana

Ghana Kumasi frogs day

India Lucknow save the frogs day 2013

mizoram frogs

save frogs day india

save the frogs day 2013

frog day india

frog masks

frog artists

Tamil Nadu frogs

Nuevo Leon ranas

ninos ranas

nepal frogs day

Nepal Chitwan Frogs

Kathmandu frogs day

frogs day lalitpur

Philippines save the frogs day 2013


Thanks for donating and ensuring these amazing educational events take place!




Thank you for making our efforts possible!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Toad Mart
Cheongju, South Korea, 2010

"Dear Dr. Kriger,
Thank you for your important work to save our frogs! As a school librarian at an elementary school, I was delighted to come across your website, and held a schoolwide art contest patterned after yours. The contest truly raised awareness among my students, and I know some of these kids will now have a greater respect for frogs and animals as a result.
-- Kelly Posey, San Marcos, TX

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