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Go Solar: Save Frogs and Save Money!

Dear [[First_Name]],

You now have a brilliant opportunity to save money and save the frogs all at the same time! Our friends at Sungevity will donate $750 to SAVE THE FROGS! for every person who signs up for their solar lease program. Sungevity has powered thousands of homes with solar rooftop panels and is leading the way in bringing affordable solar to homes like yours. Please request your free solar iQuote from Sungevity today:


Sungevity will connect you with a solar specialist who will help you understand if your house is eligible to be powered by the sun. If you go solar through this program, you'll get a $1,000 credit from Sungevity, and Sungevity will donate $750 to SAVE THE FROGS! to help fund our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. It's a triple win: a win for you, a win for us and a win for the planet. Sungevity has created the most affordable way to go solar; they have no money down plans and low monthly payments that will replace your current electricity bill with up to a 15% reduction in costs!
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Solar Factoid: the price of solar has gone from $22 per watt in 1980 down to $3 per watt in 2012. Why? This is due in part to innovative companies like Sungevity who are revolutionizing the way home solar is being implemented. To date, Sungevity has donated over one million dollars to nonprofit organizations who partnered with them in this program! We hope you go solar, so please request a free solar iQuote from Sungevity today!

Sunset ocean
Solar Factoid: The average solar home saves the atmosphere 8 metric tons of CO2 a year. This helps save frogs from the effects of climate change and global warming! You can do your part by going solar; please request a free solar iQuote from Sungevity today.

Photo from the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center Grand Opening Celebration

The SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center Grand Opening Celebration was a huge success, with four amphibious presentations, live music, frog art and well over 100 awesome frog-friendly people at a froggy fiesta! A lot more photos for you coming very soon! We hope to see you in Berkeley sometime soon; we'll have a calendar of events coming your way shortly.

Save The Frogs Education Center

Frogs and climate change

Unlike reptiles or birds, which have hard-shelled eggs, amphibians have jelly-like, unshelled eggs that cannot survive desiccation. Amphibians need moist climates to reproduce, and this makes them extremely sensitive to climate change. Frogs in high mountainous areas are most affected by global warming. The climate change debate always seems to focus on the potential harm that may happen in the future if we don't act now. We need to make sure people know that climate change is ALREADY causing huge problems for the frogs! Learn more at:


Frogs Climate
This SAVE THE FROGS! poster has been up in Chicago O'Hare International Airport since 2010! Photo by Karen Manasco.

Climate Change frogs
Frog art by Zita Xena Xaviera Rose, Age 10, Indonesia.

Frogs Climate

Climate Comic by Joel Pett

"The monetary woes the world has experienced is because we borrowed against tomorrow and could not pay back. The rainforests are one of the great climate bastions and when they are gone nature will make us pay for it. Let there be wildernesses for my children and not waste lands
-- Peter Tappscott, Biologist; Cape Town, South Africa

Ancient pond
A frog jumps in
No sound of water
-- Frog Poetry by Carolanne Reynolds


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana in the United Kingdom

Miss Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is on an official visit to the UK where she meeting with conservationists, students and the general public to share with them the plight of West Africa's amphibians. She is giving presentations and forming collaborations both private and government organisations to create more awareness and to provide tangible solutions to save amphibians. Sandra's three week visit began with a presentation at the Students Conference on Conservation Science at Cambridge, and a speech at the 67th Annual Meeting of the British Herpetology Society. She has more talks planned: at the University of Nottingham, the Zoological Society of London and the Harrison Institute. Each visit will also be used to raise funds for the organisation and to contribute towards her travels, feeding and accommodation. So far she has raised a total of £290 through the sale of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana merchandise and donations by the British Herpetology Society. Thank you to Sandra for spreading the word, and thank you to all of our generous donors who have funded our efforts in Ghana. Please order a SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana 100% organic cotton t-shirt and help fund our African amphibian efforts and spread the word.

Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi

These awesome shirts are 100% organic, all proceeds go to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, and we can ship them internationally. Order your shirt here.

Ghana Frog Shirt


Our Two Millionth Web Visitor

I am pleased to announce that on February 13th, 2014 savethefrogs.com received its two millionth website visitor. Thank you to everyone who has linked to our website and otherwise spread the word about the hundreds of freely accessible pages we have on our website.

Dallas Airport Frogs


Do you like adventure, wildlife, tropical rainforests, Caribbean beaches? Then please join the SAVE THE FROGS in Belize!

You are cordially invited to join SAVE THE FROGS! on a 10-day eco-tour of Belize: June 19th to June 28th, 2014!
Please see www.savethefrogs.com/belize2014 and direct questions to Michael Starkey:

After a week hiking around tropical savannahs and rainforests in search of awesome terrestrial wildlife, you'll enjoy visiting the Smithsonian Institute's Naos Island biological station and relaxing at this Caribbean beach!

Thank you for forwarding this message to your friends and helping SAVE THE FROGS!

A lot more frog news coming soon!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Clifford Elementary Redwood City
Redwood City, CA


Save The Frogs Gift Center

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