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Earth Day Community Action!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Happy Earth Day! On behalf of SAVE THE FROGS! staff and volunteers worldwide and on behalf of the frogs, we send a huge thank you to all of you who support our efforts by donating, volunteering, spreading the word, attending our events, educating yourself about frogs and improving your ecological footprint! Let's all celebrate Earth Day by taking part in our first ever "Community Action". A community action is an environmental act that every one of us can do to benefit the frogs, regardless of our age, educational background, geography or socio-economic group.

Today's community action is to download the PDF of the Coloring Page below, print 30 copies of it, and deliver the copies to a local school. Just walk up to the front desk of the school's office (wearing a SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirt if possible!), set the SAVE THE FROGS! Coloring Pages down and say "Hi, frogs are rapidly disappearing, please pass these on to your teachers." That's it! If you don't have a printer, please ask a friend to print them, or visit your local printer. Thanks and happy Earth Day! Thanks to Leah Klehn for making this coloring page! Click on it to get a printable 8.5x11" PDF!

Leah Klehn Coloring Book


Join the Frog Action Team: set up your recurring donations to SAVE THE FROGS!

I am pleased to announce we have a fantastic new donation technology that will not only help the frogs, it will make your environmental giving more convenient and also help you with your budgeting! We have partnered with secure payment processor Network For Good to bring you easy to set up recurring donations! Please help SAVE THE FROGS! by joining our Frog Action Team, the elite group of dedicated frog lovers who donate as little as $5 per month to SAVE THE FROGS!. I already set up my own recurring donation to SAVE THE FROGS! at $20/month. Please match me! Thank you and happy Earth Day!

Set up your recurring donation now!



Join our Earth Day event in Berkeley tonight

Not only is today the best day to celebrate the environment, but it's SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey's birthday! The theme of the celebration: Let's take a trip to Belize! Michael will give a presentation about the current status of amphibian conservation in Belize, speak about the upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Eco-tour to Belize, and tell weird, awkward, funny, interesting, and disturbing travel stories from his time in Belize. This event will be educational, entertaining, and downright fun so please show your support for the environment and for Michael on this special day. This is event is open to the public and is completely free (although donations to SAVE THE FROGS! are greatly appreciated).
- Where: The one and only SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center (2524 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94702)
- When: 6:30pm-9:30pm, April 22nd, 2014
- What to bring: A vegan dish to share! Your own plate and fork! A few bucks to donate to the frogs! Your friend, mom, spouse, or whoever! BEER (yes, this is a BYOB kind of event). See you there!

Chiana Ghana Michael Starkey


Lots of events coming up in Berkeley, California at our beautiful new Education Center!

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. All events are free, though your generous donations are greatly appreciated.

- April 22nd, 630pm-930pm: Earth Day Birthday Belize Bash
- April 25th, 5pm-8pm: Live Frog Night 
- April 26th, 230pm-til late: Save The Frogs Day - RSVP HERE!
- May 6th, 6pm: Volunteer Session 
- May 9th, 730pm: Movie Night 
- May 16th, 5pm: Endangered Species Day
- May 20th, 6pm: Global Day of Palm Oil Awareness
- May 28th, 5pm: Frog Art Workshop for Kids
- June 21st, 3pm: Ban The Bullfrog Daysave the frogs berkeley


Live Frog Night in Berkeley - April 22nd

Join SAVE THE FROGS! for an educational and exciting evening with live frogs! Audra Barrios of Lick Your Eyeballs will bring live frogs to display at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center. You will learn all about the incredible process of metamorphosis, how amphibians use poison to deter predators, and many other amazing amphibian facts. This event is completely free and open to the public, but donations are greatly accepted.
- When: Friday April 25th, 5-8pm
- Where: The SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center (2524 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94702)

Hyperolius concolor
Hyperolius concolor, Ghana


Save The Frogs Day events may be taking place in your town!

We've added many events to our Save The Frogs Day 2014 page, and are adding more daily. Go have a look to see what's taking place in your part of the world!


Litoria phyllochroa, Australia


We're Gearing up for Save The Frogs Day, hope you are too!

Thank you for your support and happy Earth Day!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

frog logo
Frog art by Abbey Salvo

"Thanks so much for having me to document the grand opening of the center. The work you guys are doing is incredibly admirable and humbling."
-- Fabián Aguirre

Save The Frogs Gift Center

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