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Help me build the 15 wetlands I designed

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

The vast majority of America's wetlands have been destroyed or modified and habitat destruction is the number one cause of amphibian population declines worldwide. To remedy this problem, SAVE THE FROGS! has initiated a Wetlands For Wildlife program in which we will construct actual wetlands for frogs and other wildlife. Last week I spent four days with Tom Biebeghauser, the world's leading wetlands construction expert. Together we designed 15 wetlands, distributed across seven California sites (schools in San Francisco, Redwood City, Fairfax, San Juan Bautista and Ben Lomond; Oakland city land; and private property in Shingle Springs). All of the sites have been destroyed or modified historically and make excellent locations for new wetlands.

The first wetland we will build will be at the Manor School in Fairfax, CA. Construction will take place on October 16th, 2014. In building the wetland we will be teaching hundreds of school students about frogs and we will be providing frog habitat and educational opportunities for years to come. We need your help to make this schoolyard habitat for frogs at the Manor School a reality! The cost of building the wetland is $5,410. Please place the largest tax-deductible contribution that you can afford so that we can build this inaugural Wetland For Wildlife. Donate $50 or more by Saturday May 31st and we will list your name in the Thank You section of www.savethefrogs.com/wetlands to acknowledge your generosity. Thank you for your support!


Donate Frogs

wetlands habitat
Manor School teacher Laura Honda takes a soil sample at the center of what with your help will be a wetland come October 16th, 2014. Laura has been teaching environmental education since 1999. She will help ensure this wetland gets regular use as an outdoor classroom for many years to come.


Learn all about the 15 wetlands we designed

You can see photos and download the detailed design reports for all 15 wetlands at:


"Hi Kerry, This page is amazing! You have done a fantastic job. It's attractive, interesting, and accurate."
-- Wetlands Construction Expert Tom Biebighauser

Thank you to Nature's Path Envirokidz Cereal for funding the design of these 15 wetlands!


Ask your company to sponsor a wetland!

The total cost for SAVE THE FROGS! to construct these 15 wetlands, to incorporate in wetlands and amphibian education for all the students and teachers who would be assisting, and to communicate the project successes to the public is $61,616. An engineering firm would likely charge $500,000 and not incorporate in any educational component, so this is a fantastic value. But we need your help to raise the money! Please ask your company's executives to support this initiative by having your company sponsor a wetland! Sponsorships are tax-deductible, and we will make sure your company gets the valuable positive publicity it deserves for assiting this important initiative. Please email Emily Moskal emily@savethefrogs.com for more information.

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Learn how to build wetlands at our 3-day Wetlands Construction Workshop: October 14-16, 2014

We invite you to attend our three-day Wetlands Construction Workshop October 14th-16th. SAVE THE FROGS! biologists will teach you all about amphibians and wetlands; we will design an actual wetland; and we will construct a wetland at the Manor School in Fairfax, California. More info coming soon; for now, please fill out this form if you want to receive updates about SAVE THE FROGS! Wetlands Construction Workshops. Learn more at:


Wetlands Construction Workshops

groundbreaking wetland
"How can I participate in Tom Biebighauser's three day wetland creation workshop? It sounds great! I am extremely interested in this portion of conservation because it's an active way to save frogs! Keep me updated." – Kathlyn Franco, Biologist


Three new videos about our Wetlands For Wildlife initiative

When we were designing these wetlands, Tom and I created three videos about the wetlands we plan to build. Please watch the videos at:


Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there!

Kids wetland
Tom Biebighauser has been building wetlands at schools for 25 years.

Your donation will help us build a wetland at these kids' school!

I spoke to this group of Manor School 4th graders about frog conservation earlier this month and last week I designed a wetland behind their school. The students have been spreading the word about SAVE THE FROGS! and they even fundraised $100 for the frogs! Let's build these kids a wetland! Please donate and make this wetland a reality, thank you! Donate $50 or more by Saturday May 31st and we will list your name in the Thank You section of www.savethefrogs.com/wetlands to acknowledge your generosity. Thank you for your support!



Frog Art Workshop For Kids: May 28th, 2014 in Berkeley, CA

What better way to foster appreciation for nature among children than by helping them create an artistic masterpiece of our native wildlife? Please bring your children to our beautiful new SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center for an afternoon of frog art May 28th, 5pm-7pm! We will have artists on hand to assist your child in creating origami frogs, paper frog molas, and, of course, coloring our custom frog coloring page! While we foster amphibious inspiration among the neighborhood's youth, we will also present an engaging and fun presentation complete with frog calls. Not only will your child go home with a couple of original pieces of frog artwork to hang where you please, but they'll also come home with a new repertoire of frog calls! Our education center is located at 2524 San Pablo Avenue next to many nice restaurants. Drop off your children and while you eat a quiet dinner next door we'll be teaching your children some fun nature skills. The frog art workshop is free, though your donations are greatly appreciated. See you at 5pm on Wednesday, May 28. Thank you from all of us at SAVE THE FROGS!

Sad Frog


Prices slashed on our June 19th-28th Belize Ecotour!

sWe still have a few spots remaining on our upcoming Belize Ecotour and we want to fill them! We are now offering an amazingly low price of $1,600 for students and $1,850 for non-students. Want credit from your university? We can handle that too! Please visit www.savethefrogs.com/belize2014 and contact Michael Starkey at starkey@savethefrogs.com with questions. This is an amazing offer for an amazing adventure that we may never hold again. Act fast!


Thank you for your support!

Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

"I have tremendous admiration for your extraordinary effort, determination and success."
-- John Poynton, Professor & Amphibian Biologist, United Kingdom

Tom Biebighauser Kerry Kriger
This is a photo of me and Tom Biebighauser standing in the center of a wetland we designed in Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park. The city of Oakland and the San Francisco Bay are in the background. The site is currently compacted and no trees can grow here. With your help we can turn this into a beautiful wetland.


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