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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Last fall, Sea View Elementary students sent a letter to Assemblymember Manuel Perez asking him to create legislation naming the California Red-Legged Frog (Rana draytonii) as our official state amphibian. Pérez drafted the legislation earlier this year and SAVE THE FROGS! has twice testified at the State Capitol on behalf of the bill (AB 2364). This morning the bill passed the Senate on a Floor vote of 24-9 and now heads to the Governor. This legislation will help raise awareness of the threats to California Red-Legged Frogs; it will make it more difficult to harm the Red-Legged Frog as Californians will be more fond of it and therefore more protective of it; and it will ensure thousands of Californians learn about frogs when researching their state's official wildlife in school.

You can help assure this bill becomes law by writing a 1-page letter of support, addressed to Governor Jerry Brown, and sending it as an attachment to news@savethefrogs.com by Monday June 23rd, 2pm PST. You can read my letter to Governor Brown here.

"AB 2364 spotlights a species important to California history and ecology by making it a state symbol," said Assemblymember Pérez. "But it is also meaningful to me because it demonstrates learning in action. The students came up with this idea, did the research and got involved in the legislative process. I've really enjoyed the experience working with them, and I'm excited that this is the first of my bills this year to head to the Governor's desk."

Learn more at www.savethefrogs.com/ab2364

Sea View students
The Sea View Elementary students during a SAVE THE FROGS! presentation in January 2014.


Read this article I wrote for IGUANA kids magazine

Latin America is home to more endangered amphibians than anywhere on Earth, so I was pleased to be asked to write an article specifically for Spanish-speaking kids. The article appears in this month's IGUANA magazine. Iguana is an entirely Spanish-language magazine geared towards kids aged 7 to 12. You can left-click the image below to get a PDF. Please forward it on to your Spanish speaking friends. Disfruta y SALVA LAS RANAS!

Read the article here in Spanish.

Read the article here in English.

Kerry kriger espanol


Two more SAVE THE FROGS! supporters build frog ponds

Two of our supporters recently buit frog ponds in their yards. Josie, a 10-year old girl, read our Build A Frog Pond page, was inspired, and took action! Now she has frogs living at the pond. You can read all about her pond building and see photos right here. Here's a note from Kimberly Powell in Michigan who also built a pond:
"I built a frog pond in my yard 3 weeks ago. I already have visitors and tadpoles galore. I can't even tell you how much pleasure I have gotten from this project. Brought the 6 year old neighbor girl over this morning to teach her about the frogs. She is so excited too."

Building a frog pond is easier than you think, and you will love the sound of the frogs that colonize your beautiful new wetland! Learn how to build a frog pond here.

pond frogs
10-year old Josie's pond.


Donate your old laptop or iPad to SAVE THE FROGS!

If you have an old laptop you no longer need, we could really make good use of it (and write you a receipt for tax-deduction purposes!). We can use it on the floor of the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center so visitors can surf our website, and it will also help our Work-Study students get their frog saving done! Please email us at contact@savethefrogs.com if you have a laptop with functional wi-fi. We could use an iPad as well. Thank you!

Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Emily Moskal
SAVE THE FROGS! Program Coordinator Emily Moskal found this beautiful Dendrobates ventrimaculatus in Ecuador.


15% off sale at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center

Print this coupon and bring it in for 15% off all the frogtastic items in our store! Be quick, the sale ends June 27th. All proceeds to amphibian conservation!

"This is one of the coolest shops I've ever been in."
-- Customer at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley earlier this week.

Coupon frogs


Thank you for your support!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director, Ecologist & Donor

Kerry Kriger frog shirt
"I just wanted to comment and tell you that I love the look of your t-shirts! I love frogs and do whatever I can to encourage them to thrive in my area." -- Nan Talbert

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