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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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2009 Frog Poetry Winners

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Frogs have been disappearing worldwide at alarming rates. Our 1st Annual Frog Poetry Contest received 414 entries from 14 countries: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malta, Northern Ireland, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA.

Congratulations to the winners!

Brittany Belanger - Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to 7th grader Brittany Belanger of Stockton, CA, for her wonderful poem "Almost Gone". An excerpt of Brittany's poem is featured on a 100% organic cotton t-shirt available in the Save The Frogs Gift Center, with all proceeds going to support our worldwide environmental conservation efforts.

Almost Gone

The pinwheel of our earth,
The binding of our book,
The balance of our world,
Almost gone.

The wheel will slowly stop turning,
The binding slowly unravel,
The balance disturbed.

The glue holding our ecosystem together,
Slowly beginning to fade,
Like the perfect morning,
Fading to a thick canopy of darkness.
Our world as we know it will change.

The frogs are the answer,
The key to turn the lock,
The cure to many diseases,
But they are almost gone,
What will you do?

Frog shirt poem

Optimistic Thought frog shirt

Order the 100% organic cotton shirt here!

Arlene Wang

Congratulations to 11th grader Arlene Wang of Lexington, KY, winner of the 13-17 age group for her poem "All The Difference".

"My name is Arlene Wang and I was recently announced the 13-17 category winner for the Save the Frogs Poetry Contest. I want to thank you for this amazing honor. I hope to use the prize money towards my college education, and I wish future winners will be able to use theirs to pursue their dreams. I love writing (mostly prose) but it took a little push to write poetry. Frog conservation has been a newfound interest of mine along with environmentalism.  Save The Frogs is a great organization; keep doing what you are doing!
Thanks again!
Sincerely, Arlene Wang

All the Difference

You tear the down the trees to “urbanize”
You introduce chemicals to “sanitize”
You dispose of waste to “neutralize”
You read through the paper and “realize”
That this is not the future.
We have amphibians: salamanders, frogs and toads
On the brink of extinction.

Because the smallest acts can have large ramifications.

In attempts to restore what has been destroyed
We must join together,
News stations, businesses
Educators, legislators
Children and adults,
Your generation and mine.

Correct our destructive habits and alter our flawed mindsets.
Recognize that we are not the only ones on this planet.

Because the smallest acts can have large ramifications.
Because the smallest changes can make all the difference.

Joseph Calamia

Congratulations to 61 year old Joseph Calamia of El Paso, TX, winner of the 18+ age group.

Small Amphibious Soul

A small ancient amphibious soul.
Webbed feet, slimy mucous skin,
eyes; sometimes red, green, or even gold!

A creature now endangered, or so I've been told. 
Without him, a world sterile, archaic, and utterly cold.

The Frog:
A small ancient amphibious soul.

The 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest - Stay Tuned!

Be sure to take part in the 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest, to be announced in January of 2010. Get your school, team, community group, tribe, platoon, coalition, pack, or church involved. Spread the word!

Want to help out?

Help us advertise the 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest by donating $10 to the SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Fund: we can place an 11x34" ad announcing the contest inside a public bus in a large US city for only $10/month. Thousands of students and teachers will see the ad and many will eventually participate...all because of your generosity!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Thanks to Frog Poetry Judges Elspeth Murray & Mike Chang
Thanks to all the poets.
Thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! volunteer team.
Thanks to all our supporters and members!

See you in early 2010 for the 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest...

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