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2013 Frog Poetry Contest Winners

Frog Poetry Contest Homepage | Frog Art Contest Homepage

Frogs have been disappearing worldwide at alarming rates. Thanks to all this year's poets for helping to get the word out! The 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest received 937 entries from 50 countries: Albania, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, Suriname, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Congratulations to the winners!

Nick Gustafson Poetry

Haitham Al-Twaijri - Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Haitham Al-Twaijri, Age 21, of Memphis, Tennessee, Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest, for his poem "An Amphibious Plea".

An Amphibious Plea
by Haitham Al-Twaijri

From egg to pole to tailless bliss
Froggy metamorphosis!
Bulging eyes and vibrant skins,
Walking, swimming, hopping limbs!
Their smiling lips, their slender legs
They even eat mosquito eggs!
They've been around since long before,
But now so many are no more.
We've turned their homes into our own,
Pollution, pesticides we've grown,
Climate change we've brought about:
Their jelly-eggs - we've dried them out!
Now - if ever - let us stand,
Reverse the trends destroying land,
Acknowledge that we were mistaken
Give where we have always taken.
Together, we must raise the cry
From stream to sand - from damp to dry
From parks to lakes, from ponds to logs:

Bernard Owor - 2nd Prize Winner

Congratulations to Bernard Owor of Mombasa, Kenya for his poem "How Can My Species Compete?".

Bernard Owor
How Can My Species Compete?

We amphibians sing to nature's beat
Tasty insects and bugs we love to eat
But civilizations comes with blazing heat
Prompting our numbers to rapidly deplete
Soon our kind shall be rendered obsolete
When this phase of extinction becomes complete.
To the ways of man, how can our species compete?
Human nature has ceased to be humble and sweet
We lesser creatures have to bow at his stumping feet
Show mercy if you chance to see us hopping in the street
It's never too late for you to start on a clean sheet.
Though the path of change is twisted and dimly lit
Learn to never say never and never say quit
With you by our side my kind shall surely make it
From this looming and dooming bottomless pit

Maria McCaskill - 3rd Prize Winner

Congratulations to Maria MacCaskill, Age 13 of Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK for her poem "A Piece of World Class Art".

A Piece of World Class Art
by Maria MacCaskill

We are a beautiful creation
A piece of world class art
But we are in serious danger
Do you have a kind and caring heart?
Our numbers are becoming smaller
Each day brings worry and pain
But for someone like you to give a donation
Would be an amazing life saving gain
We are unique animals
Each salamander, toad or frog
Every one of us has a story to tell
As we jump from water to log
We each have a different colour
Blue, red, green or yellow
We may have spots, we may have stripes
But it is individual on each and every fellow
But what is the point in having these things
If we are simply going to die
Not of age but lack of habitat
It is all up to you and not I
So I'm asking you on our behalf
To give up ten minutes of your time
To have a look at
To help the friends and family of mine
Because giving up ten minutes of your day
Could be saving one of ours
Making us able to raise our young
Right now it is out of our powers
You signing up or giving some cash
Is a really important thing to do
It's giving us time to up our numbers
And it doesn't do much harm to you
Sponsor us or raise awareness
Join in save the frogs day
There's nothing as frogs we can do
You humans are lucky to have a say
We just want you to think
Next time you see one or two of us
That losing a friend hurts
Because it really, really does
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Is all we have to say
Because all of your support and backing
Has made each frog day.

Most Honorable Mention

Congratulations to Frog Judge Caitlin Lambert, whose won the 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest and helped judge this year's contest, and whose excellent 2013 poem deserves the title "Most Honorable Mention":

What Could Have Been
by Caitlin Lambert

A green flash in the underbrush
A croaking by the stream
A webbed foot on the lily pad
A long forgotten dream
I once remember when the frogs sang melodies so deep
They sat on every windowsill
And sang my heart to sleep
Where is that silent whispering?
That croak and fearless song?
Where are the frogs that held the night
And brought morning along?
I know that in the future
People think they'll have returned
But if they ever do come back
They'll find their forest burned
We ravage every jungle
For the things we think we need
Then build up crystal monuments
To document our greed
Power and resources
Can not buy us back our breath
The forest and the jungle
Are all that we have left
One day when all the animals
Are caught up in our net
And our children can not fall asleep
Without a frog quartet
We'll look back and remember
All those nights of ancient rhyme
And we'll wish we'd made a difference
While we still had precious time.

A note from Caitlin: "I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to judge this year's contest. It has been a wonderful experience to read all of the poems, and I am so happy for the winner. Haitham's poem, An Amphibious Plea, was amazing, and the rhythm and rhyme were extremely well done."

More Honorable Mentions

Congratulations also to all these Honorable Mentions, whose excellent poems made it to the final round:

Sophia Scepanovic, Australia
Yasmin Atwani, Australia
Janice M. McDonald, Canada
Dinesh Patel, India
Ishita Singh, India
Shreya Chakraborty, India
Priyanka Ganesh, India
Simran Ghesani, India
Katie Nic Aonghusa, Ireland
Jasmine Clancy, New Zealand
Nicole Connelly, Scotland
Charlene Cloud-Dancing, South Africa
Jessie Wilson, United Kingdom
Daisy Bloxham, United Kingdom
Shannon Corsan, United Kingdom
Reyna Lusson, United States
Sharon Lin, United States
Levi Moore, USA
Larry Madigan, USA
Kaitilin Daniels, USA
Andrew Barth, USA
Mianda Wood, USA
Tiffany Avalos, USA
Briana Leiva, USA
Hanna Jarvis, USA
Katie Baker, USA
Anna Dodson, USA
Drew Payne, USA
Sylvia Nica, USA
Stephanie Lowder, USA
Frank Hendricks, USA
Michael Vernon, USA
Aaditya Singh, United Arab Emirates (Aaditya won 3rd Prize in the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest)

Nick Gustafson frog poetry

The 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest

Be sure to take part in the 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest, which run from January 15th to October 15th, 2013. Get your school, team, community group, tribe, platoon, coalition, pack, or church involved. Spread the word!

Want to sponsor or help promote the contest?

Please contact us if so!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Thanks to Frog Poetry Judges Kerry Kriger, Sienne Hayes, Caitlin Lambert. Thanks to all the poets. Thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! volunteer team. Thanks to all our supporters and members!

Nick Gustafson poetry

See you in early 2014 for the 6th Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest!

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