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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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SAVE THE FROGS! University of South Carolina is the east coast's first official university chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. Founded in 2013 and based at the University of South Carolina (USC), our mission is to protect the campus' amphibian populations, to educate South Carolina's citizens about amphibians, and to support the broader efforts of SAVE THE FROGS!. You can contact us at


Chapter Goals

Protect the USC campus' amphibian populations

More coming soon!

Educate fellow USC students about amphibians

If people don't know a problem exists, it is incredibly difficult to fix the problem. USC Chapter members will educate their fellow students about the campus' amphibian populations and the overall importance of amphibians. Activities include:

(1) Creating educational signs to be placed near sidewalks and roads that pass by the campus' wetlands. Signs will inform passersby about the frogs that live in that wetland.

(2) Leading field trips to look for frogs each semester, and organizing presentations by guest speakers on topics related to environmental conservation.

(3) Promoting SAVE THE FROGS! activities to the students and professors of the different faculties and involving them in relevant programs: artists in the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest; writers in the Poetry Contest; musicians playing benefit concerts for SAVE THE FROGS!; etc...

Hold an Annual Save The Frogs Day event on campus

Save The Frogs Day 2012Save The Frogs Day is the single best time of year to raise awareness and funds for amphibian conservation, and is the easiest time to get people actively involved saving frogs. The University of South Carolina chapter of SAVE THE FROGS! will organize a Save The Frogs Day event on campus each year to highlight problems frogs face and raise money for the Chapter's activities. Save The Frogs Day receives worldwide publicity and thus is an excellent time to bring attention to the threats to South Carolina's frog populations. Save The Frogs Day occurs annually towards the end of April.

Educate students in South Carolina schools

Undergraduates will give presentations on frog conservation to local elementary, middle and high schools students to help ensure the students grow up with respect and appreciation for their natural heritage, and to ensure that there is a large future pool of environmental conservationists. University of South Carolina students should help the schools set up their own chapters, which can be supervised by the University of South Carolina students.

Frog Dissections at USC

More coming soon!


About the SAVE THE FROGS! USC Chapter

A note from George Sellers

George Sellers, Science Chairman
Ware Shoals High School
56 Greenwood Ave.
Ware Shoals, SC 29692
September 19, 2013

Dear Dr. Kriger:

It was very enjoyable speaking with you on Wednesday night during our Advisory Committee meeting, and I was especially glad that you mentioned Jacob Gilbert would like to start a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter at the University of South Carolina! As you well know, Jacob was the leading student at Ware Shoals High School in getting things accomplished to help SAVE THE FROGS!. He served as Vice-President of the BioClub during his junior year and as President of the BioClub during his senior year at Ware Shoals High school. It was through his leadership and persistent effort that the Governor of South Carolina issued a proclamation to recognize a day in S.C. to honor frogs. It was also because of his leadership that all of our April Save The Frogs Day events turned out so successful.

Jacob mentioned to me before he left for USC that he was interested in starting a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter there. I am so pleased that he is taking the initiative to do just that. In my forty years of teaching high school students I have seldom had students demonstrate such integrity and initiative as seen in Jacob. He will do a fantastic job starting the chapter, recruiting students and motivating them to participate in all planned events. He will make an outstanding ambassador for your fantastic program, and he will not let you down. You should also be aware that Jacob is an outstanding student who takes his academics seriously. He was elected President of his dormitory at USC, and he was selected to live in the best facility on campus—an environmentally friendly one.

Obviously I recommend Jacob without hesitation to start a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter at USC. He will do an outstanding job, and he will also keep you busy with lots of questions and suggestions concerning the chapter. Please give him every consideration when reviewing his application, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further help.

George Sellers
SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member

"The most important project to me is educating others about the issues plaguing frogs, and activism. The reason that education and activism is most important to me is because I believe that this is the best way to battle the problems fazing frogs. By educating citizens about what frogs do, and why we need them in the environment, they will vote to support legislation protecting frogs on polls. Also, with activism, those educated can display their passion by representing the frog species."
-- Jacob Gilbert, University of South Carolina