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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Frog Slideshows

Save The Frogs Day"On Earth Day I showed the slideshows from the SAVE THE FROGS! website. The children loved it. They love the Cool Frog Facts and really enjoy seeing real pictures/videos of frogs and amphibians. There is so much learning that is happening. I want to thank you for putting the website together. It is so cool. The children enjoy it, and learn from it."
-- Sharon Bolfing, 4th grade teacher, Texas


Our goal is to provide the highest quality amphibian educational materials, and to make it as simple as possible for an interested person to use those materials to teach others about amphibians and the problems they face. Please enjoy the slideshows, and consider giving a SAVE THE FROGS! presentation on Save The Frogs Day! We'll soon have PDF Guide Sheets to assist your presentation(s). Be sure to sign up for the Save The Frogs Newsletter so you find out when we post them here!

"I've just delivered the power point presentation you sent me in our theatre and it went down a treat! Thanks very much. I gave yourself and save the frogs a good mention at the start. Everyone really enjoyed the talk and the images and I really felt like I got through to people and have convinced many of them to develop a pond and a wildlife area in their gardens, I always give an advice sheet out at the start of my talks for people to follow if they wish to put in a pond on their land or garden."
-- Phil Lewis, World Museum Liverpool

The Wild World of Frogs - 2012

This is the very slideshow that SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger uses at the majority of his presentations. This slideshow is good for 6th graders up through adults (though you can easily make it 1st-grader friendly too!). You can download the PowerPoint here! (just right-click and 'Save Target As').

"Thanks so much for the link to the slides, they were a great help for my presentation. I informed a lot of people on the issue that were actually unaware of how serious it was. I was also able to bring up information for Save the Frogs Day 2011, and provide links to the website. And to top it off, I brought some Atrazine petitions with me and got quite a few signatures, I will be sure to send them back soon."
--Sean Kortis on his presentation to his "Contemporary Environmental Issues and Policy" class at Stony Brook University in New York.

Nyctimistes dayi

Save The Frogs Day Slideshow

Save The Frogs DayThis slideshow is all about Save The Frogs Day, the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action. Download it here and feel free to use any of the slides in the presentation YOU give on Save The Frogs Day!

"Kerry, Thank you so much for all you are doing to save frogs. I am a lifelong frog/amphibian enthusiast and was somewhat aware of some of the threats to them, but I am the first to admit that I was not terribly knowledgeable about the critical nature of the threats and dangers they are currently facing nor about ways average citizens can help save them. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon because it gave me a starting point to begin educating my young students (and myself) about what we can do to help."
-- Sharon Mannix, Windsor, NY

Fantastic Frog Photos

This slideshow is nothing but fantastic frog photos. You can download the slideshow here! (just right-click and 'Save Target As').

The Wild World of Frogs - Kids Version

The Wild World of Frogs, below, is good for Kindergarten through 5th graders. Please feel free to embed it on your own website. You can find the embed code here. You can download the PowerPoint here!
(just right-click and 'Save Target As').

"I loved the Powerpoint for elementary school students."
-- Laurie Sullivan, Ph.D.
Barrett Elementary School, Arlington, VA
2004 Virginia Teacher of the Year

SAVE THE FROGS! For Those With Learning Disabilities

The slideshow below is good for Kindergarten, Pre-K, and students with learning disabilities. Please feel free to embed it on your own website. You can find the embed code here. You can download the PowerPoint here! (just right-click and 'Save Target As'). This slideshow was prepared courtesy of Beth Curtis, a teacher with the Fairfax County Public Schools.


"I was so totally elated to hear of this website. I have retrieved several ideas from your website and plan on viewing frog slideshows with my students on Friday."
-- Candace Rodriguez, San Marcos, TX

Can We Stop The Disappearance Of Frogs?

A slideshow with an Australian focus by SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member Dr. Jean-Marc Hero: Watch it here!

Australian Frogs

The Wild World of Frogs - French

French speakers need to learn about frogs too! This slideshow is good for 6th graders up through adults. Download it by right-clicking here.

SAVE THE FROGS! Slideshows in the news!

Thanks to John Platt for writing up this article about our free slideshows.