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SAVE THE FROGS! 2011 Accomplishments

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Thanks To These People | Financials

2011 Program Areas:
Education | Habitat Restoration & Protection | Pesticides | Frog Legs
Dissections | Media Coverage |


Donate Now!This page lists some of our major accomplishments in 2011. Thanks to all our donors, members, volunteers and supporters for making all this possible! If you like what we do, please help us protect amphibian populations by placing a tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS! today: we do not receive government funding...our success depends on you! With your involvement and your financial support, we are 100% positive we can SAVE THE FROGS! Thanks!

Our 2011 Financial Information

-- TOTAL EXPENSES: $128,177
Program Expenses: $114,771 (89.6%)
Administrative Expenses: $11,264 (8.8%)
Fundraising Expenses: $2,142 (1.6%)

-- TOTAL REVENUES: $131,310
Donations from Individuals: $64,339 (49.0%)
Donations from Corporations: $25,295 (19.3%)
Membership Dues: $11,583 (8.8%)
Merchandise: $28,193 (21.5%)
Honorariums for Lectures: $1,900 (1.4%)
You can also download our 2011 IRS Form 990-EZ.



Currently only a small proportion of our society knows that amphibians are disappearing. This lack of awareness in the general public is one of the greatest impediments to successful amphibian conservation efforts, as most of the threats to amphibians could be ameliorated if people were aware of the effects of their actions. Some of SAVE THE FROGS! educational initiatives are listed below.

Save The Frogs Day

Save The frogs Day 2010Save The Frogs Day is an event we conceived and coordinate, intended to raise awareness of amphibian extinctions in the general public and to get people actively working in their own communities to protect amphibians. The 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 29, 2011) was the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history. SAVE THE FROGS! supporters held 145 events in 21 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Uganda, the United Kingdom and the USA! The day included presentations on amphibian conservation by teachers, scientists leading frog walks, habitat restoration and protests at restaurants that sell frog legs. The 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day was featured on a 2-minute spot on CNN Worldwide TV.

Lectures on Amphibian Conservation

Kerry Kriger SFSUTo raise awareness of the plight of amphibians and to motivate people to take action, SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger gave 62 free presentations on amphibian conservation in 2011, to a total of 3715 attendees. SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey gave 23 presentations to 1,168 attendees. These lectures took place at universities, schools, businesses, community groups, national parks and at other nonprofits including the San Francisco Zoo, UC Santa Cruz, California Academy of Sciences and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Ghana FrogsSAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger travelled to Ghana in September 2011 to implement SAVE THE FROGS! programs in the country. Upon meeting Gilbert Adum, it quickly became clear that there was a huge need for SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, our first international branch. Within a week, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana was officially announced, a Board formed, a plan of action devised and a new era of amphibian conservation in Africa had arisen. The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is to protect Ghana's amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.

Awards & Grants: $1,350 Disbursed

Nate The NewtSAVE THE FROGS! disburses awards & grants to highly-qualified undergraduates, graduate researchers and students working to conserve amphibian populations in their community. These awards will fund important amphibian conservation work, and will provide young scientists incentive to pursue careers in environmental conservation. In 2011 we were pleased to award $1,350 in grants. With your support, we can drastically increase the number of awards we distribute! Congratulations to these 2011 winners:

Save The Frogs Day Awards
Hari Bahadur Rana, Chitwan Nepal: $500
Rajesh Jha, Kathmandu, Nepal: $150
Pramod Bhattarai, Sindhupalchok, Nepal: $200

Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation
Avalon Theisen: $500

free frog pdfWild World of Frogs PDF

Our free 125-page PDF on frog conservation "Wild World of Frogs: A Self-Guided Tour" was downloaded
over 40,000 times in the first 48 hours after its release. Download it here.

Atlanta Airport

Atlanta's international airport is the busiest on planet Earth, so we are extremely excited to have gotten two of these huge posters up right in Concourse E International (Delta, Air Jamaica, British Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, South African Airways). Raising awareness and finding new supporters is crucial to our mission, and tens of thousands of people will see these public service announcements. Learn more about Frogs in Airports here!

Atlanta save the frogs

Our website -

The website has over 250 free pages of information, and is an integral part of how we spread our message of amphibian conservation around the world. In 2011, the site received over 430,000 unique visitors.


Frog Art SelenaThe 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest received entries from 2,266 contestants in 31 countries! Entries came from Australia, Bangladesh, Belize, Canada, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the USA. The contest raises awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested, and the artwork is used on t-shirts, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, hats, and in greeting cards and books, to both publicize our cause and raise money for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts. You can view the 2011 winning frog art here

SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest

Poetry FrogsThe 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest received 700 entries from 33 countries. Thanks to all the contestants for their fabulous frog poetry! This contest raises awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested. The best frog poems will be used in a book of frog poetry that will be sold to raise money for amphibian conservation efforts. You can view the 2011 winning frog poems here



Pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc...) are toxic chemicals that generally undergo little to no testing on amphibians prior to their being approved for use. Unfortunately, the law of gravity has it that many of these pesticides end up in waterways, where amphibians live and breed. Amphibians have permeable skin that is highly absorbent, making them extremely susceptible to pollutants and pesticides.

Atrazine Rally and Call For Comments, EPA Talk

Ban Atrazine SAVE THE FROGS! led an Atrazine rally at the steps of the US EPA in Washington, DC on April 29, 2011 and SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a presentation on amphibian conservation to the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs a week later. At the presentation, he submitted over 10,000 signatures to the US EPA calling on Administrator Lisa Jackson to ban the endocrine disrupting chemical. Based on the petition, the EPA hels a call for public comments in late 2011; please download "Why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Should Place an Immediate Ban on the Use & Production of Atrazine", SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger's 2011 Submission to the EPA's Atrazine Call For Comments.

Atrazine kids


Frog Legs

The worldwide trade in frog legs is massive, and is undoubtedly a significant contributor to the decline and extinction of amphibian populations worldwide. The frog legs trade is problematic whether the frogs are wild-caught or farm-raised. Specifically, the harvest of wild frogs leads to depletion of wild populations, and trade in farm-raised frogs leads to the spread of harmful infectious diseases and invasive species.

Bernardus Lodge & Winery Ceases Frog Legs Sales

Frog Legs VictoryIn March 2011, SAVE THE FROGS! supporter Karen Benzel informed us that the Bernardus Lodge & Winery had plans to feature wild-caught frog legs at an upcoming event. We called Bernardus, told them that frogs were rapidly disappearing and requested they not serve frog legs. Chef Cal Stamenov decided not to not order frogs for the event or in the future.

"We are fortunate to have an organization such as SAVE THE FROGS! in our local community. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me and share your expertise of the ecological damage created by the frog markets. I wish you the best of success in sharing your knowledge, spreading education and fundraising on behalf of frogs in the future."
--Gina Martin, Assistant to Chef Cal Stamenov, Bernardus Lodge




Congratulations to these schools who accepted our challenge to discontinue all animal dissections in their school (not just frogs!) for a minimum of a 5-year period:

Rancho Verde High School in Moreno, CA
Woodside School in Woodside, CA
Valley High School in North Hills, CA
Aviva High School in Los Angeles, CA
Glendale Adventist Elementary in Glendale, CA
Southwestern Academy in San Marino, CA
Amelia Earhart Middle School in Riverside, CA
The Carleton Project in Presque Isle, ME
Central High School in Los Angeles, CA
Blum High School in Blum, TX
Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester, MA


Habitat Restoration & Protection

Habitat Restoration at Antonelli Pond

Antonelli Pond FrogsSAVE THE FROGS! is working to restore habitat at Antonelli Pond and increase the number of California Red-Legged Frogs at the pond. In 2011, 225 volunteers helped us out over six days at the pond. We removed non-native frogs and weeds and planted native vegetation at the pond. Local youth groups are assisting in these efforts, which will help ensure the long-term survival of Santa Cruz’s endangered frog populations. We also hosted a 13-person scientific conference to plan out the pond's future.

Frog Ponds

SAVE THE FROGS! supporters built several frog ponds on their property in 2011 and documented the project and its successes through video, photos and stories, which we post online to educate and inspire others to do the same. Build a frog pond at your school or home and help us cover the globe with frog habitat and fill the night air with the soothing sounds of frog calls.

Saving the California Red-Legged Frogs at Sharp Park

The Sharp Park Wetlands are home to the endangered California Red-Legged Frog and San Francisco garter snake, as well as numerous bird species. Unfortunately, in 1931 the City of San Francisco built a golf course on top of the wetlands. The 146 acre golf course has been killing endangered frogs and costing the City's taxpayers money ever since. SAVE THE FROGS! along with Wild Equity Institute and the Center for Biological Diversity are calling on the City of San Francisco to turn over Sharp Park to its neighbor, the National Park Service.

On April 29, 2011 over 100 people attended our Save The Frogs Day Rally at the steps of City Hall, at which SF Board of Supervisors Member John Avalos pledged his support. In late 2011, Avalos introduced legislation introduced legislation to permanently protect the wetlands and over 4,000 SAVE THE FROGS1 supporters sent in letters in support. On both December 6th and 13th, 2011, and for a third time on January 10th, 2012, the City of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted 6-5 in favor of the proposed legislation to shut down the golf course and save the wetlands.

However, on December 19th, the Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee vetoed the legislation after refusing to meet with any member of SAVE THE FROGS!, the Wild Equity Institute, the Sierra Club or the National Parks Conservancy Association. The battle continues!

John Avalos

Lake Erie Toads

Developers in the town of Fort Erie, Ontario want to build a 12-story condominium and shopping complex on Fowler's Toad habitat at Crystal Beach on the shores of Lake Erie. The toads are protected under Ontario's Endangered Species Act, and the construction of the unnecessary building would undoubtedly cause irreparable harm to the toad population. In late December 2011, SAVE THE FROGS! supporters sent 1,601 letters to the Canadian government urging them to block this proposal. We await the results!Bufo fowleri



Le Monde frogsThe mass media provides an excellent venue for disseminating information on amphibian extinctions without having to pay advertising fees. In 2011, Save The Frogs gave 37 interviews, generating a significant amount of press. Many of the articles and interviews generated by these interviews can be found on the SAVE THE FROGS! In The News page and on our Audio page.


National Geographic Radio with Ben Shaw
Animals Today Radio with Lori Kirshner (twice)
KSCO Santa Cruz Radio with Alice
KSCO Santa Cruz Radio with Tavia Ovula
KSCO Santa Cruz radio with Allan Lundell (twice)
KZSC Santa Cruz radio by Casey Coughlin
Thomas Janak - WildTimeRadio UK
Green Sense Radio - Bob Kessler & Robert Colangelo
WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta - Melody Paris
California Public News Service - Lori Abbott
South Florida Gourmet Radio with Simone Diarmit
Food Integrity Now with Carol Grieve
California News Service with Lori Abbott


ABC-7 TV San Francisco (May 31st, 2011; interview by Evelyn Rios)
CNN Worldwide (April 24, 2011)
KTVU-2 (May 31, 2011, interview by Janet Katsuyama)
KTVU-2 (December 14, interview by Maureen Naylor) (interview by Dan Hutchenson)
CBS-46 Central Coast News (interview by Bradley Baker)
Frogs Are Green TV (interview by Susan Newman)


PBS NewsHour (Rebecca Jacobson, Denver) (Article by Ned Potter)
LA Times (Article by Louis Sahagun)
SF Weekly (19-Sep-2011, Article by Blake Gray)
Press Enterprise (Article by Laurie Lucas)
Santa Cruz Sentinel (Article by J.M. Brown)
Santa Cruz Sentinel (Article by Sascha Zubryd)
Santa Cruz Weekly (Article by Jake Pierce)
Boston Globe (Article by Alex Beam)
Humane Society Magazine (Article by Ruthanne Johnson)
Mongabay (Article by Jeremy Hance)
Ashmore Carey (Article by Ashmore Carey)
Suite 101 (Article by Kathy Warnes)
Scientific American (Article by Jason Platt)
Santa Cruz Sentinel (Article by Jason Hoppin)
BNA’s Daily Environment (Patrick Ambrosio)

Thanks to these people!

Our successes in 2011 were possible because of the generous financial support of our donors and members, and because of the hard work of all these people:

Eric Moran, Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, Ruth Van Sciver, Jennifer Taylor, Michael Nguyen, Alyson Lee, Steven Shachter, all the Antonelli Pond volunteers, Breanna Binder, Lauren Lamboni, Ruthe Smith, Spencer Fields, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Beth Pratt, Michael Starkey, Abby Huetter, Mike Labbe, Kerriann Light, Serda Ozbenian, Rex Green, Eva Leutholds, Pia Smith, Michelle Brunner, Miranda Kett, Rebecca Bernstein, Atiya Rasheed, Jim Van Abbema, Brent Plater, Nina D'Amore, Kim Glinka, Robert Shields, Joan Ferrigno, Aletta Martin, Amanda Russell, Leif Olson, Lynn Overtree, Robert Shields, Brent Plater, Barbara Beth, Ellie Spence, Miranda Kett, Lucas Leutholds, Julie Anderson, Susan Taljaardt, Nyssa Rabbetts, Janet Bedolla, Natalie Roths, Wade Jansen, Cal Vornberger, Shannon Beamon, Jahnavi Athuluru, Cameron Albert, Tony Iwane, Patrick Schlemmer, Francesca Mudanò, Tony Iwane, Paul Rattay, Deborah Blake Dempsey, Katie Harper and the Santa Cruz High School Art Students, Christine Chryssovergis, Linda Snook, Anita Shaul, Kimberly Feng, Melanie Oudshoorn, Chase Facer, Loretta Valdez, Donna Turner, Caitlynn Birch, Hannah Atkinson, Sienne Hayes, Paige Davis, Sonya Newlyn, Christopher Payne, Angela Dang, Ellie Spence, Jessica Yoak, SAVE THE FROGS! KNUST Chapter, all the Save The Frogs Day event organizers, SAVE THE FROGS! Board of Directors Members, SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Members, everyone who helped out at Antonelli Pond, all the frog legs protesters.