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Graphic Design Wizard Alyson Lee

Boston, MA

Alyson Lee has been donating her graphic design wizardry to SAVE THE FROGS! since she designed our logo in 2008. She created the vast majority of the flyers, merchandise, icons, posters and other graphics on and has put in many volunteer hours, working directly with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger on lots of projects that you have likely seen -- and some you may even wear if you have ever ordered merchandise from the SAVE THE FROGS Gift Center!. Alyson has over twenty-five years of cutting-edge graphic design experience. She has also worked on fine crafts, specialty typesetting, and has served the music industry as both a label and collateral designer and venue promoter. Alyson has served clients in the education, government, retail, life sciences, nonprofit and tele-communications sectors.

Save The Frogs Day 2011 in Washington, DC

Alyson with son Jackson with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger at the Atrazine Rally in front of the US EPA Headquarters: Alyson Lee Graphic Design

A few of Alyson's designs:

Some of Alyson's work you may recognize

Here are some of SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger's favorite pieces Alyson designed.

Save The Frogs

Good Graphic Design

Photoshop expert

Save The Frogs Day 2011

Lake Erie Toads

Save The Frogs Visa Card

ghana frog shirt

Atlanta Frogs Airport

Orlando frogs

Great graphic design

Frogs Disappearing

Fort Erie Toads

John Wayne International Airport - Orange County, CA

This beautiful poster Alyson designed describes the threats to frogs, why they are important, ways to help and introduces airport passengers to SAVE THE FROGS!. Three of these posters got posted in John Wayne international airport: one that is 4x12 feet and two that are 4x5 feet!

John Wayne Frogs Poster

"Alyson: A sincere thank you for your design work to help our tiny frog friends! You do outstanding work! Our daughter is a designer so we have a bit of knowledge to make a judgement about the quality of design work. The fact that you are donating your time speaks so well of your values. Bless you! And I hope some cute little frog gives you a kiss today!"
-- Green Frog Member Lloyd O'Brien; Capon Bridge, WV

"Dear Alyson, Your artwork and graphic designs are colorful and make everyone want to smile and look at them. Thanks for putting your talents toward such a worthwhile and meaningful cause! Your pictures are eye-catching and awesome! Dr. Kriger and the frogs are lucky to have you!"
-- Diane M. Kastel; Wheaton, IL

Alyson's Frog Bracelets

Alyson is also a designer of hand-made frog bracelets, the proceeds of which she donates to SAVE THE FROGS!. Please order a bracelet here!

Frog Bracelet

Bracelets frogs

Final thought from Alyson

Donate Frogs"I've donated hundreds of hours to SAVE THE FROGS! because I've know that the SAVE THE FROGS! movement can change our entire society. But I know that we need more than just graphics to power this movement: we need funding as well.

Please donate right now to SAVE THE FROGS: it's money well spent, and we can do what we do without your support! Thanks!"

In order to save the frogs leaping by fresh water ponds
We can't just wave our magic wands;
We must take action to see a reaction. 
Even though these words are succinct,
Frogs need our help to keep from becoming extinct.

--Frog Poetry by Kelly Stephens, 12th grade, Mountain View, CA

Alyson Lee

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