11 reasons to donate to frog conservation today

We are still $6,340 short our $10,000 fundraising goal! Please help by placing the largest tax-deductible donation you can afford. Your donation makes our efforts possible! Thanks for donating at either www.savethefrogs.com/donate or www.savethefrogs.com/10000

Here are 11 reasons we need to raise this money ASAP:
— We are organizing 300 Save The Frogs Day events in 2014;
— We are working to ban the importation of bullfrogs throughout the entire state of California; I was advised we would need $30,000 for this campaign alone, but we will succeed on a fraction of that!;
— We are working to get dissections out of all USA public schools;
— We are training the students at our five chapters in Ghana;
— We are creating educational videos like those on www.youtube.com/savethefrogs
— We are converting the savethefrogs.com website to more modern technology;
— We are opening a SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, California
— We are giving nearly 100 live presentations on frog conservation annually.
— We are meeting with politicians and gathering public support to ban Atrazine; protect the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs; protect Tesla Park’s amphibians from off-road vehicles and protect Sharp Park’s amphibians from having their wetlands’ drained;
— We are building our volunteer force in Colombia, Mexico and Bangladesh, but we cannot expand our worldwide efforts if we cannot raise this $10,000! I just sent $2,500 to our team at SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana and I am about to send $1,200 to our team in Colombia.
— We have lots of other programs you can read about on www.savethefrogs.com!

Thanks for donating at either www.savethefrogs.com/donate or www.savethefrogs.com/10000
Please donate today and help us reach our $10,000 goal!!! Thank You!

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